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Bishop Hill Review of Reviews

Posted by Jeff Id on September 14, 2010

I strongly recommend that interested people read this paper by Andrew Montford, it’s really a well done review of the reviews of climategate.  Follow the first link below to the pdf.


Andrew Montford’s review of the Climategate Inquiries is released today and is online here.

More discussion at CA Climategate Inquiries

3 Responses to “Bishop Hill Review of Reviews”

  1. GregO said


    I have been working my way through Montford’s report and just have to put it down every five or six pages – it [snip’s] me off so bad I start hyperventillating and have to put the darn thing down and get back to loving life – I don’t need all these bad vibes…and then I read more…(Yikes!!)

    1. What a dishonest bunch of easy-living pseudo-intellectuals posing as scientists.
    When I run across an opinion on the web that goes something like “yeah, I read the Climategate emails-no big thing-just scientists doing their job.” I am reminded that a certain percentage of the population feels no shame: they are sociopaths and to them honesty and integrity are, well, kind of quaint and funny: values are firmly in the realm of suckers. That is one explanation for a total lack of moral outrage at Climategate. Perhaps there are other cogent explanations but my naive first take is that if you feel no shock and shame at what “The Team” was up to, then IMHO you need to check your own moral compass, whatever emotion CO2 conjers. What those guys are up to is foul.

    2. All these guys are on the public dole. Doggone right they need to stand and deliver; but repeatedly ignoring FOIs and getting away flaunting the law? Treating their publicly funded research like it’s IP?! WUWT?!! How many people even know this’s been going on?

    3. Just looking at the make up of the various investigative commitees is in itself a revelation of corruption – I mean over the top, you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me corruption. Look at the Oxburgh make up alone – it was like have Don Corleone investigate the mafia! From Montfort’s report: “Finding: The panel appears to have been deliberately selected to have a majority who would not address the review objectively and to exclude sceptical views entirely.”

    And then a litiny of other Climategate issues arise in my mind causing extreme disturbance:

    1. Complete radio silence from MSM. Man, this is scary. How much of “everthing” do these people control?

    2. UN (over)involvement in global-warming panic. Is the UN even supposed to be doing this kind of thing? Certainly seems they have a very forward-looking policy on a non-existent problem like man-made global warming; but don’t do much to head off the well known quite existent blight of man-made bad governance. CRU is getting a looking at, what about the IPCC?

    Jeff, I respect you bloggers for calling it pre-Climategate. I only got involved after reading about Climategate in the Wall Street Journal Nov of last year. Keep up the good work – there is a lot of word yet to do.

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