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Dr. Christy Interview by Tom Fuller

Posted by Jeff Id on July 1, 2010

Tom did an excellent interview with Dr. Christy today.   I’ve always enjoyed my email conversations with John Christy, he did’t let me down this time either.

Examiner: Human emissions of CO2 declined 2.6% in 2009, although concentrations didn’t change. How hopeful are you that our actions can reduce emissions further?

J.C. It is very clear that economic decline means less energy is used, and people are poorer as a result. So, one should congratulate those who created the recent economic collapse for the “good” news on emissions. However, I don’t see economic as a long-term strategy for society to follow. The most useful option to slow the decline in emissions is to proceed on a massive construction initiative in nuclear power (which has other defensible reasons to back it up – not just alleged climate change.) In this way, gigawatts of power can be produced with little emissions. Alternatives (wind, solar, animal methane) will be just an expensive and unreliable blip on the world-wide scale of emissions growth.

Read the whole interview here.

3 Responses to “Dr. Christy Interview by Tom Fuller”

  1. Brian H said

    Emissions should be aggressively subsidized. CO2 helps tremendously with forest and agricultural yield, and has no detectable effect on climate.

  2. Andrew said

    1-I must disagree with the notion that anything should be subsidized. That would amount to forcing everyone, collectively, to purchase something…the money for the subsidy has to come from somewhere.

    Haven’t read the interview yet, but look forward to anything involving Dr Christy.

  3. gi2hpambudi said

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