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Free the Scientists

Posted by Jeff Id on June 30, 2010

There is too much pressure on climate scientists.  The way Mann attacked everyone in the climategate emails for not presenting the consensus view was disgusting.

Typically, in my experience, scientists enjoy the imagining of something different to the status quo, even more than publishing the standard.  It’s in the nature of these people that something new and different is exciting.  It’s no fun repeating the same stuff over and over,  and nothing is gained.  My guess is that climate scientists often find the global warming politics tedious but what choice do they have.  If you are a young scientist bent on discovery, do you want a piece of the billions tenths of trillions in funding or do you want to take the role of the skeptic.  You want something different but in time your understanding leads to money.  After all, if you find that the Arctic is warming and that CO2 in the past corresponds to warming, is it worth ignoring the obvious causality capriciousness? After all, we know temperature causes higher CO2 and  CO2 can cause higher temperatures!!  But that does NOT bring funding.

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Becoming a Successful Scientist

Posted by Jeff Id on June 29, 2010

I met Dr. Craig Loehle briefely at the ICCC conference, on the program schedule it said – book signing.  I was surprised that Dr. Loehle had written a book which hadn’t made its rounds on the climate blogs and asked if he would share a copy with me.  It turned out to be a detailed 300 page discussion titled  – Becoming a Successful Scientist.  The book is a serious and extensive effort to explain a career in a scientific field, including everything from different scientific personalities, methods of problem solving, expectations from different fields to methods of presentation and communication of your results.  What I found interesting was the fact that so much time was spent considering how different personalities fit in the world of the sciences.

It was only after finishing reading and considering what the book meant to me that it became clear to me that the book is a useful tool to help those considering working or who are already working in the field of science to be circumspect of their own strengths and personality and how it fits in their chosen profession, and further, how to maximize the outcome.  Now that I’m 41, I look back and think that had I understood many of the points made here, I would likely have made different decisions in my youth and perhaps will in the future.

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2010 American Solar Challenge

Posted by Jeff Id on June 26, 2010

The 2010 American solar challenge just drove past my house.  A 2500 mile, multi-leg race for solar powered cars.  Back in college my alma-mater, WMU, was participating in this race.  It’s good to see them still at it.   The race is a 100% solar powered car, our school as usual is far less funded than larger universities like U of M, which receives the best cells, batteries and motors.  U of M is from Michigan though and my uncle was Dean of Housing or something there when I was a kid so it’s great to see them doing so well.

On the way back from the gas station I passed U of M, a second car was close behind which I didn’t catch the name on and Stanford was a close third.  Since this is the last day of the race, it looks like U of M will take top spot. I stood out in the sun with my wife and oldest son watching the cars race by for an hour.

The U of M car is below, it looked pretty sweet ripping along at about 55 mph, they weren’t holding traffic up at all.

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Real Science

Posted by Jeff Id on June 26, 2010

One of the biggest problems with my personality is that once I’ve figured something out, it’s no longer fun.  I don’t really care after that and begin looking for something new.

Still though, the fact that the uninformed can claim to have informed opinions with little supporting knowledge drives me wild.  Sure I’ve made my mistakes, ya think ya know something and later find out that um —  I don’t know as much as I thought — I’m 41, just try to get this far and not screw up…..we all have.  Recently Art Smith attacked Climate Audit and Steve Mosher on a misrepresentnation of a ‘trick’ performed by government funded ”scientists’ with respect to climate. Now since they are “tricks”, and their detials are not fully disclosed, it might be difficult to figure them out.

Arthur is still learning the rules about blogging.

I wrote this post to him after declaring in a fit of grumpiness that he didn’t have the ability to figure out ‘hide the decline’.

Your implied accusations of “intentional” misstatements by Steve Mosher and CA disgust me. I’ve watched these people for some time now with a skeptical eye, and have done more double checking and confirmation than you have the wherewithal to pull off.

Yup, it was overly cocky.. but I was grumpy with Arthur’s obfuscation and it got the best of me.  Sorry… ish. Not a proud moment.   It isn’t like I believe I have the keys to knowledge but when people pretend to not notice bad science – while claiming to be informed, it sends me over the edge.  Gotta work on that, but it is the title of this blog.

So today, when reviewing Arthur’s blog, I noticed he enjoyed the traffic from CA and continued with his  posts on the topic.

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Pajama’s Media Reports Bomb Threat to Skeptic Economist

Posted by Jeff Id on June 24, 2010

I reported this post below.  Nick has found more reporting on the topic, I still am not confident we know the truth but am leaning towards this version.

Jeff, as I say it isn’t my version – it’s now Calzado’s version.

One wrinkle – it seems the package mishap happened with the courier company.

And the Libertad source, at least, managed an apology:
“LD pide disculpas a ThermoTechnic y a Pedro Gil por el error, y espera que no tenga ninguna consecuencia para su empresa.”

But your post stands?

Christopher Horner of Pajama’s media reports today that an economist who reported on the true effects of converting to a green economy in Spain.

Spain’s Dr. Gabriel Calzada — the author of a damning study concluding that Spain’s “green jobs” energy program has been a catastrophic economic failure — was mailed a dismantled bomb on Tuesday by solar energy company Thermotechnic.

Dr. Calzada received a literal bomb threat for the work.   From the executive summary at the link above:

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Wheeerrre’s Climate Waldo

Posted by Jeff Id on June 23, 2010

Ok, Steve M is back at it today with a cool post on another blog’s criticism of  Steve Mosher and somewhat collaterally, Climate Audit. In this post,  Steve describes how Arthur Smith has mischaracterized what has been said at CA about hide the decline.  Now I’m not here to defend CA -cause Steve does fine by himself but let’s look at this stolen without permission plot from CA.

Gee the green line is all from the same data, at least it is supposed to be—- I wonder, which one is the real green line?   Which one has meaning in the physical world. I wonder why the right side image didn’t exist prior to climategate?

Waldo is faster than we thought…tricky bastard him..

Update:  TTCA in comment 1

It all started as the same data, I think, but wound up being statistically molested into a barely recognizable state (more accurately, multiple barely recognizable states). The “Climategate AR4″ figure is the data as Briffa originally found it, which was then smoothed with padding to get the figure “Briffa AR4″, which mostly, but not entirely “hides the decline”. This already dubious at best, stunningly idiotic at worst, procedure was not misleading enough however. For the purposes of the figure “Mann TAR”, a different smooth and padding were not only used, but the data were scaled differently, literally reducing the variance. The “WMO” graph is the most baffling-Jones appears to have used an even more aggressive smooth than Mann, used either the original scaling, or slightly enhanced for Briffa’s data-and adds to this by apparently padding not with averages from observations, not averages from proxies, but the actual observed data, there by making it appear as thought the reconstruction of temperatures in the 20th Century was nearly perfect, which gives precisely the opposite impression one would get if one looked at Briffa’s original data (that the proxy’s performance was rather poor).

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IPCC Chief mellows for bail out package

Posted by Jeff Id on June 23, 2010

Guest post  – M I Bhat

I am not deaf to those who do not agree with the scientific consensus on man-made climate change.”

Ladies and Gentlemen: These are the words of the completely undressed IPCC Chief, Dr. R. K. Pauchauri to BBC (15 June 2010). He has been undressed for quite some time but like that proverbial king was unwilling to accept it.

Even as recently as Feb 2010, when he still thought he was fully and immaculately dressed, he had this to say: [Global warming skeptics] “are people who deny the link between smoking and cancer; they are people who say that asbestos is as good as talcum powder – I hope that they apply it to their faces every day… I’m totally in the clear. I have absolutely nothing but indifference to what these people are doing.” Notice the contempt in the language. It was this type of sneering language that prompted global warming activists to use terms like “deniers,” “flat earthers” and so on for the skeptics, and call for their “Nuremberg-type trails.”

Pachauri surely was never deaf to the skeptics but would not simply answer them; he would howl at them as he did at his compatriot, V. K. Raina, calling his report on the health of the Himalayan glaciers voodoo science.” He didn’t stop at rubbishing Raina’s study that is based on 150 years of data but rubbished Raina as well thus: “With the greatest of respect this guy retired years ago and I find it totally baffling that he comes out and throws out everything that has been established years ago.” In his late 60’s he forgets that, like Raina, he too would have retired long years ago had he continued in the Indian Government employment. Raina has the credit to continue after retirement with what he did for decades (glaciology) unlike Pachauri who dabbled first with railway engines and tracks, then economics and finally at the fag end of his career with climate science. When he said Raina’s work “throws out everything that has been established years ago” he should have thought of his own junk (IPCC) reports that attempt to throw out what was scientifically established and historically recorded decades and centuries back – Medieval Warming and Little Ice Age.

It is his non-scientific background that makes him talk of “scientific consensus.” Had he indulged in any serious scientific endeavour at any stage of his career he would have known that there is nothing like “consensus” in science. Science is neither validated nor rejected by consensus nor by majority vote. It demands reproducible hard-core empirical facts.

It is too late for him to say that “The IPCC and the scientific community at large should welcome the development of a vigorous debate on the science of climate change.” The wide world knows how receptive he has been to scientific debate. It is neither change of heart nor sudden dawning of scientific ethics on him. It is a strategic statement and needs to be considered in the context of the aftermath that Climategate and several other gates (there is even a Pachaurigate!) have had on the public opinion about global warming, most importantly on carbon business and his own standing as the head of IPCC. Recall the vehement public reaction when CEOs of failing American banks went to American Congress in their private jets with begging bowls in hand. They learnt their lesson, adopted a low profile until a bail out was received. Did their travel preference since make any news? None.

Carbon trading was mid-wifed by IPPC. Like an over-fed obese baby, it soon ballooned into a huge, huge business — courtesy political patronage. You have high and mighty (political and business) sharks involved in it. Lately they suffered significant losses on stock markets as much due to public sentiment against IPCC’s fraudulent science in support of global warming as due to Dr. Pachauri’s arrogant defence of that. However, current American public opinion, courtesy BP’s Gulf oil spill, could turn the tables again in their favour. In this charged environment a revalidation of global warming by IPCC’s “thousands of scientist” imminently suits both the carbon-politico-business class and Dr. Pachauri. Neither would like to see this opportunity missed. The more he mellows towards opposition and shows himself open to debate, the easier it will be for the carbon-political-business class to argue in his favour. So the conciliatory language that Dr. Pachauri has suddenly found is like the American bankers’ brief strategic pause in the use of their private jets. If he gets bailed out, it will soon be business as usual.

M. I. Bhat
Professor & Head
Department of Geology & Geophysics
University of Kashmir

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Posted by Jeff Id on June 21, 2010

Thank god for Obama and his supporters.  Without them, how would we know the way to prosperity.

UPDATE 1-Individuals see health insurance costs jump-report

Strange, now that we’ve regulated companies to take away profit and given everyone insurance wasn’t the cost supposed to drop?

WASHINGTON, June 21 (Reuters) – U.S. health insurers are raising prices by an average of 20 percent for working age adults who buy their own policies, according to a survey released by a nonprofit healthcare group on Monday.

Twenty PERCENT!!  I wish.  My company provides insurance to our employees and our insurance jumped 40% this year.  FORTY!!  Twenty percent sounds like a trip to heaven at this point.  Five years ago, our insurance jumped 30%, then 20% then a series of 5 percent hikes and this year 40…… Thank god for democrats.

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Posted by Jeff Id on June 21, 2010

You knew it was coming.


Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., told CNN’s “State of the Union” he believes there are 50 senators who would vote for a compromise bill that would require the energy utilities to pay for carbon pollution and an additional 20 who are undecided.

At this point, they are all in the same program — money and power for themselves.  I flatly don’ t belive they give a crap about America at this point.  They just forced the most disingenuous and immoral health care bill through despite the fact that nobody wanted it and now they are back on the alleged climate bill which is nothing more than another money and freedom grab by the political class.

“You have got to get to 60 to pass anything in the Senate,” Lieberman said. “We need half of the undecided, and we can do it.”

Momentum for passing such a bill has increased, Lieberman said, now that President Obama has made energy and climate legislation a priority in the wake of the Gulf oil spill disaster.

Lieberman (a moderate) which is nothing but code for ‘opportunist’, is leading the charge.

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Children are the Future

Posted by Jeff Id on June 17, 2010

A global warming book was withdrawn from public schools for inaccuracy.  It almost sounds like a small bit of sanity is creeping into the global warming discussion.  After all, us skeptics all seem to have our nuanced opinions on the matter and not many of them are unreasonable.  As a father of two kids ready to enter the US public indoctrination/brainwashing program, I’m very concerned as to how this issue will be presented.    I already know Illinois schools are nuts and rife with leftism, doublethink and other illogical realities (like being passed with 100% failing grades). Of course this insanity has to be put to a stop, but the reality is that the indoctrination is going to be a big war for our family.  I’m so bad that even most recycling programs are crap in my mind.

The title links the article.

Global warming book withdrawn

By Joe Dejka

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The Golfer

Posted by Jeff Id on June 16, 2010

The BP spill will be a memory someday, and not  a good one.   In the face of a disaster far greater than any global warming crap will ever replace, we have to wonder why the United States Government, run by the allegedly ‘greenest’ administration in history, DIDN’T ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL HELP!!.   For the first time in my life, the US actually needed help.  We needed know how, we needed equipment, we needed money and our greenie in chief said NO.

NO is what communist countries say when the US offers help because they don’t want the US to spy on their evil empires, NO is not what the US says.. Don’t bring up GWB please, I’m not happy with him either.  The ignorance of it is astounding——YES with reasonable application is the answer

If you don’t know why Obama, the greenest red of all said NO, you should consider what he gets if this disaster worsens.

Just in case you think I’m opportunistic about this, consider that Obama, who should spend every minute worried about what to do about his Katrina, this site says OBAMA HUSSEIN has played 8 rounds of golf during the greatest ecological disaster in the US history……..

Think about that.

Spend and borrow our way to disaster, eliminate reasonable energy production, eliminate evil manufacturing, expand government power, what can possibly be the positive in this?

Why isn’t every single American LIVID??

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The Bottom Line

Posted by Jeff Id on June 16, 2010

Sam at Climatequotes has another guest post here which expands on the motives behind the exaggerated claims of the UN.   As with all government, the motive is the key.


TEEB pushes fear and new taxes

The past two days I’ve looked at the UN’s interim TEEB report and found several errors in the first chapter. I was going to write a post about how this pseudo-science spreads, but after looking at several TEEB documents I decided to write on a new topic.

The TEEB isn’t a scientific body, it exists to influence policymakers. This isn’t a contentious claim, they say so on their webpage:

The TEEB study aims to:

* Integrate ecological and economic knowledge to structure the evaluation of ecosystem services under different scenarios.
* Recommend appropriate valuation methodologies for different contexts.
* Examine the economic costs of biodiversity decline and the costs and benefits of actions to reduce these losses.
* Develop “toolkits” for policy makers at international, regional and local levels in order to foster sustainable development and better conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity.
* Enable easy access to leading information and tools for improved biodiversity practice for the business community – from the perspective of managing risks, addressing opportunities, and measuring impacts.
* Raise public awareness of the individual’s impact on biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as identifying areas where individual action can make a positive difference.

They obtain these goals by attempting to instill fear in their audience. Once the fear is instilled, they recommend new taxes to solve the problem.
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Oil and water

Posted by Jeff Id on June 14, 2010

Of all that ticks me off lately, the handling of and then the proposed action in the gulf drive me nuts.  First, we have a leak which was horribly underestimated,  – um.. except for at Climate Audit. Followed by the fed’s not wanting to approve the proposals of Bobby Jindal of Louisiana’s proposals for constructing whatever to save the coastlines.

Now I don’t beleive for a moment that this disaster — and it is a disaster — will have any effects over 100 years that will be discernable.  Well, by that I mean natural effects, but these bastards, and they are bastards, are doing nothing but playing politics.  I’ve heard talk about firing the CEO of BP— politics, I’ve seen the delay of state programs who’s governors said they had a plan but needed permission from the feds.  How messed up is the United States when ‘States’ cannot save themselves without the Fed’s from this kind of thing.  Compared to the Louisiana state budget, the proposal wasn’t that big.

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Posted by Jeff Id on June 12, 2010

Aother guest post from Sam at Climatequotes, as before click the title for the main article.  The UN seems incapable of factual work these days.


Yesterday I posted about how the UN TEEB report had an error in the very first chapter relating to forest cover. There are two more errors I’ll cover now, relating to two more items on this scary list:

However, the levels of many of the benefits we derive from
the environment have plunged over the past 50 years as
biodiversity has fallen dramatically across the globe. Here are
some examples:

• In the last 300 years, the global forest area has shrunk
by approximately 40%. Forests have completely
disappeared in 25 countries, and another 29 countries
have lost more than 90% of their forest cover. The
decline continues (FAO 2001; 2006).

Since 1900, the world has lost about 50% of its
wetlands. While much of this occurred in northern
countries during the first 50 years of the 20th century,
there has been increasing pressure since the 1950s for
conversion of tropical and sub-tropical wetlands to
alternative land use (Moser et al. 1996).

• Some 30%of coral reefs – which frequently have even
higher levels of biodiversity than tropical forests – have
been seriously damaged through fishing, pollution,
disease and coral bleaching (Wilkinson 2004).

• In the past two decades, 35% of mangroves have
disappeared. Some countries have lost up to 80%
through conversion for aquaculture, overexploitation
and storms (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

The human-caused (anthropogenic) rate of species
extinction is estimated to be 1,000 times more rapid
than the “natural” rate of extinction typical of Earth’s
long-term history (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

Let’s take the wetlands claim first. Their reference for the 50% reduction claim is Moser et al. 1996, referenced as:

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More UN alarmism exposed by Climatequotes blog

Posted by Jeff Id on June 10, 2010

Reposted from Climatequotes blog, click the headline for the original.

TEEB report has multiple errors in first chapter alone, Part #1

It’s been quiet here for over a month. This has been a busy time for me, I am now a college graduate (and looking for a job, know of any?). I intend to continue posting however, and when I saw a headline article on climate depot a while ago I dug a little deeper into the story.

This article from the Guardian talks about new UN biodiversity report. It’s worth reading. Here is an interesting quote:

The report will advocate massive changes to the way the global economy is run so that it factors in the value of the natural world. In future, it says, communities should be paid for conserving nature rather than using it; companies given stricter limits on what they can take from the environment and fined or taxed more to limit over-exploitation; subsidies worth more than US$1tn (£696.5bn) a year for industries like agriculture, fisheries, energy and transport reformed; and businesses and national governments asked to publish accounts for their use of natural and human capital alongside their financial results.

Shock! The UN is using protection of the natural world as a reason to make massive changes to the global economy? This sounds familiar, which I’m sure is why Morano posted it. Whenever the UN puts out a report that involves the world spending a lot of money, I get suspicious, so I decided to take a look at the interim report (the final isn’t going to be published until later this year). Here is the report.

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