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Too tired to blog.

Posted by Jeff Id on April 13, 2010

Babies are tough and I’m getting older.

I’ll try to get something up tomorrow afternoon.  In the meantime, if there is someone interested in discussing global warming.  Send your post to me in doc format for consideration.

17 Responses to “Too tired to blog.”

  1. Jeff Id said

    With the emphasis in blogland on hammers lately, maybe it should be called baby-hammer!!

  2. Geoff Sherrington said

    Jeff, “I’ll try to get something up tomorrow afternoon.”

    Yes, it takes a while to overcome the effects of the first baby. Try for the right moment rather than a timetable. (emoticon grin).

  3. Mark said

    All too soon the babies will be older and you’ll be tougher!

  4. AEGeneral said

    While the first few months are rough, there is nothing sweeter than the first time they sleep thru the night. Your alarm goes off, you realize something is different, & then it hits you what has just happened. First time I ever considered drinking a beer at 6AM.

    Of course, for all my friends that was 6 weeks. For me, it was 3 1/2 months with both. Hope you luck out with the former.

  5. JAE said

    Too tired to comment.

  6. ADE said

    My boy had 666 tatoo on his head ,or so I was convinced.

  7. pgosselin said

    Here are the results of the IPCC AR4 audit by Donna Laframboise:

    Facts and Figures IPCC 2007 AR4:
    1. 18,531 references, 44 chapters, almost 3,000 pages.
    2. 44 auditors checked its references
    3. 21 chapters (48%) get an “F” (less than 60% peer-reviewed)
    4. In total 5,587 references were not peer-reviewed (30%).

    My take here:

  8. Ruhroh said

    Suggestions for new dads;

    1. Always keep at least one extra package of diapers in the trunk of your car.
    Be ready with the next size, you’ll get there.

    2. Place lamp dimmer within reach of the rocking chair.

    3. Mom needs lots of fluids, handy by the rocking chair.
    Be prepared to weigh the diapers, as evidence that the baby is indeed
    ‘getting enough’.

    4. ‘Mylicon’ simethicone helps ‘colicky’ babies burp gas instead of fluid. It is not absorbed. No more than 12 times per day.

    5. Floating thermometer for the bath water.

    6. 100% cotton garments and blankets are worth the effort to find.

    7. Ask your pharmacist for tylenol suppositories, kid strength. (120mg as I recall). Figure out the infant dosage, and be prepared to subdivide them. At the point when your baby is ill or teething, you can pop one in while servicing the rear end. Be sure to melt the little ‘fins’ that can occur in the foil package. Much better than trying to get some down their throat when they just need to go back to sleep.

    8. Enjoy the miraculous power of positive reinforcement.

    9. Trust your wife’s intuition. She’s probably at least somewhat correct.


  9. BDAABAT said

    Ahhhh…. the joys of new parenthood. One quickly realizes why deep sleprivation, er, I mean sleep deprivation is used as a tool of torture.

    Hang in there Jeff! And, be sure to document the experience. Really, really fun to look back over time to see the changes that take place in everyone in the family.


  10. Tom Fuller said

    Hi Jeff,

    My brother and his wife recently had a kid and I’ve never seen them look so tired.

    Would you like a couple of posts on a topic of your choice based on what you know I’ve covered?

    One thing that might be of interest is comparing your weblog to a similarly themed consensus weblog–maybe a Deltoid or Rabett Run?

  11. Jeff Id said

    Sure Tom. Anything you think will be fun.

  12. Scott said

    Jeff, just went through this (my little girl is just now 3 months), that first month or so is the worst. It got better once she hit 8 lbs or so and could go for up to 6 hours at a time without eating. Trying to get regular sleep with a baby that has to eat every two hours is near impossible.

    If you haven’t yet, give this book a quick read (I link the Kindle book for the reviews only, you should be able to find this book for about $10 or less).

    Good luck. Once your baby gives you the first smile you’ll almost forget about all the rest. Of course, that will also be around the time that the “real” dirty diapers begin…

  13. j ferguson said

    Jeff, isn’t this your second?

  14. Jeff Id said

    #13, Second, the first is 4 and is trying to help out as much as he can.

    Kids are wonderful at that age.

  15. John F. Pittman said

    Enjoy yourself. I had four. One has graduated college and has a job. Two are in college and one is finishing high school. Though quite a pain as teenagers, they are terrific fun when young, and there is nothing like the feeling you get as they become adults and go forward on their own.

  16. Bernd Felsche said

    Babies are tough? Have you tried some tenderiser and baking them longer on a low heat? 🙂

  17. M. Simon said

    You will severely miss the days when you could just put the kid where you want. Or the era when they would believe anything you told them. Enjoy it while you can. Just get it in your mind that you love it, because eventually you will.

    Pretty soon they grow up and start discussing the finer points of Camille Paglia essays. Or the movie version of “Our man In Havana”. (That would be #2 son – who will be going to Russia (we think) on a Fulbright this summer.)

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