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Natural Cycles

Posted by Jeff Id on March 3, 2010

There is so much to write on, but my frustration with what is happening to this world is overwhelming.   It’s impossible to write anything, I spent my last few days in hiding. Buried in math, hoping that some sanity will return when I pop my head back up.  Instead though, we get the exposure of one corrupt government agency after another, and the government expanding voters never catch on.  The politics that people think they want and that are about to be forced on us are way outside of any reason.  Health care, environmentalism, expanded police presence, ever increasing taxes, expanding unionization, centralization of power, limitation of usage, limitation of speech, gun ownership, they are all sides of the same die and not a single one of them works as advertised.  We live on a planet of fools, tricked by endless near-monolithic media promoting the whole program.

Scare you, take your money, take your freedom, scare you again.

Get it yet?


—-[/rant] – I won’t be commenting much on this thread.

43 Responses to “Natural Cycles”

  1. Tom Fuller said

    The timing is interesting. I also felt like my head was coming off for a couple of days recently. I think now that it was just shock that reality could be so completely exposed and then so completely ignored.

    I’m a bit cheesed off at the moment and there is no slash in front of my rant symbol.

  2. Mike J said

    As overwhelming as the task may seem, without the salt of questioning and challenge that your ilk bring to the world, society’s blandness and conformity would take over.
    “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”
    “If a nation expects to be ignorant — and free … it expects what never was and never will be.”
    “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
    “The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  3. Ruhroh said

    The latest example of orchestrated media complicity;

    “Don’t Ask (about his smoking), Don’t Tell”
    (and what ever you do, Never Photograph him sucking on an idiot stick).

    and from propaganda headquarters, this new stunner;

    These folks are taking Brazen to a new level.
    Maybe all the way to ROBUST…



  4. Michael not Mann said

    You might want to skip Michael Crichton’s State of Fear.

  5. Bad Andrew said


    I have expericenced the same feelings. But there are a lot of people working for what’s right, too.

    We were called to Fight The Good Fight a while ago. It’s part of how we’ve been living our lives.

    We will continue.


  6. mrpkw said

    A good time to switch to decaf?

  7. Chris S said

    History repeats itself.

    People never realise what they had until they loose it.

    The audacity of the current whitewashes in the UK, make me wonder if common sense will ever prevail.

  8. there’s a certain bunch of people
    who can’t be kept down

    they refuse to die
    they can’t be got rid of

    and circumstances just don’t stop them

    you can’t kill them
    you can’t keep them down

    they come through whatever obstacles you put in their path

    the most totalitarian government
    is ineffective at shutting them up

    they have a message

    they have a mission

    and they won’t be denied

    they are geniuses

    their desire
    to do whatever it is they do

    is more important than how you feel about them being here

    those people are pivotal in causing the future of humanity

    just be glad we have the internet else we would already have been coupled to the yoke in copenhagen

  9. Gary said

    “Trust no one.”
    – The X-files

  10. Kevin said

    Seems like Michael McConnell, the former director of national intelligence may be behind some of the scare-mongering.

    As we know the Pentagon is educating themselves about the potential security risks of climate change.

  11. Kevin said

    pentagon & climate change

  12. mrpkw said

    # 9
    “Trust no one.”
    “Suspect everyone”

  13. The Other Kevin said

    I understand your frustrations, but this is really a time for optimism.

    The U.S. Supreme Court is now on the verge of incorporating the 2nd Amendment so that it applies to state laws as well as federal. I had once doubted this would occur in our lifetime, and it has tremendous positive implications for human freedom. More astonishing is that, by and large, the Democrats aren’t resisting it. Only a decade ago it seemed possible that they would attempt an outright ban. This is a center right country, and the people have spoken.

    Polls show that most Hispanics in Texas are conservative. Most immigrants appreciate the value of freedom. They get it. Overall, they will continue to be our salvation.

    Even left-leaning Massachusetts voters understand the dangers of statism, as they have clearly shown in their recent senate election. A similar outcome in California looks increasingly likely every month.

    The Republicans, humbled by voter backlash against their hypocritical fiscal policies of recent years, now have some real conservative leadership. It’s almost inevitable that we have a divided government after the November elections, resulting in years of political quagmire. For lovers of freedom and personal responsibility, this would be a wonderful outcome.

  14. Planet of the Fools? Yeah, that sounds like earth, all right. Though we have wonderful technology and ample food, we are still the same bunch of dummies we have ALWAYS been, easily led, easily duped and thoroughly immersed in a culture that practically deifies power and wealth…

    But there’s hope. The truth has COMMONLY won, over time. And despite the white-knuckled fear of the doom-promoters, the truth is leaking out DAILY. Not that folks in power are acknowledging that. YET.

    Keep the faith – your blog is just one among many. But it’s clearly among the better ones. And the work you do here daily adds up – it matters. Wait and see – you’ve added to the cracks and the dam WILL break. And when it does, won’t that be a lovely sight?

  15. twawki said

    We need to keep fighting regardless. Evil men succeed when good men do nothing.

  16. Eric said

    What evil luck soever
    For me remains in store,
    ‘Tis sure much finer fellows
    Have fared much worse before.

    –A.E. Housman

  17. BKindseth said

    Keep up the fight, Jeff.

    I can’t be as poetic as Killersolos above, but I would like to echo his sentiments. It is truly remarkable that you and a handfull of people with little or no financial backing can make a debate of the global warming science. The AGW advocates are funded by billions, supported by almost all of the media, major charities and colleges/univeristies. Truth and true science will win in the end. Keep up the fight, you are doing a wonderful job.

  18. Michael not Mann said

    It probably wouldn’t go anywhere, but an equal protection suit demanding that government fund the skeptical community on par with the funding they provide the AGW community would be interesting.

  19. mrpkw said

    # 18
    I doubt that it would go very far, but it would be good entertainment to see how the AGW followers defended it.

  20. After Seven said


    Kick back, have a Red Bull, and watch the world speed by, this administration is imploding day by day and it will all come to its predictable demise soon enough. So don’t look at things as if the glass is half empty. Many of things you write about give reason for cheer….A few examples…
    – Gun Ownership – It looks like the SCOTUS will allow anyone to have a gun in their home. No matter how you feel about the 2nd Amendment personally, giving millions of people an absolute right to own and bear arms in their own homes regardless of State or local regulation to the contrary, goes a long way towards balancing real power vis a vis the State and the Individual.
    – Health Care – I have not seen it written about, however if the Congress uses reconciliation to pass Health Care, they will have handed the Conservatives carte blanche in 2012 to not only reverse Health care via a 50+1 vote in the Senate but also it will open Pandora’s box and allow Conservatives to advance 25 years of a filibustered agenda without fear of procedural quibbles. I think the Democrats are making a mistake of Titanic proportions, not only will they lose Congress and likely the Presidency, they will have lost the filibuster and health care forever.
    – Main Stream Media – The MSM has marginalized themselves…the Boomers overwhelmingly watch Fox, Gen X & Gen Y get their info off the internet, they are highly skeptical, they aggregate info from various sources (like your blog) and come to their own conclusions. The NYT and Wapo have readerships that are laughably small. Americans are smarter than you give them credit for. The powers that be have badly handled Global Alarmism…and the results are predictable: People have lost faith in Science, the Press and in Government…in their vainglorious attempt to assimilate power and control they have failed…just because most Americans are too busy to rail against the MSM or the Government, doesn’t mean they won’t rise up if pressed hard. $7/gallon gas…let em try it.

    Remember, in your list of things to be scared of, there is an enormous groundswell of public opinion quickly coming to a tipping point…and thankfully the tin-eared Democrats are too stupid to see what’s right in front of them…you can’t enact laws that go against the majority of the public.

    In Iran 90% of the people do not believe in the legitimacy of the Government…hence, on their independence day they imported 1,000,000 Basiji, the largest armed militia in history imported to any country to subdue their own subjects. It’s only a matter of time.

    In the US we are hovering between 45% and 60% who don’t believe in the legitimacy of the Government depending on the day and the issue du jour…wait til the unemployment stats come out tomorrow….the point is that Health Care has the potential to push us into a crisis….only difference between us and Iran, is our internet cannot be closed down, our streets cannot be policed 8 deep with armed thugs, and the aggrieved citizens here are mostly well armed. This has happened three times in the past when we have had what I would describe as a Constitutional Crisis:

    1. 1832 – Jackson v Marshall. Result – The law of the land was ignored and was NOT enforced. The Supreme Court declared the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation to be illegal, unconstitutional and against treaties made. President Andrew Jackson, who had the executive responsibility of enforcement of the laws, stated, “John Marshall has made his decision; let him enforce it now if he can.”
    2. 1860 – Lincoln’s Election – Result – Civil War.
    3. 1954 Brown v. Board of Education – Result: Enforcement by armed force over civil rebellion over a period of many years. It was not initially clear how the Supreme Court would enforce de-segregation…which raised the issue again…if the Supreme Court rules and a majority of citizens whom it affects don’t like it…what happens? In this case the President helped enforce the ruling with the National Guard…it was never a foregone conclusion…and had opposition to the ruling been National rather than Regional…the results could have been totally different.

    The polls are clear that between 50 – 70% of Americans agree with you as to every single grievance you mention or allude to above…the question is: if unpopular or onerous legislation/regulation is passed against the will of the citizenry – what happens?????

    So what happens if the left pushes too far…I think we’re about to find out….but I also believe the odds are with the majority of the people…especially if that majority is well armed.

  21. bigcitylib said

    Cry, denier, cry. Maybe this kind of frustration is the same thing that’s drive Morano to advocate violence against climate scientists.

  22. ClimateQuoter said


    Hasn’t climate change been an example of exactly why we don’t want the government involved in science? The last thing I want is money with strings, and money from government always has strings… Let’s prove that science can progress completely free of government interference.

  23. […] from the Climate Skeptics Party here, BBC presenter not allowed to question AGW, Governance making itself a dangerous enemy of the public, Blogosphere and climate […]

  24. Halcyon said

    #9 & #12
    Love all
    Trust a few
    Do wrong to none

    Shakespeare – Alls Well That Ends Well

  25. greg2213 said

    #20 – well said!

  26. Jimmy Haigh said

    Keep up the good work, Jeff.
    We are right and they are wrong.
    I think Professor Lindzen said that as well.

  27. Michael not Mann said

    # 24

    Shakespeare – All that glisters is not gold.

    Someone get Al Gore something shiny.

  28. rb Wright said


    Seems you have lost your perspective on things. Just think back to last summer, and compare things to now.

    The global warming movement has suffered repeated setbacks over the past half year. There has been scandal after scandal, in one country after another. There was the Copenhagen circus, the Climategate data release, the Glaciergate, and related IPCC scandals. Now we have the Parlimentary Committe hearings, with publically posted submissions from both sceptics and warmists, with three professional organizations weighing in on more openness in science.

    On top of this we have had the weather this winter, which has caught everyone’s attention.

    Opinion polls in several countries indicate growing scepticism about the entire global warming hypothesis.

    Further, the potential exists for climate scepticism to move directly into the political arena. In Australia, the major opposition party has shifted its position to that of climate scepticism. In Great Britain, none of the three parties has shifted yet, but after the Phil Jones hearing, it is possible that any one of the parties could shift to climate scepticism, or at least to a more moderate position. At the hearing, the member of Parliament who appeared most doubtful about Phil Jones was a member of the Labor Party.

    In addition, in the United States, there are midterm elections in November, in which traditionally the opposition picks up some seats, and in which this year there could be a large swing to the more moderate party on global warming, the Republicans.

    Other nations that may shift away from global warming policies are India (with its non-melting glaciers), New Zealand (with its raw temperature data), and Canada (with SM). Six months ago none of this seemed possible.

    What goes around comes around. The year of 2010 should be an entertaining one for anyone who has followed the Global Warming story in earlier years. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Global Warming alarmism will not melt away that quickly. It will take months if not years, due to the great amount of institutional involvement in Global Warming. However, the Global Warming cause is in retreat, which wasn’t true last summer.

  29. Sharon said


    It’s just a bad case of paradigm-shift. Bound to cause vertigo and vapors. Quite understandable given the whirlwind(!) of climate-related politics of the past few months.

    But rather than retreat into your numerical safe room, I suggest a healthy dose of humanism: see a play, visit a museum, attend a concert, read some poetry.

    There’s still much beauty in the world to be enjoyed.


  30. D.T. said

    Re: After Seven; March 3, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    A slight correction about the Andrew Jackson quote. Actually, the Supreme Court was interfering with a murder trial in Georgia involving a convicted part-Cherokee by the name of George Tassles. The quote was Andrew Jackson’s answer to a missionary asking him to intervene. See Google Books: Greeley, The American Conflict, vol. I, p. 106


  31. Graeme From Melbourne said

    Two things to think about.

    [1] It strikes me that both politicians and the media, being driven by a quest for popularity to survive are “lagging” indicators of what happens in society, rather than the leaders of public opinion that they like to see themselves as. So Politicians and the Media are likely to be the last to wake up to the AGW scam as public opinion shifts underneath them.

    [2] While the Kyoto protocol is in effect, CO2 trading has a legal framework that funnels money through the AGW Scam. This protocol ends in 2012? What happens to CO2 trading then? Copenhagen was supposed to produce a successor agreement, it didn’t. If Kyoto has no successor, the money for the AGW scam will fall away and without the money…

    I’m predicting that the only people that will believe in AGW in 2013 will be fringe die-hards that are convinced that the AGW movement was derailed by a denialist conspiracy funded by big oil.

  32. Noodlehead said

    I’ve believed that for over thirty years, Jeff. Don’t let the currently extreme set of circumstances get to you any more than you must.
    We need people like you. As Reagan said in in his speech in support of Goldwaters’ presidential campaign; “If we loose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

    The world is always going in two directions at once. With the folly of big spending big government being exposed in California, New York, Greece, etc, Obama lying and flailing over everything including health insurance reform, Climategate is slowly taking a toll and the republicans in congress making a strong stand, things may turn soon enough.

    Keep the faith and continue to fight the good fight!


    Jeff,you think your politians are bad!.Here in the uk,their noses are so deep in the trough all you can see is the tip of their arses.This p.c govt has given us, amoung other things, more c.c.t.v cameras than all of europe put together to spy on us,a d.n.a data base, and we would have had a national i.d card, but they couldnt afford it.
    Last year, they passed an energy bill. A govt minister stood up in the house of commons an anounced with a straight face that from 2012, the tax that every houshold would have to pay to subsidise green energy would be £267 per year. Money from the poor to subsidise the rich.Priceless.All in the name of “meeting our E.U targets.Can i scream now?

  34. expanded police presence……
    This is the most scary of it all.
    remember it takes one to know one?

    NOT ALL, but most are lairs(cops), criminally intent, and will tell you this without a second thought… like ” I have to brake the law to catch the law breaker”! so i lied a little he lied more! ETC.

    Jeff, key ser ra ser ra, let it be what it will be.
    just like the weather it will do what it does.

    Tim L.

  35. Anna said

    We have the same scary movements in Sweden too. Right now there is only one of the political parties who do not think that scanning and saving everybody’s e-mails, and all data traffic is a good thing…

    This is “the Pirate Party”, small and rather new, but growing rapidly, hopefully because this is the only party believing in personal integrity and human rights.

    I’ve watched the development in the UK, and I must say that Sweden isn’t lagging very much behind.

  36. Motorhead said

    It’s easy to get discouraged when you see the level of corruption we’ve sunk to. Limbaugh is right – there are four corners of corruption – academia, media, government and science.

    However, there are sites like YOURS that weren’t here a few years ago. There are blogs rising up to tell the truth – with examples and evidence. There are media outlets who are devoted to getting the real story out. And people are motivated again – they are running for office out of disgust from what they see.

    Don’t give up! It took fifty years to get us into this state, it’s going to take a few years to get out.

  37. NikFromNYC said

    Remember, Obama was in part elected due to a conservative/libertarian backlash against Republicans for serving up a centrist like McCain.

  38. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Jeff ID, as an older participant here I can only advise that you should not despair, but rather divert your attention to seeking the truths about climate science. None of us will change the world much and particularly not over a short period of time. I find the fun and exciting part of what we do on some of these blogs is in the analyses and being able to put some estimate of reliability on published climate related papers and their conclusions.

    A good example of this is the post by DeWitt Payne I saw this AM here at TAV. Without judging at this time if what he has presented is the best way to estimate CO2 levels and carbon sinks it certainly affords a look into the data they we probably are not going to obtain in the MSM or from the main stream climate science community.

    I think that there might be a natural let down from all the publicity surrounding the climategate and revelations about the IPCC and the lack of any significant changes in how the MSM and politicians look at the related problems. The best that I see coming out of all this is that more of the involved people will began to talk about the uncertainties related to any number of conclusions coming out of the consensus and the “settled” science.

    I think what we will see from the unreconstituded MSM and the vocal members of the climate science community coming out of all these revealtions will be statements, to the effect, that the participants have survived and in some cases have been “recertified” as untainted by the committees doing the investigations. These groups tend to defend one another with a circular logic that uses quotes from a member in the group to rationalize the actions and writings of others in the group. This method is seen in climate papers that can make tentative conclusions/conjectures about an area of climate science and then that peeer-reviewed paper is used by members of the science consensus and MSM as the “gospel” truth and without ever mentioning that it could be flawed or incomplete. I can almost make a case for an intentional strategy of getting these papers published quickly and in a timely nmanner for use in this way as much or more than merely informing the science information base.

  39. Kenneth Fritsch said

    This a paragraph that did not get pasted to my post above:

    I do not see you doing this, Jeff, but what I do not like to see is the labelling of those that we do not agree with as evil and thus making our cases righteous and thus unquestioningly correct. That would take all the fun out of the analyses we do here now would not it?

  40. GavinIsFunny said

    “Scare you, take your money, take your freedom, scare you again.”

    There is an excellent British documentary entitled “The Century of the Self” – search for it on Google Video. It documents how governments and corporations have used the media to manipulate the masses and shape culture. It’s well worth a view and it explains exactly how they have gone about “Scare you, take your money, take your freedom, scare you again.”

  41. Tom Arnold. said

    What these pernicious control freaks fail to see, is that we don’t want their caring nanny state cuckolding.
    What we want is them out of our ******g lives, I don’t care for them, why do they care for me?
    It nearly is a lost cause (here in the satellite country of Britain) in the EUSSR…..
    Comrades! “The revolution is here, the Lisbon constitreaty is now law, we the Nomenklatura of the Commission – your betters and superiors will now rule, let there be no dissent! (let there be no voting or whats that word…franchise) – the EU tyranny is born!”
    “AGW is still real, we in Brussels have ordained it, the propagandists – er sorry the scientists at the Potsdam Institute are on the AGW ball though everything else is a crock.”
    “Celebrate the state and its benign warm embrace”
    succumb and be subsumed…or should that be asphyxiated?

    Only in the land of the free can the ghost of AGW be rightly buried, you at least are protected by a constitution.

    Jeff! – a shining light in the insanity and darkness, we poor sods need you and your excoriating comment, born of your scientific expertise and ability to smell a rat/big fat lies, your sword is still required in this battle.

  42. John Frum said

    May I suggest stopping this? I mean, who promissed you a rose garden? Did you really expect sanity to prevail just because it’s.. well.. the sane thing? Mankind is no Homo Rationalis, never was, never will be. We are far too much primate for that.

    You know very well what to do. Churn the data, produce falsification. That may take decades, but so be it. Quit whining about “land of the free” and darkness and whatnot, I really don’t care. Start producing lots of papers.

  43. Kevin said

    Interesting…Howard Schmidt, Obama’s Cybersecurity Czar contradicts Michael McConnell and say they is nothing to fear. So it all just comes down to partisan politics…

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