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Hannity on Green Swindle

Posted by Jeff Id on September 8, 2010

A link from the Cato institute which in my opinion sums climate science® today very well.  It discusses the politics behind the green movement primarily but with some context behind the more obvious exaggerations of main stream climate science® and the IPCC.

The green swindle.

8 Responses to “Hannity on Green Swindle”

  1. mrpkw said

    Follow the money !!!
    I am amazed that after every dismal failure of green projects in Europe (and very well documented) that there are still so many in America that are willing to WASTE trillions of dollars on the same projects here.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Please supply a link to the article on the Cato institute website, “The Green Swindle”.


  3. Jeff Id said

    #2 I made it bigger but maybe I don’t understand.

  4. RuhRoh said

    Thanx for this. I’ve been wanting to make a presentation to my local highschool, in response to the many times my kid has been shown the Al Gore film.
    Most recently the ACE group came out and was allowed to speak to the ‘science’ students about IPCC FAR…

    I was needing a slide deck, and the CATO folks seem to be a good source.


  5. Retired Engineer said

    It’s always about power and money. The folks pushing this know we can’t really change the climate. Cato has been at the forefront in warning of these scams for a long time.

    Follow the money.

  6. Duke C. said

    “…in my opinion sums climate science® today very well.”

    Slightly OT-

    Just curious to know who registered “climate science” as a trademark?

  7. PhilJourdan said

    #6 – Phil Jones. After all, “there can be only one”.

  8. Brian H said

    Some/most of the scammers seem to be doing the “make hay while the sun shines” thing, and hoping/expecting to escape consequences when it all goes south. As usual.

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