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Don’t forget to not read this on electronic media at 8:30

Posted by Jeff Id on March 27, 2010

From WUWT,  North Korea takes the gold in Bobsledding, hockey, 100 meter butterfly, nope– Earth hour.

Congratulations to the world leader in not consuming electricity.  Nothing like a planned economy to make things greener.

For my part, I’ll run a green company again this year which we can only hope will turn a respectable and therefore evil profit.  Our products have probably saved more CO2 than all of Real Climate’s regulars combined. Really, there is nothing wrong with earth hour, except that it is recognition of the insanity of the IPCC politics we’re so aware of, as funded by the  WWF which is part of the problem.

12 Responses to “Don’t forget to not read this on electronic media at 8:30”

  1. popperis said

    And thus no UHI effects in North Korea! Lets hope their transgenic potatoes are able to feed the poor starving people. Kyung-je!

  2. Motorhead said

    Just think, after dictator Obama and his Socialist minions are done with us, WE’LL be #1!

  3. timetochooseagain said

    Least free in world, too:

    Say, anyone know what kind of climate data they actually let out? See, I’d bet that there are very few temperature stations North of the Demilitarized Zone.

    (speaking of, talk about your UHI free area!)

  4. The Quadfather said

    I read this at 9:08, well within Earth Hour with all my lights a blazing, fans a runnin, and I even used my microwave! That’s what I think of your stupid earth hour.

  5. greg2213 said

    No, I have no use for Earth Hour, either. I’ve seen precious few rational solutions out of these people so I’m not willing to play their little games.

  6. Pat Frank said

    North Korea, as pictured, invites an interesting research opportunity.

    North Korea is a principally agrarian and unelectrified society. Green theory would predict that North Korea should be significantly less polluted than, say, South Korea or the USA, and the native ecology should be significantly less degraded.

    Anyone have a bearing on these predictions? How does North Korea stack up against South Korea, in terms of Green brownie points?

  7. Jonni said

    Well, apart for the high levels of radiation, I suppose the worst one might find is a lot of carbon from wood fires. I imagine they don’t have a lot of plastic grocery bags hanging from their trees.

  8. Peter of Sydney said

    So when do we start sacrificing virgins to the god of power? Stupid is as stupid does.

  9. mrpkw said

    Communist nations (and dictatorships) are usually the MOST polluted.

  10. timetochooseagain said

    6-Do we count the DMZ, and if so, for which side? It’s unspoiled wilderness-actually, it was of course spoiled but nature knows how to make a comeback!

  11. Donnell said

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

  12. Godfrey said

    “I read this at 9:08, well within Earth Hour with all my lights a blazing, fans a runnin, and I even used my microwave! That’s what I think of your stupid earth hour.”

    Oh my goodness, how cool of you. Way to stick it to the man, child!😄

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