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Climate Timeline

Posted by Jeff Id on February 1, 2010

By email I was contacted with a request to put up this link. There is an amazing amount of work in it, I think I’ll print a full size copy for the office wall.


Finally! The Newly Revised and Edited ClimateGate Timeline (1.1)

Remember the spectacular two and a half meter wide ClimateGate Timeline from 4 weeks ago? We got hundreds of emails from all around the world in response. Some people made giant printed versions and sent us photos, while others requested printed copies. Mohib Ebrahim originally created this project for his own edification, but then decided to release it. When a first draft was published last December, many readers had excellent suggestions for improving it. So behind the scenes, Mohib and four more volunteers went to work. Thanks especially to Curt for revising and editing the entire timeline (as he’d done with the introduction), and to Tom, Stuart and Gene for help proofreading. It’s really been a monumental task and now, finally, for all those waiting for the chance to print and learn, here is the official edition. All pictures and links have been updated.

Image: ClimateGate Timeline small version

4 Responses to “Climate Timeline”

  1. The Guardian, Fred Pearce—blows up the scandal over China temp stations and Jones and Wang’s 1990 paper…stations moved, data missing and claimed lost, Wang was working from the memory of a colleague, Jones’ boss at CRU emailed him and said: why, why, why (didn’t you get this right from the beginning)??

  2. Margaret said

    The poster is great — I have made a copy for myself of the old version.

  3. Tonyb said

    Hi Jeff

    That is a great poster!

    Question 1 Presumably you have actually printed it out? If so, which of the various versions availablwe here or on the Jo Nova site is best if I want to print out then tape it all together?

    Question 2 Coincidentally a timeline was the very reason I was going to contact you, so you have in part pre-empted me. My idea was to look at all the revelations/new papers since Climategate and provide a paragraph of explanatory text, plus a link to support it so there was an easy to read and up to date text timeline.

    Perhaps I can’t see it all, but the poster seems to stop at one entry in January 2010. Whilst it is really great the format does take some reading and is most useful to those dedicated enough to download/print it out. Do you think a simpler and more straight forward text account covering the last three months extraordinary events would be a useful adjunct to this poster? It could esily be updated on a monthly basis.

    I am lost in admiration for the effort that went into this poster!


  4. StuartR said

    Hope this isn’t too OT here. In this Guardian article about David King retracting his “orchestrated hack” accusations about FOI2009

    There is a statement that looks pretty important that I don’t see anyone talking about:

    In fact, as UEA confirmed today, all the files and emails were archived on a single backup server on the Norwich campus. Once access was gained, it would have been simple to copy all the material.

    Isn’t this the first time this has been officially admitted? And doesn’t it strongly imply that a whistleblower leaked the files?

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