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Banned in China

Posted by Jeff Id on March 10, 2010

For some of the new crowd here, tAV is considered a banned site (on and off) in China.  I was able to get to WUWT but not tAV, then on a different trip, could get to both.  It appears our free speech labor friends overseas see all of blogland as a threat now.  It’s funny though, the Asian culture is so enamored with technology that when you’re over there, it seems like all of them know how to get around the blocks.  I wonder if Real Climate, Climate Progress or Tamino had any problems.

David Jay said


If you have reason to visit the middle kingdom again, make sure you have a VPN or remote desktop set up. WordPress is back on the naughty list.

I am only able to get to wordpress sites (tAV, WUWT, CA) though my remote desktop.


17 Responses to “Banned in China”

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  2. Jeff,
    You are in good company.
    When I was in China last year, Twitter, and some pretty big sites came and went.

    You might find there was a random reference to something completely unrelated to climate change on the site that they took offense to. Maybe

  3. leavecincy said

    I can’t imagine why China would ban Real Climate. They fund it.

  4. hswiseman said

    I was able to connect there to tAV via blackberry internet service on my phone but not via hotel broadband.

  5. Aslak said

    Maybe WUWT, CA & tAV got blocked for discussing chinese thermometers. (?)

  6. Tom Arnold. said

    Along the same vein, I have been in Thailand recently, and I usually use TAV link to access WUWT, which seems to be ‘not welcome’ in Thailand, they do not tow the line.
    If the url is typed in on Google, a appears, which is nothing to do with Anthony Watts.
    Anthony Watts blog is also blocked in many British Educational establishments and from public access, ie library desktops, this is all Nu-Labour/EU government censorship, which to me is kind of ironic, why can’t a student access these sites? Because the best and open science is/can be gleaned from these sites but it’s not about the science is it? – and never really was.
    Tom Arnold.

  7. Jimmy Haigh said

    Tom (Comment 6.)

    I live in Thailand and I have no trouble accessing WUWT or tAV. I am currently in Lao – again – no trouble.

    I got out of the UK a few years ago – partly because of the way Nu-Labour were going. Too politically correct for me – PC offends me.

  8. JLKrueger said

    You’ll be happy to note that Afghanistan allows access to pert near everything. Even the naughty bits. So far, they seem to think that blocking anything is a bad idea, even though some mullahs decry the decadence available online.

    Ironically, some of the most decadent and popular sites here are Iranian. Go figure.

    So if you ever come to scenic and peaceful (ahem) Afghanistan, you’ll have no trouble at all accessing tAV. Just make sure you aren’t in a hotel on the Taliban target list. 🙂

  9. David Jay said

    I think there is a real fear of the power of bloggers (i.e.Chinese bloggers). Most trips the blocks have included blogspot, wordpress and squarespace (no bishop hill). My December trip didn’t block wordpress, but the block is back.

    I fly out of Shanghai tomorrow AM for home. Woohoo!

  10. Tom Arnold. said

    Jimmy Haigh said
    March 11, 2010 at 7:55 am
    Yes Jimmy thank you, I should have pointed out that the access to the internet in Hotels I have visited is subject to filters, if one ventures into internet cafes etc on Thai mainstreets, WUWT can be usually accessed with ease, though not always 100% in my experience, they want to discourage the casual reader but there are ways around the filters, which is probably not so in the ‘middle kingdom’.
    “I got out of the UK a few years ago – partly because of the way Nu-Labour were going. Too politically correct for me – PC offends me.”
    – I whole heartedly agree with that statement sir and you have chosen a beautiful part of the world.

  11. Confused said

    Tom (Comment 6.)

    Got any evidence in support of your claim about those library or education institute blocks? Only I go to one of said institutes and that’s not my experience.

  12. Confused said

    Edit, Tom, sorry I see you referenc was to libraries within institutions rather than to public libraries.

  13. timetochooseagain said

    Anthony is probably banned for being an evil capitalist entrepreneur who sells weather sensing equipment. You were probably banned for speaking out against Marxists.

    CA is probably just to nosy for the tastes of the Chinese.

  14. David Jay said

    Back in the good old USA! Where any internet connection can get you to blogland 😉

    Time to Choose – The blog blocks are not climate or politics related (they do block some political and news sites as well). I can’t get to my personal wordpress blog while in China – I don’t think Model Aircraft are very controversial. And it includes anything that resolves to wordpress. The old Climate Audit was open in China, in fact I found CA during an extended negotiation (days spent in a hotel in rural china, no english TV) in December of 2008. Now that CA resolves to a wordpress server, the new CA in not available in China.


  15. We should watch guys like Clive Hamilton who has just published an alarmist CAGW book called Requiem for a Species

    Gore-esque trailer here:

    He was a former member of the statist Australia Institute that advocates a mandatory internet filter in Australia.

  16. David Jay said

    Related item here – Google will not be allowed to continue to operate in China if they end their (current) cooperative censorship with the Chinese government:

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