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Solar Flare – Northern Lights Tonight and Tomorrow

Posted by Jeff Id on August 3, 2010

Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth Tonight

From the finest news organization on the planet – that’s not saying much though guys.

From this link:

Skywatchers at high latitudes could be in for a spectacular treat of northern lights, the aurora borealis, Tuesday and Wednesday: After a relatively quiet stretch, it appears the sun is ramping up its activity.

The sun’s surface erupted early Sunday, blasting  tons of plasma (ionized atoms) into space. These atoms are headed toward Earth and could create a stunning light show in the process.

I’ve got no more time than that, but it’s pretty awesome.

6 Responses to “Solar Flare – Northern Lights Tonight and Tomorrow”

  1. M. Simon said

    Tsolar Tsunami as a nice ring.

  2. ktwop said

    Nice pictures and a nice video but conditions are quiet again.
    SC 24 is still undershooting SC5.

    PRESTO FROM SIDC – RWC BELGIUM Tue Aug 3 2010, 1220 UT

    “Solar activity is expected to be mostly quiet during the next 48 hours. There is still a small chance of C class flaring activity from NOAA AR 1092.
    Current geomagnetic conditions are quiet. It is possible that the fast CME related to the long duration event of Aug. 1st has already reached the Earth orbit. We expect quiet to unsettled conditions for the next 24 hours. Geomagnetic activity is expected to reach at least active levels in the second half of Aug. 4th, due to arrival at Earth orbit of the CME related to the polar crown filament eruption of Aug. 1st.”

  3. Duster said

    Took a look at to what the skid was there and the news is:

    “Solar Activity Forecast: Solar activity is expected to be very low. However, there will be a chance for an isolated C-class flare from Region 1092.”

    The sun is still unusually quiet. There is a warning for an aurora watch and a weak storm. Nothing remarkable apparently.

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  5. It’s a scary thing to think about due to the fact were getting auroras in the southern hemisphere.

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