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Notice: Global warming and Climate Change Canceled

Posted by Jeff Id on September 17, 2010

Global warming is now canceled.  I thought global warming was already canceled in favor of climate change, but that is canceled too now.  Lets hope the administration remembers to notify the IPCC, AR5 needs time  to mitigate the language.   The unsuspecting authors may have already reached a language tipping point forcing adaptation rather than mitigation.

Now Holdren science and technology advisor to the White House of the United States Dictators for the World have concluded that the proper phrase is — Global Climate Disruption.

Update your notebooks.

30 Responses to “Notice: Global warming and Climate Change Canceled”

  1. stan said

    This would be in keeping with the panel on how climate alarmists need to do better PR that Gavin will be on. Who would pick Gavin to be on a panel about how to do a better job of PR?

  2. Garry said

    “Global climate disruption.”

    Holdren must have consulted with George Lakoff on that one.

    How about “Satanic hellfire implemented through human greed.”

    Are these warmists totally insane or just evil?

  3. Pat Frank said

    “Global climate disruption” is a fine ambiguous term that makes no hard predictions. That way, it can never be falsified.

    Alternatively, and usefully, any unusual weather or seasonal event becomes a proof.

    Holdren, if it is Holdren, has invented an environmental crime right up there with, “waging war against god” (Iran), and “bourgeois counter-revolutionary activities” (Soviet Union). A catch-all indictment, useful to the cynical and inflammatory to the believers, applicable ad libitum to dispose of political opponents.

  4. Chuckles said

    Perhaps next time they’ll just call it ‘climate’.

  5. Gordon Ford said

    Could this be a transition to Dangerous Anthropogenic Global Cooling?

  6. hunter said

    How many re-bradning efforts has the AGW movement gone through now?

  7. Feedback said

    I don’t think this can be quite right, he probably got confused over a term from the brand new field of Climate Psychology, I think it’s something like “Climate disorder”.

    Or was it “Climatemania”?

  8. TerryS said

    Global warming was canceled because it failed to warm as predicted.
    Climate change has been canceled because its finally dawned on them that climate changes naturally.
    Climate disruption on the other hand is a vague enough term to cover all their bases.

  9. The term seem so appropriate. After all, Obama is from the school of disruption.

  10. HaroldW said

    Garry (September 17, 2010 at 12:33 pm ):

    How about “Satanic hellfire implemented through human greed.”

    If you can just ditch the last two words, it’d make a nice acronym.

  11. Brian H said

    They’ll still have a hard time establishing any influence exceeding normal variations. Of course, the intent is to resurrect “tipping points”, suggesting that they occur naturally, but lurk always in the background ready to be triggered by human carelessness.
    But they’ll have a hard time establishing any causal linkages; the Gulf Stream cancellation was cancelled, so it’ll have to be something new.

  12. JohnWho said

    Wouldn’t a “disruption” be something that keeps the normal effects from happening?

    If so, then I’ve missed it – when was the Climate disrupted? I can not recall any day since I’ve been born where we did not have either any weather or climate. I suspect I would have heard about it if it happened before I was born, but maybe I simply am not aware of the occurrence.

    I suspect a disruption of the Earth’s climate would be a catastrophic event, but maybe not so much?


  13. Barry Woods said

    I’m sure Futerra will be along soon…

    Anybody know when ‘carbon footprint’ actuallystarted being widely used…?!?!

    Futerra focus grouped it in 2007….. in ‘Words That Sell’

    Futerra Clients include, the UN Environment Program, UK government, Greenpeace…

    They seem to have had a good start with the latests UN gravy train idea – Biodiversity…

    Futerra have Branding Biodiversity, on their website..

    oh, by the way, check out all the directors OTHER green jobs

  14. Jack Wedel said

    Change disruption to corruption and you’ve got it.

  15. Barry Woods said

    Oh I forgot:

    Anybody come across Climate Cynic yet, you know, the new way of saying ‘Climate Deniers’ without the holocaust denial smear…

    “Sell the Sizzle – The NEW Climate Message”

    “Cynics versus Activists
    If you think the climate argument is won, then think again. Myriad climate battles continue to rage.On the science, or the policy response to the science, on the responsibilities of business, government and people, on the right moment to act, on who gets the blame, on who pays, on who benefits… However, these battles have largely taken place beneath the public’s radar. Played out between CLIMATE CYNICS and Climate Activists in boardrooms or staterooms but only recently in living rooms.”

    THey still can’t quite help themselves though….

    “Climate Change Deniers
    Unfortunately, these guys are back (if they ever went away). The edge of this group are the conspiracy theorists who are sure that
    climate science is an excuse for either (a) the environmentalists to curtail consumption or undermine our way of life, or (b) for the developed world to hold back the developing world.”

    Quotes From – Branding Biodiversity

    “Need is essential
    for policy makers
    and business”

    My favourite:

    “Our audiences are
    emotional rather
    than rational.”

    About Futerra.

    Futerra is a communications agency. We do
    the things great agencies do; have bright ideas,
    captivate consumers, build energetic websites
    one day and grab OPINION FORMER’S attention
    the next. We’re very good at it. But the real
    difference is that since our foundation in 2001,
    we’ve only EVER worked on green issues,
    corporate responsibility
    and sustainability.

    For more information on our services,
    or to see if we could help you, visit


    LOOK at the clients of this company, and have a good read of their documents…

  16. Matt Y. said

    Gotta admit, I’m kinda freaked out now. Climate change never worried me because the climate is always changing anyways. But climate disruption? Yikes! Now that is scary.

    Seriously. How pathetic, desperate, transparent, shameless, and clueless can one group of people be? AGW is not being rejected because of bad PR or branding, but on substance.

  17. kdk33 said

    Climate Disruption

    A rather clever moniker. Hell, any extreme weather event can be considered a *disruption*. And weather events are a constant and are a natural part of weather. So they have succesfully identified the effect of CO2: it makes weather. The attribution claims will be… interesting.

    Here’s hoping it’s one name-change too many and the public – particularly the voting public – will have had enough.

    Elections in November.

  18. Jeff Id said


    someone sold me on climate naturalist a while ago.

  19. slimething said

    OT briefly.

    Two new papers at RPS.

  20. Peter Wilson said

    We shouldn’t let them get away with it. The whole point of the scare is that CO2 causes WARMING, (and it does it Globally). If the effect in question isn’t warming, there is no way CO2 can have caused it, because apart from making plants grow faster, that’s the only thing CO2 does.

    CO2 doesn’t cause “change”, or “disruption”, or “weirding” (where did I hear that one recently?). It causes (a probably insignificant amount of) warming. If anything else is happening, something else must be causing it.

  21. mrpkw said


    New Coke still sucks.

    They are making a big mistake as the AGW supporters need to keep their idea(s) simple for the uninformed and the under informed to follow.

  22. brick said

    Next step will be: Global Environmental Disruption
    Co2 disrupts the environment, don’t bother about temperature
    The nice thing is that everything humans do disrupts the environment:
    and of course……….HUMAN, get rid of them as quickly as you can.
    Be aware of the Green Taliban

  23. To follow up on Peter Wilson’s comment—since all the “science” is about incremental increases in global temp, warming is exactly what the “scientists” have been publishing about. To come in now with “disruption” would disrupt that literature and provoke a need for other kinds of papers that “prove” near-term chaos is on the horizon…good luck with that. Holdren is not only wrong, he doesn’t really have a clue about the implications of the words coming out of his own mouth.

  24. Garry said

    @Brick “everything humans do disrupts the environment”

    In my own field, which is IT, there is a nascent and trendy movement toward “green data centers” wherever large numbers of computer servers (hundreds and thousands) might be found.

    You can even look on to find several books on “Green IT.”

    All of which seems incredibly stupid and tedious, unless a business that relies on IT and data centers (aka “server farms) can reduce some expenses and get the purported PR win from “being green.”

    Computers run on electricity, and data servers cannot be powered down in the name of “being green.” The world is getting increasingly stupid and ridiculous over this matter.

  25. Kan said

    #16 Matt Y

    “..Climate disruption. YIKES, that is scary.”

    Yep, before I was looking forward to a warmer world, where the need for worrying about how to keep warm and survive the winter was a story of legend.

    Now I have to worry about too cold, too hot, too much rain, droughts, plagues, infestations, wildfires…

    Do I need to worry about brimstone again?

  26. YES and They don’t want to even talk about it!

    I recently placed one post on the “Independent” and two on The Guardian’s mis-named “Comment-is-Free” link concerning recent Eco-Babble they spouted. They cannot take evidence-based debate and censored all three.
    Read here for the posts they CENSORED:

    (As on Twitter) What The Guardian Censored 17Sept. My comment against EcoBabble is available along with a second posting ReTweet!

  27. Joe Crawford said

    This is amazing… in the few days since Holdren made that stupid comment Google now finds 284,000 references to “climate disruption” and there is now a web site for it: I guess if my “remaking of America” depended on the trillions of tax dollars to be gained from CO2 Cap & Trade, I’d be a bit desperate to find a new way to sell it as well. It’s all just another marketing ploy to sell us, the “unwashed” on a new program for taxation. If I remember correctly, the original plan was for the government to ‘sell’ CO2 emissions permits which is now a bit hard to do when there is no market for them.

  28. Ecoeng said

    We live in crazy (crazed?) times!

    These are the types of ‘studies’ (and type of ‘researcher’) to be found forming and manning respectively the ramparts of ‘post-modernist science’ these days:

    As my now long dead Cockney father said to me on many occasions:

    My boy, one day you will come to understand that life is just a short stagger from the sublime to the….. ‘gorblimey’!

    How right he was….

  29. Frus said

    How is it that a nutcase like Holdren is allowed into a position of power that will affect the lives of millions of Americans? Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave.

    This administration has gone too far; it continues to systematically steamroll over American values just to placate their special interest groups aka greedy bankers, corrupt environmental NGOS, and unelected UN bureaucrats.

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