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Cartoons are fun

Posted by Jeff Id on January 10, 2011

UPDATE:  Lubos had a better one. H/T Sonicfrog.

A little wrongthink fun from TGBrown on a CA thread.

19 Responses to “Cartoons are fun”

  1. Jeff Id said

    It’s like all of climate blog land summarized in a cartoon.

  2. paul statterly said

    climate deniers, jews, [snip], and homosexuals should all be rounded up and shoved into an oven. these dirty things cause global warming and disease.

    if you believe the above, god help your soul.

  3. paul statterly said

    we need to bleach all our skins white so we can reflect sunlight back into space. and we must only eat insects to reduce CO2 from cows and pigs.

    if you believe the above, i feel sorry for you.

  4. […] […]

  5. Persistent said

    Yes the cartoons are fun, cartoons Spongebob Squarepants and Bernard bear is display in Indonesian Televisions

  6. Black Sabbath said

    That was absolutely hysterical!

    Thanks for improving my mood this morning! It’s been a depressing morning up to this point reading story after story about how the media are trying to pin the US Congresswoman murders on Sarah Palin in order to destroy her once and for all. And with absolutely no evidence that there is any link.
    Kind of like when the alarmists were wildly attacking and accusing anyone who dared disagree with their global warming claims. Then a little thing called Climategate happened…

  7. It is hysterical! Because of the truth in it.

  8. Bad Andrew said

    I finally got around to watching this. It’s good.


  9. Sonicfrog said

    The one at Lubos’s site is even better! Check out the bits at about 2 minutes in on Al Gore!

  10. Frank K. said

    The lady in the “Global Warming Panic explained” cartoon sounds like she does all of the press releases for NASA GISS…

  11. Mark T said

    You’re a denier. And apparently a hater, too. Silly me, I thought the ones that spend all their time calling other people names were actually the haters.


  12. twawki said

    These cartoons are hilarious. I so need to go and make one – though I cant stop chuckling with the ones above.

  13. twawki said

    Here you go – how celebrities make you green.

  14. Moonbat said

    Kill all the climate homosexuals!!! Don’t you know global warming causes AIDS and climate homosexuals love global warming, therefore they are responsible for the spread of AIDS. Shoot all the climate deniers right now!!! Lynch those filthy carbon tax niggers! Hang the climate disruption Jews!!!

  15. kim said

    Don’t look now, Moonbat, but somebody’s sockpuppeting you at Judy’s. Gotta be careful about your rep.

  16. mrpkw said

    “Think of the moral superiority !!!”

    Priceless !! and spot on !!

  17. mrpkw said

    The sad part is that this sounds exactly like the conversations I have with Warmistas

  18. RB said

    Saw the first one – funny. But with regards to the male protagonist’s sign-off comment, the answer may not be the one he was looking for, because apparently more than 85% of the Ph.D.s in the earth sciences are obtained by whites.

  19. Paul in Sweden said

    The message and the effort is to be applauded. The first use of these animated cartoon services with text-to-speech integration for the purpose of communicating science that I recall seeing was by Dr. John Droz, a physicist and contributor at the energy solutions based web site.

    My first knowledge of Dr. John Droz came quite some time ago from the hours I spent viewing his extremely detailed presentation:

    “Electrical Energy: Sound Scientific Solutions”

    Looking at the Dick and Jane videos that Dr. Droz no doubt spent countless days and hours as most likely the creators of the videos above I cannot help but shake my head. Bless the efforts of individuals like John & others but where are all those millions upon millions of oil money denier funds being spent?

    As an American residing in Sweden I have seen really slick videos of Polar Bears falling from the sky, a red headed X-files sidekick blown up in a 10:10 video and countless other videos on both the Internet & television in the United States, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. If I rack my brain all night long I do not believe I will be able to recall ever seeing a Public Service Announcement or slick advertisement conveying lack of actual science and evidence regarding Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.

    Where the heck is all the Big Oil Money being pumped into the global warming denialist campaign? It certainly is not being pumped into advertising!!! 🙂

    Applause to the continued efforts of Dr. John Droz at & whoever Battlefield315 is that created the video above.

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