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A long time ago, in a university far far away…..

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2010

A  brief history of the battle with activist science.

The Climate Wars … ending?

Check it out.

27 Responses to “A long time ago, in a university far far away…..”

  1. Steve Fitzpatrick said

    Ending? Not so long as Barack Obama is in office, and maybe not for a long time after that. Unfortunately, a lot of time will be needed to prove the projections are way too high.

  2. RomanM said

    There seems to be an overstatement in the history (bold mine):

    Question: Likewise, did these 4 independent unpaid skeptical climate bloggers win the decisive battle of the whole Climate Wars ?

    They quickly and efficiently released the thousands of leaked Climategate emails that shocked the world, by coordinating posts on their blogs and informed by computer experts on many continents.

    I think that they meant to say publicized. I wouldn’t want the whole crew to be mistakenly arrested for something they didn’t do. Otherwise, what would I read for entertainment each morning? 😉

  3. Jeff Id said

    How about slowly and accidentally.

  4. RomanM said

    You are just being modest…

  5. Brian H said

    A Chinese view:

    PDF version for download:
    Low Carbon Plot


    China, as a responsible big country must continue to act as the representative who acts in the interests of the Third World, and must expose the lies of America and the other countries who use carbon tax as a way to continue to [oppress] the peoples of the Third World, to look after the national interest, and sustain the advantages of development, and avoid carbon taxes like Japan’s “[factory agreement?]“, thus becoming chains constraining China’s future development.

  6. Jeff Id said

    #5 While the view of third world oppression as written is stupid propaganda, I am shocked that we have to be thankful for China’s stance.

  7. Jeff Id said

    #4, nope, the post is over the top wrt my involvement, however, I was hoping to irritate the climate guys who lurk rather than the regulars. It’s childish but hell, if I can’t have fun blogging, my wife will send me to work.

  8. boballab said


    Roman. Remember Jeff wasn’t around (by his own admission) when the file popped up on TaV, so his whereabouts are un-verfied for the time of the release. As far as we know the UK cops have not followed up yet on this lead, they seem a little slow when it comes to figuring out if it was a hack or not.

  9. Jeff Id said

    #8 I think he’s teasing me.

  10. RomanM said


    I think that I may still have the phone number of the policeman who interviewed me. Maybe, I should give them this tip. Lemme see, where did I put that number…

  11. Jeff Id said

    Called out by the readers again…

    I need a new hobby.

  12. Brian H said

    Ain’t it awful when you can’t even get away with things you didn’t do? The only solution is to cultivate a devil-may-care anti-hero image, I think.

  13. boballab said


    We have no proof that Jeff didn’t do it, lets look at what we do know:

    1. Jeff goes away
    2. somehow the emials get “liberated” from a CRU computer.
    3. He returns after all hell breaks loose.

    Just admit it Jeff you flew to the UK, snuck into Phil’s office after he left, then using mad engineer Hackorz Skillz compiled that list and sent it out. Then you flew back and acted all innocent. 🙂

  14. Brian H said

    If so, he deserves a Noble Prize, in parallel with IgNobles for Jones and Mann. >:|

  15. Kan said

    And nobody knows where Boballab was either…

    I say it was he who did it in the study, by the light of the candlestick.

  16. Brian H said

    No murders mysterious here. And Boballab doesn’t strike me as the Noble anti-hero type, whereas Jeff does.

  17. ArndB said

    Jeff did it – making the Climategate file public. As the files had been dropped at an “OPEN LETTER” (13.Nov.2009) from me, I visited the post frequently and downloaded the FOIA file soon after posting. But immediately after opening the folder I feared a trap, and closed the folder in no time. Next day I downloaded the folder on an old computer, but the documents had been “all Greek to me”. Fortunately not to Jeff!

  18. John F. Pittman said

    I also opened the file, closed it and cleaned my hard disk. I thought it was fake and a setup. The first few emails I looked at confirmed suspicions, and I figured that meant they had to be fake. Am glad others went and confirmed it though.

  19. GHowe said

    If it had been my blog and all this had happened, I would have gone the whole nine yards and said
    “I got a ten-point”.

  20. Genghis said

    The Officer who interviewed me was;

    Sean Baker
    Detective Constable
    Joint Major Investigation Team
    Norfolk Constabulary
    Lowestoft Police Station
    Old Nelson Street
    NR32 1PE
    Tel: 01986 83****
    Mobile: 0792081****

    Hope that helps Roman : )

  21. David Jay said

    #12 – “The only solution is to cultivate a devil-may-care anti-hero image”

    Would that be Jeff “Hancock” Id?

  22. Brian H said

    I fear we’re feeding the Id’s super-ego.

  23. Jeff Id said


    haha, Still just an id tho.

  24. M. Simon said

    It is impossible to reason people out of their religion. I’m agin the drug war myself in addition to seeing the error of the CO2 causes global warming crowd.

    Funny thing is the left sees the futility of the drug war and the right sees the futility of the war on global warming. What do I expect under the circumstances? More of both. Professional courtesy if you will.

    The Drug War is the CAGW of the Right.

  25. Jeff Id said

    #24, If the damage intended by the AGW believers to industry and prosperity were of the same magnitude we would be in agreement. The damage caused by the jailing of drug users is very personal for some. America is terrifyingly draconian in its ruthless application of criminal law.

  26. DeWitt Payne said

    Re: Jeff Id (Aug 17 20:18),

    The consequences of the US war on drugs goes far beyond our borders. Right now, more people are dying in what’s verging on a civil war in Mexico than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. I should really check that statement as it’s only hearsay to me. Prohibition creates organized crime whether it’s in prostitution, booze, tobacco, guns, illicit drugs or illegal immigration. Unfortunately, we still haven’t learned that lesson, which should have been driven home in the 1930’s.

  27. Brian H said

    Alcohol and crack or ice aren’t comparable. Civilizations have integrated and almost ritualized use of alcohol, and turned brewing and distilling etc. into art forms. The consequences of over-use and dosages are common knowledge.

    None of that is true for the hard drugs.

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