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The Answer

Posted by Jeff Id on September 20, 2010

You have to be an idiot.

A complete flat idiot.

Dumber than a box of rocks.

Make that two boxes of rocks.

And a shovel.

Not just any shovel.

A rusty shovel.

A small one.

Smaller than a pebble.

A tiny pebble.

Smaller than the smallest tiniest pebble which you would have to be dumber than.

Really small shovel.

dumber than hell.


Perhaps stupidest.

to think that legislation can prevent people from burning coal.


It will take guns.

Big guns.

Bigger than mountains.

Bigger than Einstein’s brain.

Bigger than CNN

Bigger than the USS Enterprise

guns or butter etc…

17 Responses to “The Answer”

  1. mrpkw said

    OK, not sure what………………….

  2. kim said

    Coal seams on the Eastern coast of England were used to make salt from the adjacent seawater to salt herring caught in overabundance in the adjacent seas.

    You’d have to be stupid to just let nature’s bounty rot.

  3. Jeff id said

    #1 It seemed funny last night.

  4. bob said

    Actually, the guns thing is probably accurate.

    We can curtail our use of coal, ship our jobs to India and China, and ask them to curtail their use of coal. But the Indians and Chinese are not stupid like the originators of the newly minted phrase, climate disruptions.

    It will take some big guns to talk these energetic people into throwing away their future.

  5. Tom Fuller said

    It actually seems funny today. But let me propose an alternative. Instead of legislating to stop people from using coal, let’s use the same mechanisms we used to make petroleum attractive and popular to making solar power more attractive and popular.

    It isn’t yet, except in places like Southern Italy and Hawaii. But it could be, soon.

  6. denise said

    What happened to all of you? You seem to have lost your fight. People are listening, cap and tax is still in the mix. We need you people to keep the pressure on, please.

  7. Don B said

    About 3/4 of China’s Power is generated from coal.

    As Pielke, Jr. points out (in other articles), in the developing world, economic development trumps carbon dioxide concerns. A UK columnist recently wrote that China’s annual increase in CO2 emissions exceeds the UK’s total emissions.

  8. We merely need to stop subsidizing coal. And oil. While you are at, stop messing with the natural economy completely by stopping ALL subsidies. You can start with the greatest cause of disease in the industrialized world: Corn.

  9. Hoi Polloi said

    Apparently good stuff you’ve been using…

  10. RomanM said

    Probably been sniffing CO2 again.


  11. Brian H said

    Perhaps China and India will burn enough coal to help end the CO2 famine.
    But when you take the real CO2 turnover time (4-5 yrs) and the volume of fossil fuel available in all reserves etc., there just isn’t enough. Too bad!

  12. Brian H said

    De-carbonization threatens to become Western economic suicide. ;(

  13. Masher1 said

    We had it all and were cautioned not to over do it. Now it’s not so abundant. A biblical ‘I told you so’ is all you will have to show for squandering your means of survival. In a thousand years man will CURSE the word Automobile. We all have to regain REALITY and PRUDENCE or we all will have to face the ‘I told YOU SO’ the waster has coming to him/her. God does set limits and our ‘Rock’ of wasting energy is approaching an ever more solid ‘Hard Place’ of scarcity and depletion…. Are you ready yet?

  14. Brian H said

    Nah. In 10 years we’ll have electric power surplus, courtesy of small, waste-free fusion generators. That’s not God whispering to you…

  15. David said

    The most populous and fastest economic developing nations will never go along with the Copenhagen crowd, and China and India are not only building the coal plants, they are securing long term resources worldwide.

    So if the CAGW crowd knows this, then their goal in not preventing what cannot be preented, increased CO2. Humm?: what could their goal be?

  16. M. Simon said

    To make solar popular what is needed is a way to use them to collect dark energy. That way we can get power out of them 24/7.

  17. M. Simon said


    Actually the biggest cause of disease world wide is food…..

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