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UN plans expanding influence on world agenda

Posted by Jeff Id on September 9, 2010

Fox News is reporting on a UN meeting between top UN officials to expand their role in global government.  I’ve skimmed the documents which do make reference to the sovereignty of countries as problematic, the widespread goals of wealth redistribution and several sections on improved ability for the UN to direct enforcement, including military.

After a year of humiliating setbacks, United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and about 60 of his top lieutenants — the top brass of the entire U.N. system — spent their Labor Day weekend at a remote Austrian Alpine retreat, discussing ways to put their sprawling organization in charge of the world’s agenda.

Details concerning the two-day, closed-door sessions in the comfortable village of Alpbach were closely guarded. Nonetheless, position papers for the meeting obtained by Fox News indicate that the topics included:  (link above)

The complete documents are here austria_retreat_papers[1]

It is a power and control document with all the typical prayers to the gods of doom, i.e. water, food, health, poverty and climate change.  In discussing what needs to be done to improve their results they work on methods to spread influence across national borders and around governments.

And for that to happen, the paper continues, “it will be necessary to deeply reflect on the substance of sovereignty, and accept that changes in our perceptions are a good indication of the direction we are going.”

Of course everyone can write in and say I’m a conspiracy nut agian, but the guys write what they want to do right there, using things called words. Right there for even the most supportive person to read.

There is both good and bad news on the climate front,  they are already speaking pessimistically on the next meeting, they discuss how some still want climate change to be the central issue for the entire UN as a good strategy to achieve power.  They still find plenty of support for their ‘climate’ ideas though from leadership around the world.

These things are real, but it’s up to you to read them.  There are multiple sections on enforcement which I find particularly troubling but then again, some of the more naive think I wear a tinfoil hat.

8 Responses to “UN plans expanding influence on world agenda”

  1. Brian H said

    Every bureaucracy, and the UN is the primo example of one, tries to extend its reach and its survival to the maximum possible.

    Only defunding and actual abolition can curb this.

  2. Thank you, Jeff, for this Fox News report [ ] that finally explains why the unholy alliance [Al Gore, corrupt world leaders, the UN and the UN’s IPCC, science journals, the news media, public TV (BBC and PBS), Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, the National Academy of Sciences and the research agencies that NAS controls through budget review] has been misusing science as a propaganda tool to promote these falsehoods as scientific facts:


    1. Man-made CO2 induced global warming.

    2. Earth’s heat source is a Hydrogen-fusion reactor at the core of the Sun.

    3. Fusion powers the Sun and is our best hope for meeting future energy needs.

    Empirical Facts:

    1. The geologic record of continuous climate change coupled with cyclic changes in the Sun and a well-known symbiosis of the exhaust product of animal-life (CO2) with the intake food for plant-life are well-established [See” “Earth’s heat source – the Sun”, Energy & Environment 20, 131-144 (2009): ]

    2. Any school child of average mental ability would know that the model of a Hydrogen-filled Sun is false if told that this model is based on an assumption that the Sun is homogeneous and on observations that the top of the Sun’s atmosphere is 91% Hydrogen (the lightest of all elements), 9% Helium (the next lightest element), and that the remaining 81 heavier elements comprise less that 0.2% of the atoms at the top of the Sun’s atmosphere. Unlike school children, the editors of Science, Nature, PNAS know that space-age measurements have confirmed “The Sun is a plasma diffuser that sorts atoms by mass” [Physics of Atomic Nuclei 69, 1847-1856 (2006): ].

    3. Publications since 2000 show that neutron repulsion powers the Sun [e.g., “The Sun’s origin, composition and source of energy”, Lunar & Planet. Sci. Conf. XXXII, paper 1041 (2001): ] and neutron repulsion is a far greater source of nuclear energy than nuclear fusion [“Neutron repulsion”: ].

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  3. Phil S. said

    The day that Al Gore agrees to an actual debate on anthropogenic global warming and wins, is the day I will start believing in AGW.

    The day that Al Gore starts walking or cycling to his global warming events, then maybe I will start looking into AGW seriously.

    Do as I say, but don’t do as I do? Hypocrisy of the highest order.

    Close down the UN before more harm is done.

  4. Very reluctantly, I agree with Phil S.

    As a long-time supporter of the UN – who had hoped that this great institution would finally eliminate the destruction of continuous nationalistic wars – it was very painful for me to admit that this great beacon of “Hope” for the future of mankind was in fact rotten to the core.

    Before and after the UN, our problem remains the same:

    “Selfishness, self-centeredness! That we think is the root of our problems.”

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  5. Scott B said

    Luckily, the UN can’t do a thing by itself. The key quote that eases my mind is “The present US administration is more sympathetic to climate change issues than any other previous administration – yet it has been unable to deliver domestic legislation on climate change. Yet this is key for moving forward the intergovernmental negotiations.”

    The US public is becoming less and less supportive of climate change legislation and the politicians haven’t been able to pass anything with the current Democratic majority. That majority will soon be weakened.

  6. hunter said

    Who would have ever thought that the key to world peace justice and prosperity is to have even more powerful UN bureaucrats?

  7. Brian H said

    Who? There’s a long list. They never would be missed.

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