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Now and Then

Posted by Jeff Id on December 8, 2010

Capitalism vs Science….

Perhaps we should be a little more competitive with our schooling.  Maybe everyone doesn’t need a ribbon.

6 Responses to “Now and Then”

  1. I suspect, Jeff, that science was more honest when funded by grants or gifts from capitalist to universities before our government assumed responsibility for government funding of research after WWII. Eisenhower warned that government funding might become a serious threat to our free society:

    The climate scandal suggests to me that the demise of constitutional government was accelerated by the growth of unintelligible, bombastic, gobbledygook government science.

    That seems to be the way an unholy alliance of politicians and scientists used science as a tool of propaganda to confuse people and to establish, perhaps not intentionally, a one-world tyrannical government to “protect planet Earth” and to “protect people” from their own self-destructive ways.

    Thus, the consensus science requirement for government funding since Eisenhower’s departure has steadily converted government science into a “Tower of Babel” – gobbledygook science blended with unending praise by the news media and research journals for absolute rubbish as scientific facts.

    1. Government science became meaningless babble about imaginary “Anthropological Global Warming”, “Black Holes”, “God Particles”, the first milli-micro second after the “Big Bang”, “Quarks”, “Gluons”, “Oscillating Neutrinos”, etc., ad infinitum.

    2. Quantitative data on the Sun’s a.) Origin; b.) Composition, c.) Source of Energy; and d.) Impact of Earth’s Climate were hidden, distorted or ignored, including even . . .

    _ i.) Nobel Laureate W. A. Fowler’s 1998 admission that “we do not even understand how our own star really works”:

    _ii.) Isotope data from the $1,000,000,000 Galileo probe of Jupiter:

    My vote is not for more government funding of science until the whole filthy mess is inventoried and addressed. Talented chairs of UN Climate Panels, presidents of the US National Academy of Sciences and the UK’s Royal Society, and the present editors of Nature, Science and PNAS may have to be replaced.

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo
    Emeritus Professor of
    Nuclear and Space Sciences

  2. GregO said


    Awesome imagery of the SpaceX launch. I worked for a couple of years in the launch industry and my little company supplies minor components to it. Enjoyed the launch sequence very much.

    As for the next video; that’s a bit disturbing. One one hand, purposely signing a petition to damage another countries economic output by 6% displays a kind of destructive intellectual violence that just makes no sense. As far as banning water; just ridiculous. Didn’t any of these people see the Penn and Teller work up on this old joke? Amazing these people who are supposedly sage and wise enough to save the planet fell for such a stale gag.

  3. Brian H said

    When Musk was asked about the comparison between his Dragon spacecraft and Orion, the contrast between $400 Million for the entire Falcon/Dragon development cycle and the $4 Billion for the Orion was front and center, though he diplomatically kept circling around it. In the end, however, he made the claim that Dragon could do everything Orion could do — PLUS make a ballistic entry into Mars’ atmosphere, which would reduce Orion to burnt cinders.

    The flight was a by-the-book technical triumph, with every single system working as designed. Almost scary. As he said, “almost too good!”

  4. timetochooseagain said

    My reaction to the first video: I’m on the right career path.

    My reaction to the second: I’m not sure their is going to be an economy left in the world when it comes time for me to go into that career…

  5. Did not anyone ever read George Orwell’s Animal Farm? Useful sheep are everywhere and always have been. The difference is they walk on 2 legs in Cancun, instead of 4.

    You do not have to have a brain to parrot what you are told to.

  6. Yes, PhilJourdan, government science started to become a tool of government propaganda almost immediately after the warning of this possibility by the departing President Eisenhower in 1961 {See video link above].

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