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He’s a Denier

Posted by Jeff Id on November 6, 2010

Coming up on a year since Climategate and Minnesotans for Global Warming has a new song commemorating the event.

The denier mantra doesn’t bother me as much as some, it doesn’t describe skeptics anyway.

H/T Brian H.

31 Responses to “He’s a Denier”

  1. M. Simon said

    I’ll be a Monkee’s Uncle!

  2. curious said

    Would “I’m an inquirer” scan? 🙂

  3. lucia said

    Those guys are having way too much fun.

  4. Brian H said

    More or less; so would “lukewarmer”. Both sound and are wimpy, however.

    Denier, and proud of it!

  5. Derek said

    Brilliant, yet again from THE Minnesotans.
    A world tour beckons.

    I “dig” the drummer, but he vaguely reminds me of someone…. ???

  6. laursaurus said

    Is that a Michael Mann look-alike? Perfect! He can’t threaten to sue 😉
    I love the chase scene with the hockey sticks at the end.
    For a long time, the “denier” label really irked me. Now I can embrace it:)

  7. Steve Fitzpatrick said

    Very, very funny. How long did they have to look for the ‘Michael Mann’ performer? He is a dead ringer, even if a little fatter.

  8. GregO said

    “They Nobel Prizes,
    Got an Oscar too,
    Seemed like there was nuthin’ we could do.
    Then came Climategate…”

    Excellent. Love MM on drums.

  9. Brian H said

    Actually, that’s a regular member of the MFGW group, sporting his regular face and beard. The MM resemblance is pure fortuityness!

  10. Thanks, Jeff!

    We all need humor.

    But it is now time to quit making fun of the poor pawns and fix the system that allowed politicians to take control of government research funds and use them to promote unscientific government propaganda on:

    1. The Sun’s origin.
    2. The Sun’s composition.
    3. The Sun’s source of energy.
    4. The Sun’s influence on Earth’s climate.

    Eisenhower warned in 1961 “that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite” and threaten “the supreme goals of our free society.”

    That is exactly what Climategate exposed, but the corruption extends far beyond our national boards.

    What can we do now to prevent another generation of young scientists from having to choose between research grants and their scientific integrity?

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  11. “No More Science Prostitutes!”

    It’s like making fun of prostitutes, instead of correcting the economic system that forces poor girls to sell their bodies in order to obtain food and housing.

    Some prostitutes make good money. Many of the scientists who lied about the following also became rich and famous:

    1. The Sun’s origin.
    2. The Sun’s composition.
    3. The Sun’s source of energy.
    4. The Sun’s influence on Earth’s climate.

    But at the core, they were little more than prostitutes.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  12. Frank K. said

    That was HILARIOUS! The M.M. look-alike drummer can really twirl those sticks. And for you singers out there, “I’m a denier” fits better in the chorus than, say, “I’m a dis-believer” or “I’m a luke warmer” or “I’m a person who thinks climate disruption is a bunch of malarky”…

  13. BlueIce2HotSea said

    Richard Lindzen says he prefers the term denier to skeptic.

    To bad M4GW didn’t recruit Dick on tambourines.

  14. BlueIce2HotSea said

    I hope my comment didn’t come across as snide. But, I mean, the image was just so funny to me. I laughed through the video twice, then while I was still silly, Richard Lindzen on tambourines popped into my brain.

  15. Brian H said

    If it could have been arranged, I betcha Dick would have jumped at the chance. Someone should send this to him and suggest the re-do!

  16. Magnus A said

    Excellent as allways!

  17. Gary said

    “Denier” is more appropriate for the political aspects of the debate and “skeptic” for the scientific. The distinction isn’t make often or clearly enough.

  18. nice 1
    we have a sticking snow 30 days early here, but it’s just weather!


  19. Gary said

    In the almost one year since “the miracle” happened, the identity of the email liberator(s) never has been revealed. Think we’ll ever know?

  20. Jeff Id said

    We don’t want to. If the boys that pulled this off ever talk, they are less smart than I thought.

  21. Steve Fitzpatrick said

    Jeff #21,

    There could be a “deep throat” disclosure a long time from now, but anything in the near future seems very unlikely.

  22. kim said

    Jeff, ClimateGate will resonate until well after the liberator of the emails is liberated and celebrated publicly as the saviour of science that he or she is. It’s really just that simple. But I agree, it might be a while before the public is ready to so acclaim, and it is dangerous until then.

    The alarmists had their season in the sun, but now they are leaving for the flowers with their eyes closed.

  23. Brian H said

    Jeff, the YouTube video page is frozen; your embed still works, but the original is dead, with 30,152 views. I suspect hacking. Silly me, huh?

  24. Layman Lurker said

    I forsee fame and fortune ahead for the stick twirling, body slamming, Michael Mann look alike! Also, a nice monkee-like psychedelic touch throwing in the San Diego chicken.

  25. Russ said

    Excellent, Brian H, I enjoyed that very much.

  26. Brian H said

    #24, LL;
    That would be the SkyFallin’Down Chicken, I wot.

  27. Brian H said

    #17, Gary;
    Nah. Us Deniers deny the validity the science, too, root-and-branch.

  28. Brian H said

    That includes Lindzen, who has recently promoted himself to full-fledged Denier. And is a founding member of the GWPF ( Global Warming Policy Foundation ).

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  30. friv said

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