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Big Oil at Stefani’s

Posted by Jeff Id on May 16, 2010

Well last night was interesting to say the least, Lucia, Steve, Anthony and I were planning a dinner together when Pajamas Media invited us to join them.   There were a lot of sharp people in the room, including PJ media and Heartland guys.  All were very serious about climate science and far more reasonable than RC would have you think.  It made for a constant stream of interesting conversation.  The only problems were that the room was so loud and crowded it was difficult to follow the detail of a conversation about math or pca or nuances of temperature stations or enjoy the meal properly and my children have my bedtime set for a maximum of 10:00.  We basically closed the place, it was either leave or do the dishes.  Still the company made the experience more than entertaining.  I learned several things about Anthony’s surface station project, SteveM’s talk tonight which will cover hide the decline in greater detail.

For those that can’t attend, PJTV is planning a live internet streaming of the keynote speakers.  I’m a space nut with a climate blog so I hope to be present for both Harrison Schmitt and Steve McIntyre’s  talks today.

Lucia has a nice writeup on the night here.

5 Responses to “Big Oil at Stefani’s”

  1. timetochooseagain said

    Personally, I’m looking forward to Roy Spencer and Richard Lindzen’s talks in the next couple of days. I am not sure if Steve will cover ground we are not already thoroughly familiar with. Schmitt’s talk seems unlikely to have the specialized emphasis that I’m interested in. Nothing against him, he’s a great guy, and sharp for politician, too ;). In fact, if he were to give a lecture on planetary science, his area of expertise, I’d want to hear it even though I’m not particularly interested in what’s in space, just getting people into it.

    I’ll be watching for Heartland to upload all the media over the next few days or weeks, too.

  2. Jeff Id said

    I wasn’t able to go. My wife explained that blogging takes too much of my time.

    I’ll try and go instead of working tomorrow.

  3. twawki said

    Aaah its a once in a lifetime opportunity! treat yourself. And get some sleep – I remember when mine were babies/toddlers I was so sleep deprived it wasnt funny.

  4. SamG said

    McIntyre’s speech contradicted many of the beliefs held by the audience and institute, including the host who I believe referred to AGW as a ‘delusion’. immediately preceding Steve’s ‘divergence problem’.

  5. M. Simon said


    You should look into Robert Bussard’s (yeah that Robert Bussard) Polywell Fusion. IF it works….

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