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Poetry or else

Posted by Jeff Id on August 2, 2010

Imagine the sky, free from cloud.

Imagine your mind, free from daily grind.

Imagine the trees, free from CO2………..

and see where that gets you.

7 Responses to “Poetry or else”

  1. Layman Lurker said

    I always knew that you were a closet artsie. 😉

  2. Layman lol

  3. M. Simon said

    Nice Poetry. But I was really looking for Made. Hope to see it soon.

  4. Brian H said

    The green is gone;
    The grass is dead.
    I wonder where
    The birdies is?


  5. M. Simon said

    The crime of the century
    Committed each minute in time
    Dead zones in the mind
    Zombies sleep in the cold

  6. co2fan said

  7. John Shade said

    A tree without CO2
    Is soon to be a dead tree
    A sky without clouds
    Is a sign of high pressure, low RH, negligible ice at high altitudes, and little convection
    A joy for the modeller, who then daydreams:

    Imagine the sun, free from eruption
    Imagine the planet, free from rotation
    Imagine the orbit, free from perturbation
    Imagine the surface, free from inhomogeneity…
    Think of the yachts and the planes and the houses I’d own.

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