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Two Years Old

Posted by Jeff Id on September 2, 2010

The Air Vent turned two last month.  It has been a lot of blogging.  Here are the stats as of today:

Blog Stats Summary Tables

Total views: 2,192,456

Busiest day: 36,431 — Friday, November 20, 2009

Views today: 3,110


Posts: 933

Comments: 28,432

Categories: 1

Tags: 146

Email Subscribers

Blog:24 active

Comments: 216 subscribers, 522 subscriptions

Thanks to everyone who reads and a special thanks to those who have contributed posts.  Science blogging is not an easy thing   but without it, I’m not sure what i would do with my mind.

Special thanks to my favorite blogs Climate Audit, WUWT and Lucia’s for helping turn tAV to be what it is.

I wonder what the next 12 months will be like.

19 Responses to “Two Years Old”

  1. Bad Andrew said

    Good work, JeffId. Thanks for tAV.


  2. Jeff Id said

    Naw, thank you.

    tAV has been fun.

  3. Graeme said

    Hi Jeff, your site is on my list of “homepages”. so I tend to see it daily.

    I believe that I get where your coming from and I have a lot of respect for what you are doing, and hope that you can continue to keep doing it.

    All the best for the future.

    Cheers Graeme

  4. Sam said

    An average of 30 comments per post. Pretty darn good. I’m probably one of the few who enjoys the political posts more than the science, but I’m trying to learn more about each and this is a good place to do it. Keep up the good work,


  5. TGSG said

    Congrats on year 2 Jeff. a daily stop


  6. Steve McIntyre said

    Well done. I’m a regular reader.

  7. Jimmy Haigh said

    Keep up the good work. And your occasional rant! You manage to say just about exactly what I want to but more eloquently.

  8. Brian H said

    Not bad for a “crazy” guy! 😉

  9. michealC said

    You’re doing great work. Thanks for all of it and please continue. Again, many thanks. Mike

  10. Jim_S said

    Congratulations, Jeff, and thanks. I’ve been happily lurking for almost a year, and learned a lot from it.

  11. mrpkw said

    Congrats !!!
    A really top notch blog with some great insight !!

    2.1 million views………………
    if only you could get 1 penny for each view !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. GregO said


    Great blog – I check it out a couple of times a day to get the JeffId-Jolt of Rationalism in this irrational world. Keep it up.

  13. Tom in St. Johns said

    Congrats on two years from another daily reader.

  14. Tom Fuller said

    Let me join the crowd–your site is fun, informative and keeps my brain working. Keep it up.

  15. Gary said

    Jeff, you forgot one stat.

    A miracle just happened: 1

  16. Craigo said

    Thanks for the good work Jeff.

    When is deer season? We need another miracle!

    You could probably do with a break after a busy year of blogging and begetting.

  17. Edward. said

    Lost on some of the stuff at times but I have been an avid fan since inception of the blog, thank you Jeff, God knows it is a thankless task.
    People like you and Anthony and doing important things.
    The light of this and other notable blogs, needs to illuminate the murky depths of dubious climate science.
    I am grateful for your earnestness in the push/quest, for probity.


  18. Thank God for real climate and the A** H***’s that delete jeff and the other’s that make this blogg what it is. do they GET IT? nope not a bit!

    still lurking
    Tim L

  19. Brian H said

    You mean the overt and clumsy arrogance of RC et al inspires smart & dedicated opposition? Who’d a thunk? 😉

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