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Model 2010 Human

Posted by Jeff Id on February 9, 2010

It is the Air Vent and sometimes you have to let it out. I’ve got some guest posts to run today when I get time but in the meantime, some more lies from the world of science. I’m not a smoker, smoking is bad for your health, but third hand smoke is not a detectable effect and without even reading the paper everyone can tell  —- it is a lie!  It’s a flat out full of bull, unabashed lie.  And make no mistake, it comes right from the same politically progressive people who say they want you to be free.  They say they want equality for everyone.  They claim this is the path to utopia.  However, there is a teenie tiny price  — you MUST  live in the exact mold they prescribe.  You will:

go to the school they dictate

learn the history they teach

speak the languages they assign

be assigned which car you can drive

be told what food you are allowed to eat

assigned how many children you have

have an appropriate limit to the money you are allowed to make

be assigned the money you can keep

be assigned the property you can own/rent


the energy efficient light bulb you can use will be assigned.

You are a  —-  Model 2010-free human.  Welcome to utopia.


‘Third-hand smoke’ could damage health

Man smoking

Nicotine residues from tobacco smoke hang around for weeks or months

Lingering residue from tobacco smoke which clings to upholstery, clothing and the skin releases cancer-causing agents, work in PNAS journal shows.

Berkeley scientists in the US ran lab tests and found “substantial levels” of toxins on smoke-exposed material.

They say while banishing smokers to outdoors cuts second-hand smoke, residues will follow them back inside and this “third-hand smoke” may harm.

15 Responses to “Model 2010 Human”

  1. PhilJourdan said

    I read the original on SciAm. At least they could be honest about it and deny all revenue from smoking and campaign for the complete elimination of it. Instead of pocketing the money and then just making it harder to find a place to do what you are legally entitled to do.

  2. steveta_uk said

    Is this a new form of homeopathic smoking?

    Levels of tar and nocitine are too small to be measured, but the “influence” remains?

  3. JAE said

    What’s doubly stupid is the caption under the picture. Nicotine is NOT a recognized carcinogen.

  4. DougT said

    I (and others) have long awaited the reason why it a deep threat to humanity to let evil people smoke outside in a distant field. This is difficult and the authors deserve credit for creativity. All it lacks is truth.

  5. Viv Evans said

    Except for the diktat about the number of children you can have*), you’ve pretty much described how things already are in the UK … after 13 years of a neo-stalinist regime.

    *) if you’re on benefits (that is: state handouts) and are an unmarried female, you can have as many children with as many different fathers as you like. They’ll all be provided for. If you happen to be married, forget it – you won’t have enough money left from your meagre income to even think about it.

    I love having a rant now and then …

  6. Atomic Hairdryer said

    Nicotine is however a pretty good insecticide so I smoke for a pest-free house. This includes rabid anti-smokers. It’s also used as an organic pesticide, so people better beware organic produce. I had thought about switching to that, but the nicotine levels are low and the produce can be more expensive than toabacco.

    But this particular patty of peer reviewed literature is about TSNA’s, which are carcinogenic in some forms. Like rats and mice. So I’m also doing my bit to keep the rodent population down. Maybe this will help offest the increasing population caused by people leaving food out for them rodents and insects can help recycle it.

    As for the rest of it, with the amount of TSNA’s that linger, it does seem to be approaching homeopathic levels as Steveta_uk suggests.

  7. Among other things, it’s professional meddling, the most important activity in the new society. Repulsive people, who have problems too horrendous to deal with on their own, have to solve everybody else’s problems—and they have to define or invent what those problems are. It’s why I keep a UFO in my garage, replete with multiple beam weapons that disintegrate targets on contact.

  8. cogito said

    Thirdhand smoke debunked:

  9. Harrywr2 said

    As a smoker I know what this is about.

    Smokers have all been banished to no closer then 25 feet from the door. So various watering holes have put up picnic tables out back. When the weather is nice…guess where the non-smokers want to sit?

  10. ScorpionDas said

    I like the oxymoron:

    “Substantial traces…”

  11. Two problems.

    First, people forgot about the sacred roots of the Pipe of Peace and White Buffalo Woman. They found that smoking was bad and banned it – and threw out White Buffalo Woman.

    Second, those who are most rabidly anti-smoking are recent ex-smokers, of which there is a glut currently, owing to stupid legislation and lack of sacred awareness.

    Smoking is actually better, quicker, and less unpleasant than beta-blockers for heart conditions. The research got things exactly upside-down: people tend to become smokers BECAUSE they have a tendency to heart condition.

    Just like CO2 is result, not cause, of warming.

  12. The BS about second and third hand doesn’t change the fact that an individual is free to do whatever he wants to, to his/her own body—and that includes healing practices, and it also includes refusing medical treatment. “Science” doesn’t by its nature enforce individual behavior.

  13. JLKrueger said

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Join the collective. 😉

  14. Hey, I’m smoking as much as I can to ad aerosols to the atmosphere. I heard I could get a carbon credit for that.

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