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A Bad Idea that Won’t Die

Posted by Jeff Id on April 8, 2010

Climate talks resume following Copenhagen setback

But few expect the meeting, which formally begins Friday, to accomplish much beyond simply patching up some of the bitter divisions that emerged in the Danish capital last December when the biggest environmental summit in history came within a hair’s breadth of collapsing entirely.

“It is important to rebuild confidence in the process,” said Yvo de Boer, the UN’s top climate official.

Officially, the three-day meeting in Bonn is meant to come up with an agenda for talks for the rest of the year, leading up to another major climate conference that begins in Cancun in November.

Unofficially, the Bonn agenda’s most important role may be to ensure that the disappointment of Copenhagen doesn’t unravel into a noisy clash over who was to blame.

I hope the climate blogs get some points for this.  Certainly recent polls at tAV showed that climategate increased skepticism over global warming.  In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether global warming is three times worse than everything these UN charlatans say.  The solution they are trying to impose is far, far worse than the problem.

They are charlatans too, not because they don’t believe every piece of wildly exaggerated and even fabricated evidence presented by the IPCC, but because they don’t give one single iota of a care about a real solution.  They want your money, they want control over how you use it, and they want it to improve their own personal small minded, hubris filled, narcissistic existences. If they start forcing me to send tax dollars to for communist countries to install windmills, I might have to stop paying taxes.  Cap and trade –scam, mileage standards-scam, carbon tax- scam, paying communist countries for carbon output – scam.  The third world communist dictatorships don’t even make any damned carbon but that doesn’t matter, we need to send our money there.

I can only take so much of the lies by these authoritarian charlatans.

Maybe Greenpeace was right, we need an army of lawbreakers who will stand up to the evil progressive thieves masquerading as politicians. Naw, too much energy, people just need to get smarter about how they vote while they’re still allowed to have their own non-government sanctioned thoughts.

Just to make sure that you get just how insane these progressives are, we shouldn’t forget ‘meatless Monday’.  In a bankrupt city nearly a half BILLION in debt, with more regulation and services than any real people will ever need, SanFransisco passed a non-binding resoution for Meatless Monday!!! (booming voice)

Here’s the title from the ‘healthy living’ section of the examiner.

San Francisco celebrates meat-free Mondays

In 2006, a UN report concluded that the production and eating of meat contributes to climate change:

The report calls the livestock sector a “major player” in affecting climate change through greenhouse-gas production. The FAO found that the ranching and slaughter of cows and other animals generates an estimated 18 percent of total human-induced greenhouse-gas emissions globally.

Greenhouse gases – such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide – are linked to global warming.

Livestock emit methane and other greenhouse gasses through excrement and belching. The FAO estimates that cow manure and flatulence generate 30 to 40 percent of total methane emissions from human-influenced activities.

As demand for meat grows, the report explains, so does the need for pasture and cropland, making deforestation an additional concern; currently, according to the report, the livestock sector occupies 30 percent of ice-free land on the planet. Extensive grazing also takes a toll on arable land.

Damn, people really are that stupid….

yay humans!! Nice work – BTW, stay away from the pot.

12 Responses to “A Bad Idea that Won’t Die”

  1. Mike J said

    Agree with everything you say Jeff. (except the bit about Greenpeace!)

    “The solution they are trying to impose is far, far worse than the problem.” It’s like amputating a leg because of the possibility of stubbing your toe on something.

  2. Jim said

    Here’s the part that really sucks, Paul Volcker is calling for a carbon tax and even more …

    “Volcker, answering a question from the audience at a New York Historical Society event, said the value-added tax “was not as toxic an idea” as it has been in the past and also said a carbon or other energy-related tax may become necessary.”

  3. Mark T said

    Paul Volcker is not the capitalist the media portrays him to be. He has always been in favor of big government and reducing the standard of American living. He’s in the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, and probably attends the Bilderberg meetings. If anything, he’s a socialist that has as much, if not more, control over the world economy then current leaders.


  4. PhilJourdan said

    Volcker was an excellent Fed Chairman. None have come close to him since. But that was a long time ago. Senility maybe? He is not the man who ran the Fed years ago.

  5. michel said

    In fact, you should all welcome a successor to Copenhagen. These meetings, like the Kyoto ones before them, are extremely productive. They end up with real proposals being put on the table, so that the world can see them and evaluate them. The Kyoto meetings had the enormously valuable result of revealing that the proposal on the table would have, on the originators own numbers, no material effect on global warming. This was a most valuable and enlightening development, and one which would never have occurred had the thing not got to the stage of definite concrete proposal.

    Copenhagen was equally valuable: it showed that countries were simply not prepared to sign up to any proposals which, in the IPCCs own account, would make any difference. You can surely see that regardless of what we think of the IPCC, the realization that there is no political consensus to do anything that in those terms will make any difference, that is very valuable and new.

    So we should welcome further international meetings. Either the science is good, the situation threatening, and motivation for action really weighty, or it is not. In which case, nothing will be agreed, nothing will be done, and the thing will just die.

    All these crazed fantasies about socialism and global government are completely nutty. What we actually have here is a process that is working superbly well, and delivering total inaction when there is no reason to act. What more would you guys want? Its perfect. Get behind it!

  6. Jeff Id said

    #5, You and I agree on very few things. Trust me that it’s irritating to be told my views are fantasies by someone with far less understanding of what is happening. Try reading more.

    The original copenhagen documents formed an organization of appointed (not elected) people who were intended to collect and distribute wealth as they saw fit for global warming. It include taxation, unelected decision makers, redistribution to communist ‘developing nations’ and the intent for a collection enforcement mechanism.
    Just one section of the early ]leaked document.

    22. Recalling article 4 of the Convention, Parties decide that a Climate Fund be established as an
    operating entity of the Financial Mechanism of the Convention, which should function under
    the guidance of and be accountable to the COP as set forth in article 11 of the Convention.
    The Fund should be operated by a board with balanced representation, which will develop the
    operational guidelines for the Fund and decide on specific allocation to programmes and
    projects. The COP will formally elect members of the Fund Board and endorse the
    operational guidelines and modalities for the Fund. The Fund should complement and
    maximise global efforts to fight climate change through up-scaled support for climate efforts
    in the developing countries, including mitigation, adaptation, technology and capacitybuilding.
    Support from the Fund may be channeled through multilateral institutions or directly
    to national entities based on agreed criteria. Parties commit to allocate an initial amount of
    [$x] to the Fund as part of their international public climate support. Medium term funding
    should be based on a share of no less than [y%] of the overall international public support.
    Parties decide to operationalise the work of the Fund following the modalities set forth in
    annex/decision [Y].

    Each time the group meets, the unsigned documents get closer to legally binding ones. Each time they break away another chunk of our futures for themselves. Every time they propose worthless rules and changes which promote their own financial interests, all to the loss of humanity.

    Hell no we shouldn’t be for it. No matter what you think about AGW, these politicians are bad people with bad motives and a happy green story.

  7. PhilJourdan said

    Jeff Id #6:

    Each time the group meets, the unsigned documents get closer to legally binding ones. Each time they break away another chunk of our futures for themselves. Every time they propose worthless rules and changes which promote their own financial interests, all to the loss of humanity.

    On the bright side, it cannot become law in America unless the Senate Ratifies it, and that is looking less and less likely the closer we get to November and beyond. I am sure Obama will try to enact it via regulation, but that too will not pass the court tests.

  8. Raven said

    #7 – Unfortunately the rest of the world is counting on the US to be the fall guy and take the blame for the lack of agreement.

    This is what the Canadian PM is doing. i.e. he privately thinks AGW is nonsense but for political reasons he says he believes the crap but Canada needs to harmonize with US regs and will not impose any until the US does. He is betting that his core support knows that the US will likely not sign any treaty and that they have no one else to vote for if they oppose AGW driven policies.

    On one level it is a brilliant strategy but it sticks in my craw that a politician cannot stand up for sanity for fear of being branded a crazy flat earther by the biased MSM media.

  9. cbullitt said

    “The solution they are trying to impose”

    We are subjects, not citizens, and they will treat us as such.

  10. Geir in Norway said

    You state:

    “If they start forcing me to send tax dollars to for communist countries to install windmills, I might have to stop paying taxes. Cap and trade –scam, mileage standards-scam, carbon tax- scam, paying communist countries for carbon output – scam. ”

    If? In Norway we have to. It was recently revealed that we Norwegians pay one third of our energy bill as a carbon tax – which is not because of our energy, but because of the coal based power plants in Denmark and Germany. Norway is 100% served by hydropower which gives no CO2, but that doesn’t matter to the government. Most of this tax goes straight into the government’s hands – and stays there – if they don’t use some of it for wind power, the most hopeless of all hopeless energy production.

    This is the article in Norwegian – you may use a google translator if you wish:

    It was published yesterday and I am going to pester all the elected representatives with this because it must clearly be illegal to do it. But don’t you see, politicians don’t care, the only way they can react is if they lose voters – to another party.

    Geir in Norway

  11. tarpon said

    I wonder why you never see these kooks spewing the same stuff about land use and the stupidity of ETHANOL?

  12. Tom Fuller said

    Test comment–please delete.

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