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The Mann Report

Posted by Jeff Id on February 3, 2010

Michael Mann’s PNAS investigation turned out as expected.  Steve McIntyre has a short post on it.  Click the link below.  I’ll hold my own, far less reasonable comments, for later.


The Mann Report -by Steve McIntyre

Feb 3, 2010 – 3:26 PM

Is here. I’ll comment later.

4 p.m. A couple of quick points. Readers should understand that I have limited expectations from this sort of inquiry. What I do expect is that the authors not make untrue statements that can be easily disproven. (At least make them hard to disprove.)

Point 1. Penn State President Spanier is quoted as saying:

“I know they’ve taken the time and spent hundreds of hours studying documents and interviewing people and looking at issues from all sides,” Spanier said.

The only interviews mentioned in the report are with Gerry North and Donald Kennedy, editor of Science. What does Donald Kennedy know about the matter? These two hardly constitute “looking at issues from all sides”. They didn’t even talk to Wegman. Contrary to Spanier’s claim, they did not make the slightest effort to talk to any critic or even neutral observer.

7 Responses to “The Mann Report”

  1. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Jeff ID, I know you said it has been a long day at work, but I have to pile on here in your reaction to the Mann report.

    Jimmy Piersall, a former major league base ball player, who also just so happens to live a few blocks away from me, has been prone to say that, while he was a one time certified crazy (bipolar disorder while playing for the Boston Red Sox), he had a certificate saying he was sane. Michael Mann, on exoneration from Penn State, can now claim that his science ethics and methods have passed the terrible scrutiny of his prestigious university. How many of us or even his peers can make that claim?

  2. Jeff Id said

    Pile away. IMHO it’s been deserved.

  3. Peter of Sydney said

    What did anyone expect? Look, the only way the AGW hoax can be stopped is to charge people like Jones and Mann, and if found guilty have them behind bars for fraud and corruption. Until this happens, the AGW hoax will continue, and all the revelations of false science by the CRU, IPCC and others amount to nothing as long as much of the media keeps peddling the falsehoods given the editors and writers are all in the same boat as the AGW alarmists.

  4. oMan said

    How much of the PSU report will be made available to the public? E.g. work materials such as lists of witnesses, copies of interview notes, agendas and minutes of deliberations? I am guessing not much will come to light, and what does will tell us little. But my point would be: can somebody create a list of the people (such as Steve M) who *should* have been interviewed, and weren’t? Also or in the alternative, could somebody in the academic investigation business do a “dry run” version of the investigative plan and list of questions/actions that the 4 stated questions *should* have prompted?

    The more we can all see the discrepancies between what ought to be done, and what was done, the easier it will be to tee up questions to the Pennsylvania statehouse for Round 3. I bet the DVD of Mann’s answers would be worth buying…

  5. Tony Hansen said

    What are the possible outcomes if the new investigation finds against Mann?

  6. PhilJourdan said

    Peter of Sydney said
    February 3, 2010 at 6:41 pm
    What did anyone expect?

    Pretty much what you expected I assume. A whitewash.

  7. JohnRS said

    Old habits die hard…..Assume the result before you start; choose a bunch of friends and sympathisers to do the review; do all the work in secret; ignore anyone who you know isn’t onside; don’t publish the results; refuse any discussion.

    Just like old times. Dont they realise that behaving like this just ties them to the sinking ship that is MichaelMann Made Global Warming. Now when he sinks they will go with him….probably not a bad thing though.

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