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Crisis at Grist – Send your money

Posted by Jeff Id on May 13, 2010

Grist a fine bathroom publication, which wastes electrons by the minute trying to instill wondrous solutions to CO2, has sent me an email.  In it they requested I send them a check to help save the ‘endangered’ reporter.

It’s not easy — especially when said species try to bite us or start growling incessantly about climate skeptics — but it’s not a choice. We simply must save these journalists from extinction.

Perhaps if reporters stopped turning out a constant stream of alarmist, envirowhacko drivel like this link, they and the NY Times, LA Times, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and every other politically left media outlet wouldn’t have such financial difficulty.

Yes, I did not send them money. I just wanted to offer everyone here the same chance to send their own money, such that their ignorant policies can be enacted and you can send the government the rest of your money.

What will you do with your $20.

25 Responses to “Crisis at Grist – Send your money”

  1. Apply for a federal grant!

    The only requirement for funding is an enthusiastic endorsement of Al Gore’s “Convenient UNtruth”: CO2 caused global warming!


  2. timetochooseagain said

    $20 doesn’t buy much gold, so I say other, and will go with buying some video games or something. 😀

  3. Garry said

    I will send $20 if the American Power Act specifically writes-in “carbon” restrictions on Sun Valley ski chalets, Nantucket beach homes, Gulfstream V’s, and Hinckley Talaria 42’s named “Scaramouche.”

    Why doesn’t John Kerry discuss any of those carbon-spewing abominations in his Grist column?

  4. Dagfinn said

    I suppose there is about equal urgency to save environmental journalists and polar bears. The journalists should have increased in numbers similarly to polar bears in recent decades. Come to think of it, why hasn’t someone plotted both in the same graph and come up with a theory that relates the two in a meaningful way?

  5. JAE said

    Can’t get much of a dinner for $20 anymore.

  6. Frank K. said

    Save a reporter, eh?? Welcome to the world of 10% unemployment…

    By the way, if we could only get a la carte cable channels, I could flush CNN, MSNBC, et al. down the toilet for good. Then again, when websites and blogs turn into 24/7 audio/video content providers, you can kiss cable goodbye…heck I can now get movies from netflix on my Wii!

  7. mrpkw said

    Mmmmmmmmmm, Dinner.

    “Perhaps if reporters stopped turning out a constant stream of alarmist, envirowhacko drivel”

    Well put !!

  8. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Please tell me, Jeff ID, that that blog you linked to has to be a spoof or a cartoon – it cannot be real. John Kerry would not call himself a true believer as no true believer would do that.

  9. intrepid_wanders said

    If Kenneth thought that the article body was surreal, one only needs to look at the “comments” to is. Where is my “Zombie-Shotgun”???

  10. Jeff Id said

    Aw man, someone scammed the poll.

  11. Jeff Id said

    Imagine taking the time to record 19 votes on this pole which only an hour before registered zero.

  12. Mike J said

    They must have used 19 different IP addresses – unemployed journo’s have a lot of time on their hands….

  13. Jeff Id said

    #12, It’s just such a pathetic use of one’s time. haha.

    I sent them an email in reply to their gimme money email which said — do you know who you just sent this too?

    There was no reply. Then suddenly the poll gets hammered with a bunch of votes for the journalists. How fun is that!

  14. Lance said

    Hey Jeff,

    Wanna have some fun? Go over to Pharyngula and poke PZ Myers in the ribs. He is a staunch AGW defender and will unleash his hordes of intemperate and ill-tempered sycophants to trample your poll.

    Do you want to boost your traffic at the expense of a bunch of insufferably self-satisfied prigs leaving inane and profane remarks?

    Just a thought.

  15. Chuckles said

    You left out a couple of options there Jeff – e.g. I’d spend it on fuel for my Hummer, or, I’d use it for fuel for my chainsaw to cut down some rainforest trees…

    It’s a bit like those quiz questions – If you saw your ex-wife and Al Gore drowning, and you could only save one of them, would you grab an early lunch, or take in a movie?

  16. pgosselin said

    You can (still, but maybe not for long) get a couple of bottles of decent wine for that.
    Heck I’d pay someone $20 just to watch a poor reporter go extinct.

  17. Geoff Sherrington said


  18. AMac said


    I appreciate the motive behind your idea of having readers send $20 or more to help journalists.

    However, for charity to be effective, it takes more than wielding a checkbook. One has to think about what will change the behavior that led to the situation, in the first place.

    I’m not just talking about climate-change reporting. Have circumstances really changed so much in the two years since Iowahawk published his expose, Bylines of Brutality?


  19. Chuckles said

    Do you think a ‘Tough Love’ approach is better, or perhaps ‘Cold Turkey’?
    Or do you think that just admitting the problem is a big enough step?
    I mean, if they did that, think of all the oil money funding they could get.

  20. mrpkw said

    # 16

    I can get 4 bottles of “OK” wine for that !!!!!!

  21. PhilJourdan said

    Better save it for taxes, because the only way they are going is UP.

  22. kevinincornwall said

    You forgot the endangered journos at the ‘Guardian’ esp Moonbat, the ‘Independent’,the ‘Times’, the ‘BBC’ and last but not least ‘New Scientist’ – climate Sceptics are = to AIDS deniers. To mis appropriate the twitter warmist @EdShearon’s favourite term for discussion “morons”.

  23. TimM said

    The best seasoning I never bought, made dinner taste so much better

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