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Worst of all worlds

Posted by Jeff Id on May 11, 2010

From WUWT, national cap and trade rears its ugly head.

From greenhellblog, WUWT, and John Pittman, a summary of the next method to steal your money.  Don’t bother with the summary, at least read the section by section.


Section by section

Cap and trade, an obama campaign requirement which is actually more necessary for him than health care, because he promised his friends.  You know the “friends”, with the deep pockets, who got him the money to take a run for election.  Cap and trade is an industrial wealth redistribution stock market with fixed prices, forced consumers (mandated demand) and the only ones who will benefit are the insiders who know what speech will be given next by the politicians.  Imagine a president, or speaker of the house, giving an opinion that next year the price of the government allocation will double  — or halve, imagine having that bit of knowledge in your pocket two days before the speech.

WUWT did a poll of peoples opinions on whether the bill will pass, this is a bit beside the point in my opinion but they are not from Chicago.  Obama has many, many powerful friends stemming from the Chicago carbon exchange who are counting on him to pass cap and trade, that’s why it keeps coming up as the preferred option to save Gaia- over everything else.  Unless we decide to limit the opinions of politicians by law, it will be  a perfectly legal wealth transfer from your pocket to theirs all the while limiting industrial success.  Also, the system allows the doling out of carbon money (it is a new green money) to preferred donors.

As I wrote above, the summary is nearly useless.

I’ve written my own poll which is based on a different view of cap and trade.

I could write several other questions, but blogs aren’t about my opinion.

17 Responses to “Worst of all worlds”

  1. Jeff Id said

    Holy crap, 26 votes and not one comment. 100 percent so far say it’s a scam.

    Of all things, I never expected tAV readers to agree.

  2. Jeff Id said

    There, I voted other.

  3. co2fan said

    Nothing to comment about.
    We all hope it doesn’t have a chance.

    Just sitting around crossing my fingers.


  4. twawki said

    Haha well everyone is well and truly over the AGW fraud – and the public are catching on – fast! In Australia our version of the cap and trade – the ETS – has been delayed indefinitely – and hopefully the Labor Party will be kicked out of office by the end of the year. Gordon Brown is now gone for good – you never know Obama might be next!

  5. Bad Andrew said

    What else is there to say?

    ♫ The King is in the all together
    But all together the all together
    He’s all together as naked as the day that he was born.
    And it’s all together too chilly a morn! ♫ 😉


  6. Pat Frank said

    We have had the cap-and-trade experiment going since 2005, known as the European Emissions Trading Scheme. It’s become an arena for fraud.

    So, even if C&T isn’t intended to be a scam, it will certainly become a scam and continue as a scam.

    The so-called UN “Food for Oil” program, aimed at Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, is another fine example of the bureaucratic and financial integrity we can expect to find directed toward the thick money stream of a mature C&T system. All those fine up-standing high-minded and compassionate officials at the UN, and their equally gifted relatives, did well by “doing good.” And let’s face it, with the collusion and assistance of corporate kick-backs, graft, and sweetheart business deals.

    That’s cap-and-trade.

  7. JAE said

    Relax. Word on the street is that there is absolutely no chance that this scam will make it through the Senate. Suicide for many that would vote for it. Too bad for the crooks this time, LOL.

  8. Frank K. said

    Whatever form it eventually takes, you can be sure that the “cap and trade” legislation will be larded up with millions/billions of dollars for the Global Warming Industry, Inc. Our buddies at GISS, NOAA, Academia, etc. can’t wait to grab as much climate cash as they can, even though the U.S. is broke and unemployment is 10%…

  9. Mescalero said

    What is the source of the stench? Is it Sorostench?

  10. GT said

    Do these guys really want a revolution?

  11. Paul Z. said

    Are Americans really this stupid to believe in cap-n-trade hogwash?

    Are Americans really such cowards that they are not willing to stand up to their politicians, who are about to pull of the largest financial scam in human history?

    Don’t become another Greece. What always made USA strong is the American pioneer/entrepreneurial spirit. Once Americans lose this and fall under the spell of socialism, all will be lost.

    UK is already fucked. Hope that Americans will look to Australians and take a lead from there.

  12. stan said

    By a wide margin, Obamacare was the most dishonest and most destructive piece of legislation in American history. Cap and trade, if passed, may very well top Obamacare on that list.

  13. PhilJourdan said

    Jae #7 – Many already committed Suicide on Health care. The way they figure it, you only die once.

  14. John F. Pittman said

    Why comment? The only real guarantee is that we will have a capNtrade that enriches a few of the rich at the expense of everyone else, and that Washington will regulate us to economic slaves.

    I know some will take offense at the language, but that is what happens in hydraulic empires. The despotic empires of the past for the most part had the selected winners; everyone else was at their mercy. Water was life in the agrarian societies because of food requirements. Modern man replaced the centralized need by way of harnessing energy. By rationing energy and choosing the energy winners, we become just the modern version of a hydraulic empire. The clock turns backwards.

    Note that if it was “free” trade, we could let the ability to make money or profits, the willingness to spend money determine the winners. The communication part of our money would work.

    Just what is this bill communicating? One item it communicates is that it is a lie. It has been settled numerous times that any guarantee written by one legislature can be changed by that legislature at a later date. Google the turnpike history where it was supposed to be until the road was paid for, then the end of tolls. Did not happen. There is no guarantee.

    The next lie is that it guarantees that 2/3 of what is left will be returned to the public. However, note that they set it up as based on income with reference to poverty level. What of inflation? What of cooking the books as to what poverty means? Then 2/3 of what? 2/3 of what they don’t spend. We are talking, whether under the Republicans or the Democrats, congresses that are willing to spend much more than the income. 2/3 of a negative number is less than zero.

    The next lie is one of those non-fact lies. They state they will do something that was not done in Kyoto, nor by the EU, nor has it yet been done. They claim they will stop the speculation, the fraud, the over allocation, the cooking of the books, etc. How? Apparently by the force of their will and righteousness. Otherwise, the claim that it will not spawn a sprawling intrusive bureaucracy is just another lie.

    The next lie is their energy plans. They will issue permits for exploration, but do not include the mechanism to guarantee that we will be able to develop these formations. In fact the opposite, they give states immediate veto of 75 miles, and much further if the beaches are economically important. Well, DUH!! Every beach, even rock covered ones are good for tourists, housing, and/or food. If you Google energy at Santa Barber and I believe, also Colorado, they agreed to issue exploratory permits if the existing production fields would be closed down. Why buy a permit to explore that forces you to close an existing formation, on the basis at some later date, they might let you drill. There is a good article somewhere in blog land on how Obama is using a bait and switch tactic to not open up new fields, but close existing ones. This proposal has the same snake oil wording.

    That is as far as I got in the sections before quitting. But one other concern, the way they are talking about carbon, it is vague. The reason of course that it is a concern is that it is almost a factor of 3 difference from carbon to carbon dioxide. It is so vague, one has to wonder if it is also a baitNswitch to regulate even more. In fact, I understand why Lindsey Graham wanted to question EPA about this because the numbers don’t add up. As in if you make it 3 times less to get regulated you end up with about 9 times more entities covered.

  15. JAE said

  16. Paul Z. said

    The scammers are calling it The American Power Act. A very apt name because this is nothing short of a power-grab of American values.

  17. Geoff Sherrington said

    We have government troubles also.

    After the global financial crisis, Australia’s government decided to spend up big on stimulus packages.

    One item was the provision of ceiling insulation on a huge scale, $1,200 per home subsidy, to reduce airconditioning & heating needs. Estimated handout, $2.45 billion. A few qualified installers were soon overwhelmed by many get-rich-quick opportunists and reports of fraud are many. More seriously, use of foil backed insulation has so far caused 4 deaths from electrocution and an estimated 93 home fires. The scheme has now been stopped, replaced by an inspection/correction scheme.

    The inspection/correction scheme is marketed as providing more jobs, which is good for the economy. One estimate (by Opposition politician Hockey) is $1 bn to check and remediate. This does not include the mountains of insulation, mostly imported, held in stock by insulators now the scheme is stopped.

    The government is pushing the line that the urgent financial stimulus helped Australia ride the storm. The Treasury in Canberra produced this graph from data from the International Monetary Fund (thanks to Institute for Public Affairs as source):


    However, inquiring minds noted that the tewnty G20 countries were surveyed and there were only 11 data points.

    Here is the graph showing all 20.


    The IPA comment was “Why did Treasury include China in their graph but not Russia? or Brazil but not Mexico? … mmm … have Treasury officials learned statistics from the folks from the University of East Anglia?”

    The world is getting sick. Fast.

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