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Teleconnections — Shoot your own foot

Posted by Jeff Id on January 10, 2011

It is a sad day in America (and the world) when a lunatic in Arizona attempted to murder dozens of people, killing six and hospitalizing others including Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  If you pray, please pray for the victims.

It is even sadder when lunatics with agenda’s turn this into an anti-conservative political moment, taking gains from the nightmares of good people.  This is exactly what has happened on leftist news media, blogs and now — climate blogs.  Fox News had an article on some of the premature attacks on conservatives that started immediately after the shootings and well before anyone knew what was going on.

After the facts started coming in, Others tried to find a way to suggest that the lunatic was not-a-leftist writing anything to keep the anti-conservative lies in the public’s eye.  People are sick to use a nutcase for a political example, but the sickness extends to unexpected quarters including prominent climate scientist James Annan.

This is what Annan has to say:

that the US has had a surfeit of rabid violent nutters for a very long time indeed. Of course there is little motivation for the politicians to attempt to tame them, because they serve a useful purpose in enabling intimidation and even assassination by proxy. Not that the politicians are necessarily above the latter all the time anyway, but it’s obviously more convenient and much cleaner if the trigger is pulled by some delusional nutcase rather than a directly paid operative.

So I agree America is full of crazy people, but James apparently thinks that  America has more than the global average and that politicians encourage them.  Who does James intimate got the trigger pulled?

The completely unelectable Sarah Palin!!

James then took PZ Myers image of a Sarah Palin campaign poster and places an X over rep Giffords name!!

Just what the hell would make a guy like Annan spin a murder story this way?   The murderer himself was far more likely to be listening to Chavez’s anti-capitalist rants at the IPCC conference than a Sarah Palin poster, but no — Annan has it all figured out.

All I can conclude is that these are not the people you want to follow for political solutions to global warming.  He owes a bunch of people apologies at this point, but frankly if I need to be the one to tell him that, I don’t really care what he has to say.

50 Responses to “Teleconnections — Shoot your own foot”

  1. Sam said

    As far as I can tell, the only so called ‘right-wing’ thing about this guy was that he mentioned he wanted a currency backed in gold or silver. And I agree, which hopefully doesn’t make me insane. He was called left-wing by a classmate, he was a pot-head, he read Marx and Hitler, he was kicked out of college, he was rejected by the military. The guy clearly was insane and had a history with the Congresswoman.

    Congress acts by crisis, so I’m sure there will be some attempted legislation from this. Already I’ve heard they are trying to get any ‘intimidation’ of Congress to be a felony. Now the tea parties will be treading on thin ice with their signs.

  2. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Annan’s statements, and others like his, say more about them than the current discourse or why the shooter might have done this dastardly deed. I would prefer that we can have a healthy, and if need be heated, discussion of political philosophies without the personal references and rhetoric. But given that we have and need free speech, I see no need to tone it down by intimidation or otherwise. In fact, I think we learn a lot about people, such as Annan, by his recent statements and would not want him to be inhibited in revealing this to the general public.

    I would think that a reasonable person would no more connect Palin’s cross hair targets with the recent attempted assassination than the Daily Cos target on the victim’s district nor dwell on the obviously deranged assassin’s politics whatever that might be.

  3. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Daily Kos not Daily Cos.

  4. RC said

    I’m more worried that congress will be afraid to act on the “extremist” positions of opposing the IPCC, the healthcare bill, etc., because a lone schizophrenic has been connected with them somehow.

  5. Pascvaks said

    “Opportunists use Opportunities.” It is a way to recognize the radicals among us when something like this happens. And, since it seems to happen so much, isn’t it pathetic that there are so many opportunities for radical opportunists to use? Life’s a beach! Always changing! Always the same!

    It’s a shame the water has so much salt in it and, when something happens, there’s a few dozen idiots always screaming profanities and demanding air time.

  6. Andrew said

    She’s a “moderate”, one of the 19 who didn’t vote for Pelosi as speaker again. She was “bullseyed” for a primary challenge by the Kossacks. One would have just as much credibility to point to them. Which is to say, no credibility whatsoever.

    But apparently there is never such a thing as a “lone nut”.

  7. Kan said

    “Of course there is little motivation for the politicians to attempt to tame them, because they serve a useful purpose in enabling intimidation and even assassination by proxy.”

    James Annan would have a leg to stand on if he had a record of decrying the same about Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, (Saddam’s) Iraq… But that would require courage.

    This? None.

  8. DeWitt Payne said

    Note the difference in coverage between this and the shooting in Fort Hood. Even though the shooter in Fort Hood was a muslim of Palestinian descent and was reported to have shouted Allahu Akbar when he started shooting, the press coverage played down the Islamist terrorist angle. Not so here. See this opinion piece in the today’s WSJ.

  9. Jeff Id said

    A Fox article with some discussion of the breadth of the lies in the media.

    It is amazing that people blame conservatives in any way for this. What about the murderer Chavez calling for the death of capitalism, he was the one of the killers hero’s. The moron was as conservative as I am liberal.

  10. Jeff Id said

    I guess the point is that we can now see who is an advocate first.

  11. Kan said

    “The completely unelectable Sarah Palin”.

    Keep in mind many of the same people screaming this today, are the same ones who said the same of Ronald Reagan in 1975.

    Personally, I do not know whether I think she can be. Looking closely at the largest segment of her support base – middle and older aged women – she has the advantage on the GOP side. If Obama continues on his current path, we will have a repeat of the 1980 election where Hilary plays the role of Kennedy.

  12. DeWitt Payne said

    The press and the intelligentsia also initially tried to make Lee Harvey Oswald into some sort of right wing fanatic as well.

  13. glacierman said

    How about what Olberman had to say?

  14. TGSG said

    M Malkin has a great post today on the “angry radical left”, and their propensity for violent imagery.

  15. Artifex said

    Since no one else has mentioned it yet, didn’t I see something about a little red button and climate skeptics being blown to bits ? Of course all calls to violence by leftists are all just jokes and we really have to be afraid of those terrible Republicans !

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It seems to take a certain confirmation bias and the capability to ignore large amounts of data inconvenient to your beliefs to exist within some belief systems. This is just more of the same.

  16. Kenneth Fritsch #2 – Do not forget the Daily Kos article on how Giffords was ‘dead to me” by Boy Blue (since pulled). It went up on 1-6, 2 days prior.

    The only real hate and lunacy in America is coming from the left. It is no wonder all these nut jobs are leftists.

    (Ok, unfair, but more fair than their stupidity in blaming Palin and Bush).

  17. Craig Loehle said

    Annan seems to be implying that the government could tame nutters if it wanted to (??? how?)and that it is convenient if the nutters pull the trigger instead of operatives–???? like in pulling a real trigger? And the politicians can count on schizophrenics to shoot in the right direction because….what exactly?
    There are all sorts of nut cases of course, and some shoot people. But Annan seems to be implying that these people are political tools. Wow. Isn’t that kind of paranoid thinking?

  18. Jeff Id said


    I forgot to make that point. Not only is Annan off the deep end in his attribution of a the actions of a maniac to conservatives, he demonstrates some amazingly detached rationalization as to who was in charge of the maniac. If politicians can manipulate the truly insane to commit crimes what are the odds that they could get them to occur in the preferred direction?

    In my opinion, it is stupid to an extreme. Pretending that the left isn’t as bad (or worse) than the conservatives also takes a bit of separation from reality. I wonder if James is off his meds.

  19. […] seems discussing Loughner has hit climate blogs. Both Jeff and James commented on the grammar obsessed alleged […]

  20. George Jetson said

    When the cab driver was stabbed, the leftist media immediately, and without any evidence, said that it was a racist tea party member. When it turned out it was a drunk liberal, nothing was mentioned, no apologizes offered. When that guy flew his plane into a government building, the same thing. But when the fort hood massacre occurred, we were told to hold judgment until we knew the facts. Even after the facts came in, the same media told us not to call it a terrorist attack and to downplay the religion.

    I think this article really sums it up:

  21. twawki said

    OT but hilarious and a little bit scary

    Check this out – are you on the green hit list? Put your site and personal details in and find out what they are saying about you!

  22. Kenneth Fritsch said

    that the US has had a surfeit of rabid violent nutters for a very long time indeed. Of course there is little motivation for the politicians to attempt to tame them, because they serve a useful purpose in enabling intimidation and even assassination by proxy. Not that the politicians are necessarily above the latter all the time anyway, but it’s obviously more convenient and much cleaner if the trigger is pulled by some delusional nutcase rather than a directly paid operative.

    Now as many of you probably know I am no fan of most politicians of either party, but to say what Annan says here is nearly as delusional as what the shooter has said. Why would not Annan see that by implying that politicians have some kind of conspiracy going here – and to kill one their own – he is not too far away from the shooter’s paranoid statements about the government using grammar control. I wonder if Annan thinks that the Jack Kennedy assassination was part of a government conspiracy.

    I am against big government and mainly do not like politicians, but my god I would never do a rant like Annan has here.

  23. Says something about the ‘attribution’ ‘skills’ of climate scientists?

  24. Carrick said

    Kenneth Fritsch, note that Annan based this conclusion on a friggin’ “based on real life events” movie about the acid-popping, heroin-addicted, divorced-from-reality John Lennon. (I like Lennon’s music, but it’s best to be honest about these things.) What Annan wrote himself was borderline lunacy. Off his meds indeed.

  25. Carrick said

    Shub, Annan is relatively conservative as climate scientists go with respect to attribution and to future impact. He’s one of the “sane” ones in general, which is why this rambling nonsense came as such a shock.

    I blame the post-dinner sake.

  26. Jeff Id said


    I used to like Annan. He’s shown a very ugly side of his personality with this post – like a monster is hiding below the surface. You have to wonder the kinds of people he works with when such strong views can be written shamelessly.

  27. Carrick,
    I have briefly interacted with Annan on his blog. He seems a straight-up guy but strongly opinionated, quite in resonanance with the ‘RealClimate worldview’ and given to knee-jerk reactions based upon such views.

    See this thread:

  28. stan said

    Krauthammer — the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Republicans think Democrats are wrong and Democrats think Republicans are evil. As liberal commentator Mark Shields said about his friend Paul Gigot: “he really is a conservative, but he’s not a hater.” [how rare!] Liberals routinely slander those who disagree with them as mean-spirited, hate-filled, racist, sexist, homophobes bent on raping the environment and expoiting the poor. Anyone who disagrees with global warming is obviously in the pay of evil oil companies.

    In a political realm such as this, Annan’s silly slander is hardly worthy of outrage. He’s just following the standard liberal playbook.

  29. Mark T said

    What’s sad is the playbook procedures work.


  30. kim said

    On this one the playbook is blowing up in their faces. Here’s what I put at KK’s C-a-S:

    For Loughner, Giffords represented the government, and the government was messing with his mind and his money. So assassination was perfectly logical and perfectly psychotic.

    His was not a political act. It was simple, stark, madness. We note the left’s initial and ongoing effort to blame the right’s rhetoric. Such assassination is also perfectly logical and perfectly psychotic.

  31. Gary said

    Two words: No Pressure.

    Just what is the pot calling the kettle?

  32. ebonybandera said

    If you examine the Palin “crosshairs” poster carefully you will see that instead of crosshairs those are printing registration marks.

  33. gallopingcamel said

    DeWitte Payne (#8),
    This morning “Good Morning America” ran that Dupnik rant as a lead in to an attack on Sarah Palin.

    No wonder the “Main Stream Media” is in trouble. They are alienating everyone with enough brains to think for themselves.

  34. DJA said

    no mention of this map when the Democrats used Targets

  35. Retired Engineer said

    If the shooter really had run-ins with the law, really had encounters with Giffords, why was he not hauled in for questioning? Why no record? Perhaps the same as the VA Tech shooter – mental disorder history, but privacy laws kept that out of NICS, so he could buy a gun. And who demanded the privacy laws? (hint: it wasn’t conservatives)

    There is also a question of why no law enforcement folks nearby. Methinks some explaining is due. As for Annan? Follows the party line. Thinking not allowed.

    Knee. Jerk.

  36. JJ said

    The pervert that killed innocent people in AZ did so for one reason – we as a society promised to generously compensate him for doing it, and we are currently making good on that promise.

    We have struck a deal with the incompetant, pathetic losers of our nation: If you will agree to act out and kill a few people, we will make you a celebrity. We will put your face on the front page of every newspaper. We will put video and sound bite footage of you on every television station, 24/7. We will make your name known to 300 million people in this country, and as a bonus a bunch of foreigners will have it on their lips as well. We will read your suicide note, publish your manifesto, play your video rants, and draw attention to your Facebook page. This is literally several hundred million dollars of free publicity, and we will give it to you. We will call you cool names like ‘Lone Wolf’. Hundreds of millions of people you have never met will discuss what you have done and your impact on their lives. You will be IMPORTANT. And all you have to do is kill a few people in public.

    This is a standing offer, and many have taken us up on it. Many more will, until we wise up and stop paying people to commit mass murder.

    We need to stop publicising these assholes.

    No more photos.

    No more names.

    No more manifestos.

    No more respect.

    We need to refer to them, unnnamed, as the impotent perverts that they are. We need to demonstrate that their pathetic lives and incoherent motivations remain too irrelevant to warrant any notice. They are nothing more than dog shit on the boot heel of humanity, and they all need to know that killing people will only change that status for the worse.

    Until we do that, they will keep killing us.

  37. Mark T said

    Sheep. Baaa… Makes me think of *THE HYPNOTOAD!*


  38. Chuck said

    I think I read somewhere that the lunatic was already known to authorities. Which kind of explains the Sheriffs actions, he seems to be trying to deflect the accountability.

  39. M. Simon said

    Since some one brought up heroin addiction I think it is time to dispel some ignorance on the subject:


    BTW the person decrying heroin addiction probably learned all he knows about the subject from government and the press. My guess is that the person would not trust either on most subject but when it comes to drugs critical facilities disappear. I don’t get it.

    From Marijuana Mushrooms:

    Heroin causes harm to users, but alcohol causes considerably more harm in the wider community, study finds.


    I have studied the subject for decades. The surprise: when the left analyzes the economics of the drug war they understand economics nearly perfectly. When the right analyzes the economics of the drug war they suddenly get dumber than rocks.

    It is truly a wonder. Or if you are religiously inclined a miracle.

  40. M. Simon said

    JJ said
    January 11, 2011 at 2:52 pm,

    Excellent analysis of the the motives of a paranoid schizophrenic. And that is not a joke. It is sarcasm.

  41. hunter said

    M Simon,
    Moderating heroin’s perception in the public square ranks right up there with moderating Mussolini’s perception in the public square.

  42. Carrick said

    M. Simon:

    Heroin causes harm to users, but alcohol causes considerably more harm in the wider community, study finds.

    The problem with studies like this is they are comparing a minimally used drug like heroin to a widely used drug like alcohol. Given that the demographics for the population sample of heroin users is much different than the demographics of people who use street-legal drugs like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine… I’m sorry, but dumber than rocks applies to anybody who buys that kind of nonsense.

    The surprise: when the left analyzes the economics of the drug war they understand economics nearly perfectly. When the right analyzes the economics of the drug war they suddenly get dumber than rocks.

    You are all so sure about that, eh? The dumber than rocks viewpoint apparently points two ways. (For reference I am pro-MJ legalization, I just think that many of the arguments used by its proponents are of the dunderheaded sort themselves.)

  43. kim said

    Mu, Kappa, Delta, Sigma.

    H/t Osler&Sydenham

  44. JJ said

    “Excellent analysis of the the motives of a paranoid schizophrenic. And that is not a joke. It is sarcasm.”

    More accurately, it is unwarranted sarcasm.

    We do not yet know the specific diagnoses that apply to the current shooter, and more to the point we do know that the vast majority of the all too numerous spree killers of the last 15 years have not been paranoid schizophrenics.

    On the other hand, we do know that, whatever their specific mental condition, these pathetic losers typically exhibit attention and status seeking behaviour in connection with their violent acting out. They also demonstrate awareness of the effects of their actions on the community. Schizo or not, and most are not, removing the reward reduces the propensity for the behaviour.

  45. Pascvaks said

    Democrats have Mastered the Art of Wagging The Dog. Give them any opportunity to take any news item and turn it into a Gold Plated Controversy and Opportunity to Show Compassion and they will. The biggest problem is that the Republicans are the stupid Dog. A very dumb and blind Dog indeed. (Wouldn’t you think they’d have learned something by now; like how to bite properly and not just bark?)

    How do “they” get away with it every day and twice on Sunday? Practice! A lot of practice! Years of practice! Today, they can even make Obama look good to Independents at a memorial service.

    What’s the ‘secret’ formula?
    Take any tragedy, and have some Democratic Rep or Sen say something about anything that’s absolutely untrue in a TV Sound Bite to light a spark, get a few more Reps and Sens to sound off and throw some gas on the spark, get the Goppers excited and their Radio Hosts talking, after there’s a huge fire going have still others say we need to start being ‘reasonable’ and call for ‘understanding’, etc., etc. (PS I never hurts to drag a possible GOP opponent into the ‘blood feud’ and claim they said something antisemitic.), finally, if he’s in a good mood, have the President say something to bring everyone together at a appropriate moment.

  46. Mark T said

    JJ, those are traits of narcissim, which can be equally dangerous, if not moreso (because of concious control,) than paranoid schizophrenia.


  47. MichaelM said

  48. MichaelM said

    please ignore that last comment, the link I meant to leave was this one to steven goddard’s site

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  50. sometimes said


    […]Teleconnections — Shoot your own foot « the Air Vent[…]…

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