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A little truth would be nice

Posted by Jeff Id on June 4, 2010

Ok, Climate Audit has a post on a reply from Ronald Oxburgh (of the Oxburg coverup of climategate) to a request from Steve McIntyre for documentation of papers and procedures in the investigation.  Steve did a fine job venting on it – it turns out that Canadians do get wound up on occasion, but the quote which sent me up a  wall was in response to this request by SteveM.

Is there a document setting out the terms of reference of the inquiry? If so, could you please provide me with a copy of this document? Did the terms of reference specifically precluded from considering one of the most important CRU activities – Lead Authorship in IPCC reports – or was this omission your own decision?

The Report states that the eleven papers were “selected on the advice of the Royal Society” and that “CRU agreed that they were a fair sample of the work of the Unit.” Can you provide me with copies of the documents evidencing the Royal Society providing this advice and the CRU agreeing that they were a “fair sample”. Did you carry out any due diligence of your own to verify that the articles were in fact a “fair sample”?

Which was followed by this reply:

I am afraid that I am not able to be very helpful as none of the documents about which you inquire exists.

Which I am stunned to say is exactly the issue which led to the FOI’s in the first place. The reveiw was such a joke that not even a list of ‘sample’ papers was provided.  Just what the hell do they expect for a reaction when their own review is so closed to the public and so baseless  THAT THE MOST BASIC DOCUMENTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO THE CHAIRMAN!!

Is it irony or bovine scatology.

8 Responses to “A little truth would be nice”

  1. Layman Lurker said

    Yet UEA jumps all over the report….”cleared of any scientific impropriety and dishonesty”. It is another one of the “tricks” that Steve likes to write about. An inquiry conducted on the most vague terms imaginable…no documentation of the process… which does not even scratch the surface of the key science pieces in question. This is not satisfactory to any rational person.

  2. A C Osborn said

    Exactly what you would expect of a Government group set up to clear the CRU and Jones.

  3. Bovine Scatology.

    There is no doubt. This Lord is a real academician.

    BS is the initials used for the same substance on cattle farms in the midwest.

    MS and PhD are used by these cattle farmers for advanced academic degrees:

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  4. David S said

    So either the Royal Society advice was verbal – and therefore unofficial and he is lying by describing it as being Royal Society advice – or it was in writing, in which case such a document does exist, and he is either lying or merely telling an untruth without knowledge of the facts, having relied on hearsay without inspecting any of the documentation for himself. A right royal whitewash.

  5. stan said

    Actually, in terms of most scientific work in the climate science area, the Oxburgh report ranks far higher in terms of quality and depth than most other work and the willingness to answer questions is far more open. With a few rare exceptions, this is just about as good as it gets in climate science.

    [The report and the stonewalling are complete BS, of course, but it’s important to remember the “quality standards” which are the norm for climate science. Compared to diarrhea, even standard BS is ‘solid’.]

  6. glacierman said

    #5 Stan,

    Just spit my coffee all over my computer, but I needed a laugh.

    This sort of thing is why I am starting to think that SteveMs opinion to let the academics just work this stuff out doesn’t hold up. I would agree if the entire establishment wasn’t in on the fix. Maybe some outside influences with subpeona power will really get things rolling.

  7. pesadilla said

    Having had the temerity to politely request basic information which is fundamental to this enquiry, Steve Mcintyre has been well and truly put in his place. The reply to Steve’s request is described to perfection by the word SUMMARY “something done immediately, without attention to detail” A summary dismissal is what was received by steve, for and on behalf of the rest of us.
    My description of the report “ONE DIMENSIONAL”

  8. Steve in SC said

    And our Canadian pal wonders why it is necessary for the Virginia Attorney General to ferret out misbehavior on the part of Mann. QED.

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