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Dr. Pachauri is the product of subprime world polity

Posted by Jeff Id on February 5, 2010

Guest post by Dr. Ismael Bhat Professor & Head,  Department of Geology & Geophysics, University of Kashmir

Dr. Bhat has a better understanding of the the IPCC Pachauri situation and mood of the Indian people than I.  In this post, he’s expressed strong views not only toward the Pachauri but the IPCC and the state of world government in general.  Although his writing style is different, it’s hard for me to read and not keep saying yup, um yup, yup.   The world has gone mad, and it’s in large part the peoples  fault for the leaders we elect and the systems we support.

You reap what you sow.


M. I. Bhat

bhatmi at hotmail dot com

The exposure of scam after scam in such a short time has struck climate model ramp like a desert storm. The international super- model has crashed. The Head of the IPCC, Pachauri, stands undressed with the meltdown of his make-up in the torrid atmosphere created by the exposure of these scams. Skeptics are busy making exhibition of the used make-up and smearing it in dirt (after Russian Yamal brew, it is now Chinese herbs!). The ramp is suddenly deserted. There is none to catwalk the ramp and make a GW/CC statement. But then it had to happen. Fake art sells with ignorant only. Take it to the experts, you know it is junk. That is exactly what happened with IPCC report and its models. Ugly figures to the core covered under tons of make-up creams.

But climate models need not loose heart. News just in is that Vivid Entertainment is setting up a new ramp that should allow them much more than a catwalk. The news precisely is that “Vivid Entertainment has bought the film rights to the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.” The film promises new (or real?) meaning to terms “Working Group 1, Working Group 2 and Working Group 3” and entirely “new interpretation” to peer-review process. Obama administration too should be happy: No more demand for bail out from this quarter! So a brand new and wide open opportunity for the international supermodel, his make-up (hockey stick) team and the whole lot of national/back street climate models to exhibit/sell off their wares.

There is just one likely hitch to this enterprise, though. The news comes, as it does, soon after the release of Pachauri’s novel, ‘Return to Almorah.’ Writing in the Telegraph, Robert Mendick and Amrit Dhillon find the novel “smutty.” I am afraid skeptics might cry ‘clash of interests’ here too. I would advise them to try to see the positive in it. Going beyond the IPCC’s latest guidelines, Vivid enterprise altogether eliminates need for chemicals to disinfect boots and clothes, be the climate models catwalking the ramp in Antarctica or anywhere on the globe! After all, who isn’t against use of too many chemicals, alarmist or skeptic? Moreover, I have the interest of my local, back street climate models in sight who, at a huge cost to us taxpayers, had just begun to learn their first catwalk steps on the Working Group II ramp.

Mendick and Dhillon think Pachaur’s novel “unlikely to win awards other than the Bad Sex in Fiction prize.” Pre-climategate scandal leak, the same novel, I am certain, would have literally been a hot cake with the media (remember BBC calling Pachauri “Top climate scientist”) and his common-interest lackeys, and recommended for some high literary prize. But times have changed and with that the lexicon and idiom of media as well because their recession-withered audience bitterly realizes the consequences of falling into con traps.

Another piece in the Open magazine by Ninad D. Shah says “Never have so few fooled so many for so long, ever.” Very true. Except that the author doesn’t talk of the context that made it possible. The context was created by subprime international politics helped in good measure by pliant media. With politicians and politics on top and media in their attendance, every aspect of human activity appeared to have freed itself from any and every type of moral and regulatory control. Subprime became the norm where mendacious and charlatan had the sway, be that public institutions or prayer halls. It swept into non-existence moral values and regulations like IPCC swept into non-existence mounds of historical records and scientific data on Medieval Warming and Little Ice Age. (By the way, are the European politicians so ignorant of their  history as to know nothing even about LIA, if not MWP? Did any historian ever protest against IPCC?) Notice hardly any politician has come out openly against IPCC or its Chief! On the contrary, Mr. Obama is still saying there is “overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change.” Compare his words with those of Osama bin Laden: Climate change “is not an intellectual luxury but an actual fact.” The political leader supposed to be the best informed in the world knows nothing more than the person hidden for years in some mountain cave! What a shame!! Dr. Pachauri is product of such subprime polity. Indeed, the very creation of IPCC itself.

Image added by Jeff - Credit Chip Bok, Creators Syndicate

Notwithstanding such ignorance – innocent or deliberate — at leadership level, common public across the world has awakened, courtesy unraveling of subprime banking instruments beginning with housing mortgage in USA, to know what it costs to accept any thing subprime. I would argue that the success of skeptics in unraveling IPCC’s doings was in a large measurer primed by the poisonous sting people, particularly in the west, suffered at the doors of their banks and financial institutions.

Dr. Pachauri is not simply subprime for the job he is entrusted with. He is totally alien and he has proved it horribly well to the world. No wonder ever-increasing demand for his ouster. He must not blame it on skeptics or seek refuge in conspiracy theories. Even his main promoter, the Green Peace, sees him now as harmful weed in their green grass. But really matters most, it is the current public mood that sweeps the world: No more cons. “He may think he is going to remain in office, but then so did [President] Nixon,” writes Richard North who together with Christopher Booker brought out some of the most damning reports on IPCC and its Chief. When the world was yet to fully focus its eyes through the first “gate” others began to open up in a cascade. So there you have: the “climategate,” the “glaciergate,” and now the “Amazongate.” Regardless whether the AR4’s section on risks of extinction to plant and animal species stops at just being “confusing” to Andrew Revkin of the New York Times or opens up another “gate,” all the gates lead to the all important “Pachaurigate.” That is what makes people like North feel sure about Dr. Pachauri’s exit. Nixon had one aggrieved people (Americans) that caused him exist through his only “gate” – the Watergate. Dr. Pachauri has aggrieved 192 countries and left so many gates wide open to get pushed through.

8 Responses to “Dr. Pachauri is the product of subprime world polity”

  1. As I posted on another thread, India has just left Patch-Patch hanging out to dry. They are going to use their own scientists–not IPCC–to monitor glaciers. And the Netherlands has piped up finally: half our country is NOT below sea level (contrary to IPCC claim). It’s coming apart. If ocean warming takes a hit next, BOOM.

  2. Don said

    …”The political leader supposed to be the best informed in the world knows nothing more than the person hidden for years in some mountain cave!”

    Shame indeed.

  3. woodNfish said

    It’s all good. I sincerely hope that Pachauri remains the head of the IPCC. It will make it much easier to completely destroy the AGW juggernaut, even with morons like Obama trying to keep it alive. I want all the clowns to help pull the man-made climate change fraud down on top of their heads.

    Jeff, you say warming is real. I don’t know if it is or not because there is no good data to determine anything one way or another, and everything is within the range of error. Which to me says it may or may not be true. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    Lastly, I’m okay with a warmer Earth. It would be a good thing. I don’t buy the catastrophic global warming line. Geologic history has shown us that catastrophic climate change occurs when the Earth goes into an ice age, not when it is warming. In fact I don’t know of any existing evidence that shows the Earth was ever “too warm” for life. All the warm periods have been very good for life on this planet. Again, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    You are correct that the world has truly gone mad.

  4. Jeff Id said

    #3 I can’t disagree, even the warming itself is somewhat in doubt. My guess is UHI is half of it and that places historic temps above today.

  5. Living_Right_In_CA said

    OT Time to provide some counter-balance to Tamino, please.

    Is what he did valid? Or is there more to the story.

    He never allows disagreement or counter points and us laymen are left hanging..

  6. mrpkw said

    I am not scientist or an engineer, but I suspect some “slight of hand” when he starts smoothing, doing 5 year averages and uses the 1950-1980 baseline.

    (wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong though)

  7. Jandke said

    It would seem that “hockey stick” was not the appropriate term.

    Instead “lip stick” — that which is applied to a PIG, was really what it was all about.

  8. […] Dr Pachauri – a law unto himself, […]

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