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Skeptics Poll

Posted by Jeff Id on October 23, 2010

Die Klimazwiebel posted the results of their poll of skeptics.  I’m amazed that the Air Vent isn’t listed on it as a frequent referencer.  Considering that it took them a month to collect 600 skeptics, and I linked to it from here, that’s a little surprising.   We could probably do that in a day but anyway the interpretation of answers needs a little clarification.

Anyway, check it out and clarify for them if you’re interested.

h/t Roman M

13 Responses to “Skeptics Poll”

  1. Brian H said

    I’m not entirely confident their efforts to screen out “ringers” worked, since the test questions were fairly obvious. But the “expertise” breakouts are fairly interesting.

  2. steveta_uk said

    Jeff, you get a mention in Scientific American – I get you didn’t expect that when you started blogging!

  3. steveta_uk said

    Oops – read the above as “I bet you didn’t …”

  4. Jeff Id said


    Nope, not a chance.

  5. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Lets see Hans von Storch is a scientist and polling is a political tool. I do not know whether that connection makes the polling more scientific, but it must remain political.

    The only connection that I see would be a scientist/advocate attempting to determine why their message is not having an intended effect. Since skeptics were being polled I would have to assume that the concern was why the skeptics are not buying the consensus opinion. If it were a neutral poll I would think that a similar poll of warmists/consensus people would be taken – and to be fair with polling questions from skeptics.

    Of course, the correct answer for the scientists/advocate would be that the skeptics are either ignorant of the relevant facts or were driven by politics. But in the overall mix I would strongly suspect that a similar poll might find those agreeing with the scientists/advocates position to demonstrate the same traits.

  6. Geoff Sherrington said

    Briefly, I once saw an exercise where the names and addreses of public members of nuclear protest groups were assembled and analysed globally. Although it was not a definitive test, there was an apparent high representation of protesters from Germany/Holland/Scandinavia. We thought at the time (30 years ago) that the germanic influence could result from a lag in teaching of world politeness crieria; though some thought that there was an ingrained DNA deficiency to be bred out. The other whacky-baccy place was California. In the end, despite this compiling effort, there was no conclusion and no action taken. Then in 1987 a Scandinavian prime minister produced the Gro Harlem Brundtland report that lead to the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and the cycle started again on a differnt topic with many of the same dissidents.

    If you think this is unfair, have a count of the IPCC authors whose names are plausibly from the aforesaid regions.

    Then discount as you feel appropriate, recent polling designed in that geographical region. They still ain’t regular folks like us.

  7. lucia said

    Hey! You got 0% “not ok”!

  8. stan said

    “I’m amazed that the Air Vent isn’t listed on it as a frequent referencer. ”

    I think most here have their own bookmarks to get there.

  9. Rob said

    I’ve checked the referrer data. There were six referrers from WUWT, collected under “diverse” in the final “trimmed referrers” field.
    Perhaps Stan is right, or even most Vent readers are so keen as to switch off the referrer “feature” of their browser.

  10. Rob said

    Correction: I just inspected Jeffs Link. It was not linking to the survey site directly, but to the klimazwiebel site. Hence, referrer data is referencing to klimazwiebel itself. Alas, not retrievable how may from air vent may have contributed. I think approx. 100 could be a good estimation.

  11. weibel said

    Klimazwiebel, not klimazweibel


  12. steven Mosher said

    Jeff both you and Lucia are listed in the data tables as respected skeptics, along with Lyndon Larouche.

    And I suppose someone could go through all the IP adresses listed in the data table and cross reference them with commenters
    at blogs to figure out who they are.

    IP addresses are posted in the data tables.

  13. steven Mosher said

    jeff got two votes, Lucia 1 as I recall.

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