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Posted by Jeff Id on January 21, 2011


There is a lot more I could say about this group of people who have read and commented here.  I know of very few unmoderated blogs which have been able to maintain such a civil tone through such controversial subjects.  That says a lot about the quality of this group.  Of all things, I think that is what makes tAV special.  The world is a rough place and when I sat down one sunny Saturday morning to start this blog just over two years ago, I expected very little. In the end, tAV contributed more to the discussion on a truly global scale than I had ever imagined.

I may be back after some time off but it is better to let readers know where I’m at.

Best regards to all.


On the SOP thread we got into too heated a discussion.  I’ve had more than my fair share of the public lately and don’t know when tAV will be back.

Of all the elements of the periodic table stupididium is the most abundant.  The idiots pushed me over  the edge tonight.   I’ve had well enough of people who think they know — well anything — yet don’t have a clue.  The blog has been very much entertaining and I’ve appreciated the technical contributors very thoroughly.  I may continue someday in coming years but at this point… I’m done.

I’ve spent two years of my life in climate science, digging fairly deeply – I think you’ll agree.  My conclusion is that those who believe they know believe for unknowable reasons.  This includes BOTH sides.  In what I believe is the rarest of cases, the middle ground is the correct ground and that is where the climate battle lies.

I don’t know if I will post again here, it has been fun though.  Thanks to all who have been supportive and thanks to the guests.

Jeff Condon

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  1. Terry said

    Totally understandable Jeff, and it has been both entertaining and educational. Well done and best wishes.

  2. Alan Esworthy said

    That’s an understandable shame. I’ll miss TAV. Thanks for your work and ideas.

  3. Mark T said

    Sorry to see you go. If you ever get a chance, take a look at that email I sent to your gmail account in December. If you did not see it, I can resend to your regular account. The SBIR is closed now, but will likely reappear if they do not get a reasonable solution.


  4. Jeff Id said

    If someone wants to take over, let me know.

  5. Jeff Id said


    I read that but my focus is too directed to look at those opportunities.

  6. M. Simon said

    I’m going to miss you. A LOT. I live in Illinois so maybe some day our paths will cross. You know where I blog. Come by for a visit. If for no other reason thant to marvel at the commenters (and bloggers).


    Adios amigo.

  7. Thank you, Jeff, for being a part of my journey of life.

    To survive and retain any sanity in the battle with the “gatekeepers” of science [the sergeants of “lockstep, consensus” science], I have to devote at least the first thirty (30) minutes of each day to meditation and “centering.”

    Still, I slip back into the “ego cage” on occasion.

    Does meditation work? Absolutely!

    A decade after the discovery of Neutron Repulsion this review paper [ ] was accepted today for publication in the APEIRON Journal.

    The APEIRON Editorial Board is a refreshing reminder of the talented scientists worldwide who oppose tyrannical science.

    Hang in there, Jeff.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  8. M. Simon said

    BTW what was the SOP thread? I’m unclear on that.

  9. The APEIRON Editorial Board

  10. smcg said

    Thanks Jeff, to the extent that I have, it’s been an honour to know you.

    Hope you come back some time (sooner rather than later).

  11. BlueIce2HotSea said

    Thanks Jeff. You made a positive difference.

  12. M. Simon said


    I was always sceptical of your theory. Your paper has changed my mind. Thank you!

  13. Sorry to hear that Jeff. I’ll miss your blog, especially the technical parts. I hope you do get back to it some day.

  14. Thanks, Simon.

    Climategate is only the tip of the iceberg.

    I am grateful to Al Gore and his friends for helping us grasp the widespread extent of the problem.

    And to former President Eisenhower for seeing and warning us of this looming problem in his farewell address (17 Jan 1961).

  15. Pat Frank said

    Shoot, Jeff, really sorry. Your blog was one of the few where the science was really dissected, all because of your acuity and encouragement. Congratulations on all you accomplished, best wishes, and especially for your young family.


  16. co2fan said

    Thanks for the passion.
    Your family deserves that more than the warmist clowns.

  17. mack520 said

    Thanks ,Jeff. You’ll be missed.

  18. M. Simon said

    As long as I have you all here:

    Biofuel breakthrough.



    I have sent links to your paper to some of my physics friends. And I have done a posting on my Fusion board. Also a science reporter I respect. You may be getting some inquiries.

  19. Layman Lurker said

    You have accomplished some remarkable things at tAV Jeff. Think about what you have been through in 2+ years. From newbie to published author.
    Also a lot of dedicated and grateful readers who appreciated all of your work. This was/is my favorite of the climate blogs and I owe you a big thanks.

  20. Konrad said

    While I am sorry to hear of your decision, I respect your choices. I have appreciated the more technical posts on the Air vent….and some of the more political ;). Whatever your choices, with regard to Climategate, history records that the Air Vent lead the charge on St. Crispins day. While you may be upset now, many believe you have made a difference for the better.

  21. Duster said

    tAV has been a source of some of the best argued discussion regarding climate on the net. You and tAV will leave a hole that won’t be easily filled. But, you will undoubtedly get more sleep and with any luck, there will be less carry-over aggravation at some. Enjoy.

  22. plazaeme said

    It’s a real loss, and a pity. In my opinion, your blog has been a great example on what can be accomplished by technical blogs for general public. We miss TAV, let’s keep the example.

    Many participants have been really instructive.

    Thank you all.

  23. Sean Houlihane said

    Sad, but understandable. All the technical blogs have over time become less technical over time as everyone with a pet theory seems to want to force their view on each blog owner that they find. I hope this doesn’t mean we loose your contributions to the science in future.

  24. ArndB said

    Thanks Jeff, many thanks!
    You did a great, encouraging, and engaged job. You liked it, I as well. And I am still very grateful that you posted three of my workouts, of which the first became the landing platform for: FOIA Comment 21, 20th November, 05:56 am:,
    meanwhile better known as:
    All best wishes to you and your family, and
    hopefully you are back one day,
    take care,
    best regards, yours
    Arnd Bernaerts

  25. Roddy Campbell said

    Thanks Jeff – you carried three of my posts, which was fun. All the best.

  26. Hoi Polloi said

    You’ll be back…

  27. Margaret said

    Thanks for all you have done Jeff. It has been an amazing input in a difficult issue. I hope you, and your family, have the break you deserve and come through it rested and refreshed.

  28. Pascvaks said

    Take as long as you need. If, when, or ever, try closing comments and just going with full fledged Guest Posts instead. Don’t dwell on crap, it’s depressing. Life’s a BIG beach, and there’s lots to see and do. “May the Force be with you” (don’t forget the sun tan lotion;-)


  29. Roger Caiazza said

    Thank you for the work you did over the last two years. I will miss this blog

  30. ClimateOfHate said

    Jeff, if you wanna go, don’t blame it on the public or on your posters. The decision is yours and yours alone, whatever the reason. Probably your life and your family will be better off without all the bile of the climate community. I wish you all the best.

  31. GregO said


    Excellent blog – one of the best on this weird divisive topic. I’m with you on the fact we simple don’t understand well enough and can’t measure well enough to be making the absolute pro/con judgments that are made. Perhaps it is just human nature to argue passionately about things we cannot fathom – just look at religious strife.

    You take a lot of unwarranted crap and I don’t blame you if you close down. But I will miss this blog. A lot.

  32. Long time lurker said

    Been reading your blog for a while and appreciated your work. Thank you and I hope you enjoy some rest and relaxation.

  33. Dallas said

    Politics and Religion

    One of the first things I learned was not to discuss politics or religion over supper. Both are subjects that require faith and no body likes having their faith questioned. Global warming is like that. Camps, sides or tribes are divided by beliefs or faith. Rational discussion is impossible when beliefs or faith are involved.

    One climate blog I follow is run by a fellow that thinks a lot like I do. He and I share the following correct answer on global warming, “I don’t know”. When that is the best answer you can come up with, that is a great time to have discussions so you can learn more and maybe find another answer. Many people will not accept, “I don’t know”, as a valid answer. They “know” this or that because they have faith. The discussions become arguments. Jeff Id, of the climate blog the Air Vent, last night became tired with pointless arguments with the faithful and closed his blog.

    In his closing post, Jeff pointed out that there are faithful on both sides of the debate and that in such a case the truth is normally found in the middle ground. He is right, by the way. I find it sad that a voice of reason has to take a break because the faithful keep dragging their faith based arguments into what should be a learning debate. Such is life.

    In his two short years of blogging, Jeff jumped in with both feet to both learn more and teach more about the uncertainties of climate change. He went so far as to co-author a peer reviewed paper on Antarctic temperature change that showed flaws in the statistical methodology used by the big names in climate science. To me that is pretty damn impressive.

    Perhaps his quest for the middle ground was perceived as heresy or perhaps his own enlightenment attracted more “believers” than his sensibilities could bear. Whatever the case, he is taking a break from climate debate.

    Anyone continuing the debate needs to have a thick skin. The pseudo-religious subject of climate change is not for the meek. You cannot point out logical flaws in reasoning to the faithful without being attacked by faith based pseudo-scientific babble from the rabble. Just like you can tell a politician is lying because his/her lips are moving you can spot the faithful of the climate change debate because they “know” man is or is not changing climate by catastrophic levels.

    I hope you return to the battle, Jeff.


  34. mrpkw said

    Bummer !!

    This really was (is) one one of the best sites and I know that you invested a tremendous amount of your personal time in doing it !!!

    Good luck and thanks for the ride !!!

  35. stephen said

    I will miss your stuff, man.

  36. Chuck L said

    I’ll miss TaV. I learned a lot and hope that you keep active and involved in debunking bad climate “science.”

    All the best to you and yours.

  37. said

    Well done. Godspeed. Keep the blue side up.

    Ed, PE

  38. steveta_uk said

    Dallas, a perfect summary, well done.

    Somewhat ironic that several of the folk who ranted on the SOP thread appear here to say how much they’ll miss you, Jeff. I will too, so I hope I’ve not contributed in any way to your disillusionment re: blogging.

  39. Andrew said

    God bless you, Jeff. You will be greatly missed.

  40. kim said

    Soon the snow will melt.
    Jeff will hear the call of wild.
    Troll Armor Technik.

  41. William Teach said

    Thanks for all you’ve done, Jeff. Take a break, recharge the batteries, maybe (hopefully) you’ll be back.

    Unfortunately, while some folks like you are focused mostly on the science of globull warming, it is primarily a political/social issue, which brings out the extreme passions of the Disciples Of Gore. Which means rational conversation is virtually impossible.

    God Bless, Jeff!

  42. Frank K. said

    Thanks for all you’ve done Jeff. Hope to see you contribute at Climate Audit as time permits.


    Frank K.

  43. cementafriend said

    Thanks Jeff, I enjoyed the technical discussions, though some of the contributors who think they know science but have no understanding of engineering subjects such as thermodynamics and heat transfer would have been better staying with the team at websites such as Real Climate.
    I appreciate your time and effort
    All the best and keep strong

  44. Kramer said

    As an earlier poster said

    “It’s a real loss, and a pity.”

    Thanks for all of your contributions Jeff…

  45. LC said

    So sorry to see you go. Totally understand it though. I wish you and your family the very best of health and luck and I hope we’ll still see your comments on other blogs.

  46. Jeff Id said

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I may post here again in several months after a break but right now life is too busy.

  47. Tom in St. Johns said

    Thanks for the time and effort that you have put into this site and to the contributions that you have made to both the technical and political aspects of this.

    Have fun and enjoy life,

  48. Will Delson said


    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the past few years. There is much that I haven’t understood, but I do feel better informed by what I understood. Thanks for sharing your expertise, thoughts and passion. I wish you all the best in the future.


  49. SOYLENT GREEN said

    Thanks for the education, Jeff.
    But be careful, real life can be infuriating too.

  50. Steve McIntyre said

    Jeff, thanks for your insight and contributions. tAV will be missed. I cannot imagine how you were able to do so much while also carrying out your responsibilities at an entrepeneurial business and with a young family. I’m sure that they’ll be glad to have more of your attention. Keep in touch. Regards, Steve Mc

  51. You’ll be missed, Jeff! Yours was one of those calm, informative voices – one that really mattered.

    You helped bring down that obscene monster that was AGW: bravo!

  52. TimTheToolMan said

    Thanks for your time and effort Jeff.
    Please have your big oil cheques redirected in my direction 😉


  53. Morgan said

    I’ve enjoyed reading you (and your commenters), and appreciate the effort you’ve put into sharing your thoughts and analysis. I’ll leave the feed active, and if you ever decide to start posting again you’ll have instant readership.

  54. Mark T said

    No problem, Jeff. Forward it along to Ryan if you could. I would have sent it to Steve, too, but you have to be a US-based company to respond to such efforts. I actually considered chasing it myself but you guys already have a lot of turnkey stuff ready to go and I am busy enough that it was not a priority (I prefer radar and comm anyway.)

    Oh, I used my company email in the header this time.

    Not sure I would have been as tolerant as you have been, btw. I’m too grumpy. Enjoy your break. Hope to see you come back.


  55. xyzlatin said

    Au revoir

  56. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I may post here again in several months after a break but right now life is too busy.

    Jeff ID, it is good that your life is too busy – and better yet that you know your priorities. I am a retired guy now but I can recall the “busy” former life. Thanks to the thought provoking threads and posts at TAV and the opportunity to do some of my own analyses even a retired guy can stay “busy”.

    I am continuing to do my distance separation versus series correlations comparisons between proxies, GHCN stations, UAH, GHCN and climate model gridded temperature anomalies and it has become an all winters project. I intend to expand that comparison to ARIMA type analyses. Until we communicate again, Jeff ID, I wish you the best with your busy life.

  57. Mark T said

    Btw, one of the things I liked about coming here was that, typically, the signal to noise ratio was very high. Many of the posters I like to hear from, particularly the more statistically ortiented, frequent this site. If someone like RomanM or Carrick engages in a discussion about the LLN, I know they understand how to apply it and I don’t have to wade through 100 posts of chaff to see their opinions.


  58. Carrick said

    We’ll miss you Jeff! Thanks for the hard work, and like Nick I really appreciated the technical aspect of your posts. You managed to attract an amazingly diverse group of technically knowledgeable people.

  59. Beth Cooper said

    Jeff, Sincere thanks for a wonderful site which will be greatly missed by so many. It became essential reading for the science and your acute social political comments which gave a sense of the man behind the blog. Thank you, goodbye and good luck!

  60. BDAABAT said

    Good luck Jeff!!!!

    Thanks for the site, thanks for your scientific efforts and for your humor.

    Take care of yourself and your family…. you’ve put in a huge amount of time into this blog and it’s made a tremendous impact.

    You should be proud of your accomplishments… those efforts have contributed greatly towards ordinary folks (as well as some more experienced scientists) having a better understanding of science.


  61. Pascvaks said

    One more, last minute, two cent suggestion – if you’re ever in doubt about life’s priorities the “Family First Rule” is usually, almost always, absolutely true as long as we live. G-d bless you and yours!

  62. JohnWho said

    Illegitimi non carborundum

    Freely translated:

    “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

    Otherwise, take care.

  63. Bad Andrew said

    Jeff must’ve had a run-in with The Boss.

    But all kidding aside, if this is really goodbye, then best wishes and God Bless you and the fam until we meet again.


  64. Sundance said

    Thanks Jeff! I hope you still intend to continue to comment once in awhile at other climate blogs you read.

  65. Leonard Weinstein said

    I have enjoyed your posts and the discussions. You posted several of my write ups, which I greatly appreciate. You kept an open mind where many seem to have closed theirs. I will miss your posts, and hope you eventually can return. Best wishes.

  66. MDJackson said

    I will miss the lively debate here. My contribution has been miniscule (a smartass comment here or there) but the enjoyment that I have received from this blog has been immeasurable. Good luck, Jeff and all the best.

  67. Good luck Jeff. This blog has been a “must read” and it will be difficult to replace. Hope you are back soon either here or on another site. Your analysis and commentary is too important to lose!

  68. Anonymous said


    Truly sorry to see you go. If you ever intend to visit the UK do let me know, it would be an honour to meet up with you.


  69. tonyb said


    Truly sorry to see you go. If you ever intend to visit the UK do let me know, it would be an honour to meet up with you.


  70. Jeff, thank you very much for covering our work on your blog.
    If I had to choose only two words to describe tAV these would be: elegant sincerity.

  71. Adam Gallon said

    Sorry to see you go, the maths has always been way over my head, but it’s been interesting to try & follow the discussions.

  72. M. Simon said


    I now know why I couldn’t find the SOP thread (which I had actually commented on) it was deleted.

    Why not just close the comments? Deleting the thread is considered bad form where I come from.

  73. I think each time you hear some nonsence in the media about GW you will miss being in the front line… so yes one day…
    Your name is definetely a quality mark.
    Thanks for all.

    K.R. Frank

  74. Carrick said

    Bad Andrew:

    Jeff must’ve had a run-in with The Boss.

    I’m assuming Andrew means SWMBO.

    That’s what did in my World of Warcraft “career”. 😉

  75. DeWitt Payne said


    Akk! Now what am I going to do? Oh, wait, there’s the stack of books I haven’t read because I’ve spent so much time here. Not the end of the world, then, but you will be missed.

  76. AndyL said

    As a reader since your early endeavours on ClimateAudit and Open Mind, thanks for all your efforts – this site has been both informative and entertaining

  77. chuckr said


    The Z boys of Dogtown revolutionized skateboarding. They were despised by the establishment skate scene. To me you, SM, Montford etc. should and hopefully will be recognized similarly. Strange analogy, I’m sure, and you probably have no clue who these people are but thanks anyway.

  78. Viv Evans said

    Take a good rest, Jeff – and thanks for all you’ve done.
    Haven’t participated much here myself, but always learned something.

    Anyway – yours is the honour of taking the CRU-mails and running with it, thus smashing the feet of the ‘giant’ that then was AGW.
    You’ve made history.
    Thanks for that!

  79. David JP said

    Well, let me say that based upon my own experience guest posting on a controversial topic, I think I understand where Jeff is coming from.

    Also considering that I’m close in age as Jeff, with similar family commitments, yeah, this is probably the best choice at this time.

    When I read the blogs, I’m always looking for the people who can be convinced with a ‘true’ scientific approach. It’s a subtle thing, and the acknowledgment of uncertainty is a big part of what I look for. The willingness to show your own work and engage in honest debate is the other big part that I look for.

    They are the ones worth communicating with.

    Jeff is on my list. And this is why he will be missed.

    The beauty of the internet (and of blogs) is that it allowed us to come together to communicate on difficult subjects. This is a very positive thing.

    At the moment I’m watching the John Adams miniseries on DVDs with my wife. Despite its inaccuracies, I was struck by how well the frustration of life was portrayed. Life can be/is frustrating, even at the best of times.

    The trick is not to let it get you too far down. 🙂

    PS, Jeff, let me know if you’re in the Denver area, I’ll buy you dinner.

  80. Sam said

    I propose a day of climate blog mourning for The Air Vent.

    Let’s hope it’s not permanent?

  81. Enjoy your time off Jeff. 🙂

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  83. […] the end of the day, it wasn’t the lefty/socialist/Marxist world domination cabal that got to Jeff Id: The idiots pushed me over the edge […]

  84. DeNihilist said


  85. Warren said

    Thanks for giving everyone the chance to contribute, learn and be part of the site Jeff.

    Take care, enjoy your family, have fun.

  86. Very sorry to lose you from the firmament of good sense. Hope you’ll feel the itch again some time in the future to get back into the ruckus. Regards!

  87. Thank you TaV and Jeff. I have very much enjoyed your insightful and intelligent postings and will miss you on my ‘top sites’ Very best wishes for the future Jeff…

  88. mpaul said

    Jeff, don’t let frustration drive you away. If you have too many other commitments right now, then I think everyone would understand the need to step away from the blog. But your final post indicates you are closing shop out of frustration. That would be a true pity. You have made tremendous contributions and have advanced the dialog. The absence of your voice will surely diminish the vibrancy on the marketplace of ideas.

    BTW, for what its worth, there was a recent study on brain health that examined the best way to improve cognitive function. The number one way was to ‘discuss ideas with people you disagree with’. (Forget about Sudoku, it was found that those kinds of activities have very little effect). So next time you’re in a heated argument with someone you disagree with, just remember, its like eating spinach – its good for you.

  89. GregS said

    Jeff, I read your blog with my morning coffee. Thank you for the years of enjoyment. Best of luck my friend.

  90. Gary said

    Jeff, you care too much about getting it right to be away forever. Looking forward to your return – either here or as a guest poster on other reasonable blogs. Take care of the family and thanks for your bit in helping “a mircle” happen.

  91. Joe Matais said

    Always regrettable to witness another good man, pack it in. Fair winds.

  92. pyromancer76 said

    Sorry to see you go. Yours was one of the better and more intelligent blogs. However, I can imagine blogging is hell, unless like Anthony said, you have years of experience dealing with “the public”. Your efforts will always be remembered, especially the rebuttal of the Steig, ea, paper. I enjoyed the “breathing” of the Arctic over the years. Best wishes to you and if you decide to return, many will welcome you back

  93. Anthony Watts said

    Jeff, I’ve posted a notice and tribute to you on WUWT.

    Family before fools

    Godspeed sir, keep in touch.


  94. Boudu said

    You’ll be missed. tAV has made a big contribution to keeping the arguments on the straight and narrow.
    All the best Jeff.

  95. Jeff,

    You will be missed. Your blog was one of the few places out there where good science could transcend politics at times, and folks with drastically different preconceptions could still come to an agreement on what is true.

  96. Green Sand said

    Thanks Jeff,

    You have made a difference

    All the best to you and yours.

  97. TimG said

    It is really hard to understand what the problem was since the thread has been deleted. Can someone at least explain was SOP stands for?

  98. klee12 said

    Thanks for all your efforts in a noble cause. I appreciate it and wish I could have contributed.


  99. Jack Cowper said

    All the very best to you and your family Jeff. Your posts on hockey sticks really helped me understand the issues.

    Thank you.

  100. Alan Bates said

    All the best in your retirement! Have fun. Enjoy your family – hope they still recognize you!!
    Will you be leaving the site up for those who have come to it only recently? Hope so …
    (from a retired industrial chemist and lurker)

  101. Juraj V. said

    Thanks Jeff for publishing my first “guest post” ever.
    Juraj V.

  102. Dusty Rhodes said


    Your scholarly contribution and common sense attitude to the debate will be greatly missed.

    Best wishes for the future.


  103. Kevin said

    You were part of history! Good work! See you on the flip-side. Peace and progress.

  104. W.E. Radcliffe said


    Sorry but quite understand. Console yourself that you really did provide a valuable service. We’ll miss you.


  105. Scott Finegan said


    The best to you and yours. The knowledge you have shared is appreciated.


  106. Thanks for the education Jeff! I will miss your posts.

  107. Espen said

    Jeff, thank you for a lot of very inspiring posts on this blog, it will be missed. I think you’re doing the right thing putting family and work first, though.

  108. Joe Born said

    I’m sorry to see you go; you’ve made a great contribution.

  109. TomH said

    I hope I will see you continue to comment when you see fit at WUWT and Climate Audit…your effort has been much appreciated here.

  110. Rob R said

    I sincerely hope this is not the last word from Jeff. I have enjoyed the many technical sicussions held at TAV. Hope to see you back here sometime Jeff.

    Rob R

  111. James W said


    I frequented your site almost daily (’nuff said there). You will be able to look back in 10-20 years and understand what contribution you have made to the understanding of climate science and resultant public policy. Besides, you will be back on topic somewhere, sometime soon. It’s in your DNA now.

  112. Earle Williams said


    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and yourself with the rest of us these last two years. Catch your breath, spend time with your family, and keep the business running smoothly. I look forward to seeing your head above the parapet again sometime in the future.


  113. Mike M said

    Thank you for the contribution of your time and of yourself. your blog will be missed.

  114. glacierman said


    Great work. tAV will be missed. Good luck and I hope to see you around.

  115. William said

    Thanks! All the best!

  116. Jimmy Haigh said

    All the best Jeff. We’ll all miss tAV.

  117. Smokey said


    You have an excellent site, sorry to see you go. I hope you leave it up even if it won’t be updated; there’s some great info in your archives.

    Please drop in to when you can. Your input is better than most, because it’s based on common sense.

    Wishing you all the best – and hoping that you’ll reconsider after a good long vacation from blogging.


    ~ Smokey

  118. PaulID said

    Thank you for all you have done I hope that you can occasionally find the time to post on WUWT as I would miss seeing the oftentimes amazing comments and insight that you provide

  119. Diogenes said

    Thank you for attempting to speak truth. That has always been a dangerous and thankless path but it is the only way that humanity makes progress.

  120. hunter said

    Thanks for the many great posts and excellent conversations.
    I hope you will return. At the least, I hope you will stay engaged.

  121. M.V. said

    Thank you Mr. Conlon for your contribution.
    tAV introduced me to interesting science such as Makarieva’s work and your own co-authored peer reviewed paper work made this blog a must read.
    Best to you and your family.

  122. Tom Fuller said

    Welcome to the ranks of the lurkers! I’ll miss your blog and your insights. Best of luck, and see you next year in homeroom!

  123. woodNfish said

    Good luck to you Jeff. I don’t know how you found the time to do as much as you did, but I benefited from it. Your graphs showing temperature change over time with =/- 10 degrees was one of the best. All we ever see are deceptive graphs that make .01 C change look huge.

    Thanks for taking on the big lie, and exposing it.

  124. JAE said

    Good luck, Jeff. I’ve really enjoyed your blog and will miss it.

  125. Jeff, I have followed your blog for a long time – some truly excellent work for which I thank you. I sympathise with your decision. As a climate blogger, I went through a period at the end of last year when I thought it was all pointless, but after a couple of months complete withdrawal from climate work, actually realised that a small blog like mine could do something (even if very little) to eradicate a few atoms of that “stupididium” in the universe.

    In what I believe is the rarest of cases, the middle ground is the correct ground and that is where the climate battle lies.

    This has to be the most important statement, and one with which I thoroughly agree. The truth is that nobody knows at this point. The only position to take is that of agnostic.

    Thanks again,
    Simon, ACM

  126. luca turin said

    We will greatly miss you. Still, you and a few others will be able to brag to your grandchildren (and if you don’t, the rest of us will) that you helped rid us of the biggest nonsense since…. can’t think of any offhand. Thanks for all the fine work.

  127. P Gosselin said

    That’s real a pity. I’m still having fun doing it, but it seriously devours a lot of time that ought to be spent in other areas of life – eventually the bill comes due. You’ve done this about 2.5 years I see. Not bad. Unless Big Oil steps up, I’ll probably be joining you soon enough.
    Thanks and all the best!

  128. Rhoda R said

    It is sad to see you go, but understandable. Hopefully you’ll dip your toes in at some of the other sites as the spirit moves you al la Den Beste. Best of luck

  129. rather than focus on the loss of tAV, I want to congratulate you on a commendable couple of years — you achieved much and stimulated even more. Anyone posting their own blog and hosting comments deserves respect. You manged to survive with grace and considerable comprehension that your readership deeply appreciates.

  130. Ted Gray said

    I read about your withdrawal from Watts Up. I do visit your site regularly and find you often shine a light in dark places. The hectic ups and downs of running a climate information site must be grueling. God knows I feel overwhelmed trying to absorb the articles and information that I read daily. But thanks to you and your fellow true science websites I’ve slowly gained the knowledge and incite too follow technical details and information. It truly has been a trip of enlightenment for me and I’m sure many others.
    I’m sadden by your departure and hope you can guest on this and other sites occasionally. The battle for truth in science is not over but you contributed more than your weight in gold.
    Many many best wishes.

  131. j ferguson said

    Good luck Jeff. I could never understand how you could do all the things you were doing, and do the ones we saw so very well.

    Thanks for your commitment to helping the rest of us try to understand these difficult questions – with your very precise writing.


  132. P Gosselin said

    Big Oil are you there? How about pulling that wad of billions out and handing jeff a little pocket change?

  133. Newbie said

    Miss you. You helped me get a handle on ….

  134. Treeman said

    Thank you for all your great work.

    I do hope that you will maintain some presence by comments at WUWT, and particularly Jo Nova as Australia needs input from people like you at this critical time in the debate.

    Well done!

  135. All the best Jeff. I haven’t commented much here, but I have read and followed many posts. It isn’t easy, especially juggling family and business demands. Like others, I hope you’ll find the time to raise the quality of the debate in other places.

  136. Harry said

    Dear Jeff,

    I will miss your contribution to the climate debate. I think you have proved that you were qualified to attack the warmists at their own ground by co-authoring a peer-reviewed paper. Not bad for a guy who started 2.5 years ago to wonder about “climate science”. You showed how thinly the ice was upon which CAGW was based, especially Mannian statistics.

    My sincere regards to you. I am sure we will hear from you: you cannot hide true quality or control virtuosity.

    I respect your descision for prime time for your family. Enjoy it, they may need your attention, and value it more than the warmists deserve.


    Harry, AKA Crackpot

  137. Greg.S said

    Long time, first time for me but I wanted to thank you for all of your contributions. This was always my first climate blog stop of the day which became almost a ritual for me once I discovered your site. tAV will be missed greatly. Best wishes to you and your family.

  138. RB said

    As I’ve said, I did wonder how you managed it all. Thanks for hosting a place where we could have some free-wheeling conversations.

  139. oakgeo said

    Sad to see you go. I remember reading your comments at CA and the subsequent beginnings of tAV. I appreciated the accessibility of the technical side of tAV and certainly learned a lot more about statistical matters than I ever thought I would. As a Canadian, I also appreciated your American candor on matters political… I didn’t necessarily agree, but you always provided brain fodder.

    I hope you decide to return, maybe as a guest contributor to WUWT or CA, but preferably at your own forum tAV.

  140. Rich Horton said

    Thanks for all your hard work Jeff.

    Hopefully we’ll see you down the road.

  141. Jeff,

    All the best with your next adventures. Although we vehemently disagree about many things climate related, I respect you for standing up for what you believe in and for being straight up with numbers.


  142. laursaurus said

    I can’t find the “SOP” thread. Is there a link to the heated discussion that pushed Jeff over the edge?

    OP means original post in net lingo. But what does SOP mean?

    I subscribe to tAV feed and will definitely miss you, Jeff. Thanks for offering his the opportunity to guest post here. I’ll be looking forward to it.

    Wasn’t it tAV where the Climategate news first broke? That was definitely a pivotal moment. It was an historic sea change making climate the most controversial area of science for our era.
    Thanks, Jeff!

  143. George said

    I am saddened that they managed to shut you up, which might have been the goal all along.

  144. John Norris said


    I went out of town this week on business and came back to this?

    Sorry to see your blog close. I appreciate all I have learned from you and your posters, and your contribution moving the science forward with the Steig et al response.

  145. Robert E. Phelan said


    I’ve learned a great deal here and have been awed by your ability to do so many things at once and make a serious contribution to the discussion. Best wishes, and I’ll look forward to your return.


  146. Know that you will be missed.

    Be well. Be safe.

  147. wayne said

    Jeff, your going to be missed for the pure physics & climate science discussions. You have performed a Herculian effort to bring the truth out on many subjects. Stay in touch on other sites as wuwt if possible.

    OKM, let us know some other sites you frequent. Your paper has promise, I think so. Wish I could sway Anthony to reconcider but, if so, don’t advertise, word of your theory spreads without it thru the grapevine. (and we all know about NASA now!) 🙂

  148. GixxerBoy said

    Just learned from Anthony’s blog that you are closing up shop, which is a great shame. Thanks for everything and please consider doing guest posts on other blogs.

  149. Joe Crawford said


    My conclusion is that those who believe they know believe for unknowable reasons. This includes BOTH sides.

    As Eric Hoffer said: “We can be absolutely certain only about things we do not understand.” It’s a shame people don’t understand that little bit of wisdom. I appreciate your contributions in trying to add a little sanity to the discussion.


  150. TerryMN said

    Take care Jeff – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since its inception, and for that and all of your work on it I say thanks very much!

  151. Don’t read at all here for a while.

    Definitely do not post, no matter what (post at some friendly place like WUWT (or mine, which nobody reads).

    Take a break.

    In two weeks, or two months, decide where to go.

  152. Peter Dunford said

    Bye Jeff, get your life back, you’ve done far more than your share. Can’t thank you enough.

  153. Hu McCulloch said

    You made a big impact, Jeff! Enjoy your retirement!

  154. Carlo E said

    wtf Jeff don’t go, please stay

  155. Fitzy said

    Thanks Jeff, take care and take a load off. You’ve earnt it, and as for stupidium, it may be highly radioactive but its got a very short half life, about the same time it takes a funding submission to be rejected.

    Cheers Brother, Be well!

  156. Ed Moran said

    Thanks. Will miss my regular fix.
    Good luck.

  157. Jan said

    tAV is one of my ‘climate’ bookmarks and I checked it frequently. I didn’t always understand the mathematics but I surely learned a little something every time I visited. I really value that learning and the teaching (by you and others) that supported it. I will continue to bookmark your page in the hope that someday you will return to blogging.

    Thank you for all that you have accomplished over the past couple of years. Be well.

  158. Feedback said

    Thank you for all your hard work and your contributions Jeff, all of this great stuff and discussions you’ve managed to squeeze in between your work and your family. With only two hands, one head and one heart, your decision is understandable and respectable. And we all know only realclimatescientists get paid for doing this.

    Best luck to you and your family for the future.

  159. D Bonson said

    Jeff, thank you. You are a credit to the world of climate science.

  160. Wow,

    It IS a lot of work and then have to put up with unruly comments.I never took the step to expand my blog,since it would mean little time left for other stuff.

    Frankly I wish I never had to be a part of the fight against corruption and propaganda.But I have to stay in it for a while yet.In a way I envy you for being able to walk away from your blog.

    Thank you for your part in trying to keep science discussion open.

  161. Mike Smith said

    We will miss you!!!!

  162. A job well done. Now go and have some fun.

    Be well.

  163. Kevin Cave said

    Jeff, sorry to hear that.

    If I have one piece of advice to you, is that – don’t let the Stupids get you down!

    If what has triggered this is some people being daft on your blog, then why not do as WUWT does and bring in some additional help to moderate the REALLY dumb stuff?

    Also, you might consider the possibility of some posters here deliberately being obtuse in order to achieve precisely
    the course of action you’re now taking – perhaps a bit tin-foil-hat that one, but still a possibility.

    Anyway I hope you’ll be back soon – I always avidly follow your posts and it’d be a shame to see you stop now – take
    a sabbatical rather than a permanent vacation! 😉

    All the best to you and yours.


  164. BraudRP said

    Thanks for contributions you and TAV have made over the past couple of years.

    The effort has made a difference.

    All future success.

  165. Ah Jeff

    One of the most special things in this thread is the notes from Bart Verheggen and Zeke Hausfather. You are one of the few skeptics’ sites which deserves accolates like these people have given you.

    I want to remember what to me is a very special relationship you and I have had. Before you even started the blog, you came and asked me about getting published and I said “follow your heart, your passion”. Then your blog took off spectacularly and when I wanted to get some of my scribbles published for a wider audience, it was I who asked you. And then WUWT grabbed a couple of them and I still get ripples from that.

    There are tides and seasons in human affairs as much as in earth’s climate, and it’s important to pay attention to that kind of weather. Jeff, I think you’ve done the right thing to shut the blog for now. But I’m pretty sure we’ll see you back posting on others’ blogs or guest posting. Your passion for righteousness will not let you stay away totally – I think.

  166. JimBrock said

    Jeff: As a true amateur in climate science (BS ChE, JD) I have nonetheless been impressed with the logic and precision of your work. Go with God, and I look forward to your return, refreshed and energetic. Jim Brock

  167. Myrddin Seren said


    Thanks for your hospitality in letting so many people drop by your journey on this topic.

    You have made a real difference and shown the power of the individual in the bloggosphere.

    All the best

  168. Flask said

    I have never posted on the Air Vent before but would refer to your blogs fairly often. You have done a service to investigating climate, helping to prevent a walkaway by the CAGW crowd.
    Thank you

  169. Peter Evans said

    Thank you very, very much for your thoughtful and well expressed blogging.
    I am certain that you have made a lasting and meaningful contribution to the infant science of climatology.
    Enjoy your newly found free time.

    Best regards,
    Peter Evans

  170. Jeff Id said


    I’ve always hated when TV personalities thank viewers. It seems too self gratifying or something. It looks like I was wrong again.

    Truly humbling folks. thank you.

  171. EJ said

    Bummer, as you have done a lot of work here. All your efforts will forever be on the record. Thankfully. You have shown more than enough here to mortally discredit the Team’s arguments.

    I think you forgot to claim victory in the science.

    You will be missed, but hopefully we’ll see a post or two somewhere else from time to time.

    Hopefully we can expand the number of engineers getting involved in the “climate” debates in blog land and in front of Congress.

    I was just reading a job posting at for a climate scientist (Job Title), where someone with a BA and 10 years in environmental policy (lawyer) could become a climate scientist. ?WTF?

    An engineer will forever be at a loss to rigorously (with maths) convince a lawyer about anything scientific.

    Thank You Jeff! Go forth and prosper!

  172. curryja said

    Jeff, very best wishes to you, tAV will be missed, hope to see you occassionally at Climate Etc.!

  173. Robert said

    Sorry to see you go Jeff. Best of luck and hope to see some of your insightful contributions on other blogs.

  174. Roger Carr said

    Go well, Jeff.

  175. Steve Reynolds said

    Take a break and come back soon!

  176. Marot said

    D’un lecteur français qui pense que vos contributions ont été très importantes et se rappelle que vous lui avez appris que le climategate était arrivé.

    Très grand merci et revenez-nous un jour.

  177. Andrew said


    I have enjoyed your blog and your comments at WUWT and CA. You have certainly played an important role in the Climate Debate.

    Your blog will be missed.


  178. Phil said

    I would like to wish you a belated congratulations on you all getting the Antarctica manuscript published. Please let me join the others here in saying that you have done excellent scholarship on tAV. You will be missed.

  179. GaryP said

    Thank you for all the hard work.

    I almost miss the days before Climate-gate. Between here and Climate Audit I was learning a lot about what could be done with statistics even when I did not follow the R code. After reading the “Harry” file and about the subversion of the science journals a lot of the interest in the math declined as we found the hockey team was much worse than being mistaken.

    Leave a comment at WattsUpWithThat when you have something new.
    Until then, Happy Trails.

  180. TGSG said

    Thank you Jeff for a DAILY dose of interesting. I hope to see your brain here on the interwebtubes again some day. Take care and good luck in all that you do.


  181. Lance said

    well dang….

    thank you Jeff for all your tireless efforts

    i had so many book marks for websites that i found it hard to keep up.

    so recently, i created a new favorites group with my ‘top’ group of sites i visit each day and yours was one of them.

    I understand that this stuff takes so much time.

    Take care my friend


  182. Hank Hancock said

    Jeff, you may recall our exchange of e-mails which started with my comment about RC being an alligator site (all mouth and no ears) when you were ill with the flu a number of months ago. I wanted to take the time to offer a heart felt thanks for your tireless work and contributions to the climate dialog. As a medical journal published researcher myself, I am duly impressed with your work and intellectual integrity. It is my sincere wish that your future endeavors are rewarding – intellectually, financially, and relationally. I wish you well and I hope you will stop by as a guest contributor at like minded sites as you have opportunity. Kindest regards.

    Hank Hancock

  183. Dan Robinson, PE said


    Have been reading tAV from day one, I mean this as a compliment but reading this post destroyed my whole day. I so look forward to coming here every morning. To read a site that concentrates on logic and math rather than theory and faith, it’s been great. Have fun with your family!

  184. Peter Pond said

    Thanks Jeff. We may have different world views (probably not on CAGW), but I have really enjoyed your straight talking (and thinking and calculating and ….) I hope you have time to contribute to the debate/discussion from time to time in the future.

  185. John Andrews said

    Thanks, my friend. Goodby. Come back once in a while.

    John Andrews

  186. Craigo said

    Thanks for all your efforts in running tAV. Now go and have fun with the family. The little buggers grow up quick!

  187. Robert Austin said

    Perhaps you only need a long vacation from this blog (and subject) or maybe you just need to move on to other things. Which ever it turns out to be, you have already contributed enough to the subject of climate and you can rest on your laurels. I personally thank you for your efforts and the sacrifice of your time. If the blog stays active, could you drop us a post from time to time to let us know how you are fairing. All the best.

  188. ianl8888 said

    As the lead guitarist for The Band noted, “the road is a goddam impossible way of life”

    Over 40 years ago, I chose “The Road” (my version of it), and now at 68 years I admit I’m close to burnt out by it – progressively losing interest

    Most people would much rather feel than think (marketers make a very good living manipulating this fact). That you ran into this brick wall is not attributable to your efforts

  189. Ron Cram said

    Thank you for all you have done. I lurk here more often than I post and I’m sure there are many like me. I hope you come back to it, but I wish you the very best in any case. I would love to see your name on more peer reviewed papers in the future.

  190. Brian H said

    What? Didn’t you read the fine print? Once open, a blog can never be closed except by consensus of its commenters. You’re in violation!


  191. Bruce of Newcastle said

    All the best Jeff. Unfortunately when little guys take on the big guys you might win (as you have!) but there’s always a cost. Thanks for paying that cost for us. You may have helped save the lives of many many people.

    I recall the BBC interview of Barry Marshall, who found you can cure ulcers with simple antibiotics, thereby overturning a whole industry of snake oil sellers. He was asked a question something like “how many people do you think you have saved by this finding?”. He answered matter or factly “about half a million a year”.

    There’re a few sheep stations riding on the CAGW nonsense too.

  192. Jit said

    Long time lurker, rare poster.


    It seems there were hundreds of us hiding behind the parapet while you stuck your head up to get shot at.

    Maybe you should retire “upstairs,” and get regular posters/ external bloggers to run the show. With a vow of neutrality of course.

  193. Hi Jeff

    Please don’t vanish completely..
    Try stopping by Bishop Hill or Climate Etc to keep your hand in..
    Or even Collide a scape to keep a bit of balance. The only warmer blog with an honest commenting policy (ie no deletions, even if they disagree. and argue and a bit rude sometimes)
    Or dare I say it, my own (a bit new and quiet) as bloggers like yourself inspired me to start my own.

  194. Troels Halken said

    Hi Jeff,

    I haven’t been much active in commenting on your blog, but have been a fervent reader even thou I do not agree with you more right wing views. However on the side of climate science, which has been the most dominant subject of you blog, you have contributed positively to the debate, both in terms of facts and diligence, but also with your values – going after the subject rather than the man. I hope that we in the future will see some guest post at WUWT and I’ll keep your blog in my RSS feed, if it should happen that you take up blogging again. Best of whishes for the future.


  195. kkloor said

    I hate to be the skunk at the party, but in the interest of “data wants to be free,” and
    “transparency”–you know, those important themes of this blog and others like it, I thought I’d provide some information on the disappeared thread that some folks are curious about.

    It is in an update at the end of this post:

    Of course, we’ll have no way to know if this is an accurate summary of what transpired since the thread has been deleted. But Jeff is certainly free to set the record straight.

  196. The best of British to you, Jeff and I’m really sorry you’re going. You’ve done some sterling work. At least when you’re dandling your granddaughter on your knee and she asks: “Grandpa, what did you do in the Great Climate wars?” you’ll be able to reply that you were one of the Sacred Band.

  197. Don Keiller said

    The Blogosphere will be sorely dimished without you, Jeff.

    But I can fully understand how how running this and a business is very taxing.

    Hope to see you back at a later date.

    all the best,


  198. Simon Meath said

    Well said, Jeff. There are countless others who are with you but are afraid to speak up like you. You will be missed.

    I really like your last comment, about taking the middle ground. As Margaret Thatcher once said: “Standing in the middle of the road is dangerous. You get hit by the traffic from both sides”. You have stood bravely in the middle for long enough!

    Have a well-earned rest,


  199. A C Osborn said

    Jeff, I read your forum every day, although not really a commentor. I will really miss it.
    You have made a real difference.
    I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do now.

  200. Ecotretas said

    It’s a sad day.

    But we all know how difficult it is to maintain a public service like this. I also speak for myself, and the difficulties I encounter.
    No need to say that almost all of us don’t get any return for this, while the alarmists are getting well paid to spread their stuff.
    But, liberty is this, and I believe it still is possible. Though, I have my doubts sometimes…

  201. John M said


    Sorry to see you go, but have all the respect in the world for the skin you’ve put into this. I just occasionally type away, but you’ve made a huge sacrifice and had an equally huge impact.

    As a sign of your impact, it’s interesting to see that your “adversaries” still can’t let you go without a few last jabs.

    Truly the mark of influence!

    Good luck.


  202. stan said


    If you decide to come back, perhaps a comment approach like Warren Meyer uses on his blogs — he writes his posts and pretty much ignores the comments. Or enlist some of your fans to be moderators.

    Gotta take care of your priorities first.

  203. Paul Linsay said

    Personally, I think you’ve made a wise decision to quit. In Irving Langmuir’s famous talk on Pathological Science he listed six characteristic symptoms:

    1. The maximum effect that is observed is produced by a causative agent of barely detectable intensity, and the magnitude of the effect is substantially independent of the intensity of the cause.
    2. The effect is of a magnitude that remains close to the limit of detectability; or, many measurements are necessary because of the very low statistical significance of the results.
    3. Claims of great accuracy.
    4. Fantastic theories contrary to experience.
    5. Criticisms are met by ad hoc excuses thought up on the spur of the moment.
    6. Ratio of supporters to critics rises up to somewhere near 50% and then falls gradually to oblivion.

    The publication of the Climategate emails began the decline of support for AGW, genuinely pathological science, and you helped speed the decline with the scientific discussions on this site. Now’s a good time to quit and It’s good to go out on top.

    Thanks for your time writing this blog and good luck in your business.

    If you’re ever in Boston, I’d love to have lunch.

  204. Tom Bakewell said

    Jeff, thank you so much for the huge effort you put into this blog. It certainly has helped me understand some of the ‘issues’ as wall as some of the wierdness that seems to effect the AGW crowd.

    And don’t forget to have fun with that baby!!

    Tom Bakewell

  205. kim said

    Isolate, intimidate, yes, we got it, kk.

    H/t marcia

  206. kim said

    jd, we few, we delirious few.

  207. Matt Y. said

    All the best, Jeff. Thanks for running this informative and entertaining blog for as long as you did. I’m sure the sacrifice in time away from your day job and your family was enormous, so I certainly can’t blame you for wanting to refocus. The way you approached the issues openly and honestly, and backed up your assertions with facts, data, and reason was a welcome departure from the vast majority of climate related sites out there. The Air Vent will be missed.

  208. Miket said

    All the best Jeff. You’ve made important contributions to the debate, which are much appreciated.

  209. David S said

    Thanks Jeff – tAV has been both an education and a pleasure – I will miss my visits. Wishing you every success in your business, and happiness in your family life. And as several other commenters have said, do feel free to get in touch if you are ever in the UK, as you could dine out for weeks on all the goodwill you have earned over here.

  210. Lady in Red said

    I will miss you, Jeff.

    May the wind always be at your back. smile….. …….Lady in Red

    PS: Congratulations, also, upon parsing, so successfully, your son’s affliction. You are a smart and steady man

  211. dearieme said

    You’ve done a grand job – many thanks. All best wishes for a happy retirement from the fray.

  212. Guido Botteri said

    I am very sorry. But I hope you’ll get back. When you’ll do it, we’ll be here again. Best wishes

  213. George Mungbean said

    I’m really sorry to read this. Thank you for your great contributions.

  214. John Eastman said

    I first came to tAV while seeking truth about AGW. I didn’t know what it looked like, but I knew if the discourse was credible, I’d find it. I may not know art, but I know spin and disinguinuous fact pattern when I see it.

    I found true science dialog here.. and moved on to others — S.Mc; WUWT; and so many others.

    Thank you.

  215. Kan said

    Given that an opinion is a judgment or belief with possibility of error, you were true to your word. The world needs more with the same apprehension.

  216. Philemon said

    Terribly sorry to hear this news. I haven’t posted much, but it was always good to check in and catch up and learn more. It was nice to have Jeff’s sane, honest intelligent input.

    Also, I had checked the SOP thread earlier on and agreed with Jeff’s position entirely and so didn’t see anything worth arguing about.

    In any event, glad you’re taking a breather when you need it, Jeff, but I hope you’ll be back.

  217. Jimmy Haigh said

    And we’ll all miss your rants! I always felt better after reading them.

    Again – all the best.


  218. Daryl M said

    Hey Jeff,

    Sorry to hear you want to shut down tAV. While I can imagine it must be frustrating and tiring, you have made a huge contribution and I can only hope that with some time away you might decide to take another run at it. Until then, thanks for the effort you put into your blog and for the difference you made in the debate.

    Cheers, Daryl

  219. Russ said

    I posted this on WUWT

    Take care Jeff, I hope you get things sorted out and hope to see you return with tAV again even though you snip me, a skeptic there. Any way good luck and hope to see you back, ps. I didn’t post much there but liked to read your articles. Thanks!

  220. Lance said

    Best wishes.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

    I hope you decide to change your mind.

  221. Jeff,

    Your efforts to preserve scientific integrity are deeply appreciated.

    If you are ever in my “neck of the woods” – Cape Girardeau, MO along the Mississippi River – please let me know.

    I would love to spend time “chewing the fat” with you. If I don’t see you on this side, I’ll see you on the other.

    Oliver K. Manuel

  222. AJStrata said

    Sorry to see you close up shop, but I have to admit I have been contemplating the same action. Work and family always take precedence, leaving little time to do a good job on the blog.

    If only these things paid!

    Cheers, AJStrata

  223. Steve Fitzpatrick said

    Sorry to see you depart Jeff. I hope you can find some time to comment at other blogs.
    Take care.


  224. Rebel said

    What ya gonna do with that BIG OIL CHECK now?:) Best of luck to you @ family,you will be missed!

  225. Nic L said

    Jeff, very many thanks for all your hard work here. I have really appreciated tAV, and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to put together a few technical posts, which you kindly hosted here. I fully understand that tAV is too time consuming to continue with given your family and business responsibilities. Hopefully you may feel able to resuscitate in the future it in a form less demanding of your time. Keep in touch. All the best, Nic L

  226. T G Watkins said

    Thanks Jeff. Occasional posts somewhere would be appreciated. You are a force for good.
    Regards Gareth Watkins.

  227. You will be missed by me, too – and don’t forget, you’re leaving to be happy, too. Hope that you won’t evaporate completely. Yours LM

  228. Tom Anderson said

    Jeff, When the weather warms in western Mich, standing invite for golf at the White Lake golf Club with some like minded people. I have very enjoyed your blogging. Best of luck with life and family.

  229. Pops said

    God speed.

  230. bob said

    Thanks, Jeff, for the great ride. You had something to say, and you said it well.

    I was wondering how you could find the time to drill down into the depths of mathematics and climate science as well as you did, all the while running a company, and trying to be with your family.

    It is not as if you were a NASA scientist with the time to post blogs all day, and your most important responsibility being protecting the shrinking respectability of a kooky, political boss.

    Well done!

  231. John G. Bell said

    Every day and all around us is a miracle of improbability. Some times we forget, having lived in it all our lives. It is good to make time to think and enjoy.

    Just a moment ago I was watching a pair of my tiger barbs spawn. Quite a show, I’d never seen it before. We live our lives framed by thoughts shaped by language. I can’t imagine their world without it.

    So thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wish you and your family well.

  232. You will be missed!!!

    See you Layman Lurker,

    oh well!

  233. Ric Curtis said

    Thanks Jeff. Hate to see you go but I think everyone gets how time consuming what you have done is. Hopefully we’ll get to see a guest post at WUWT from time to time. Thanks again.

  234. Bob Kutz said

    You are a giant, regardless of the state of your blog;

    you were Johny on the Spot when the FOIA files became available, and I much enjoyed tAV on a regular basis since that time.

    Hope to see your posts on some of the other blogs.

  235. willard said

    You did well, Jeff.

    Your openness and your sincerity will be missed.

    Goodbye for now,


  236. kdk33 said

    Nice blog. Good Luck.

  237. Titan28 said

    Dear Jeff,

    Your blog was one of a handful I went to on a daily basis. You never failed to be informative, and gracious; even the occasional Libertarian rant had some grace. I admire and appreciate your integrity and intellectual honesty. You made a real and significant difference in the climate debate. So, thank you. You will be missed. And I hope you choose to rejoin the fray at some point down the road. Cheers!

  238. GregO said


    tAV still bookmarked. Don’t go. Leave this site up – there is so much great material – you are truly a giant as mentioned above. I too have a small technology company and I just can’t imagine how you did so much excellent work while running a company. You make me feel small; and my kids are all grown up!

  239. 238 comments and Willard’s the only one from ‘across the border’?

    Pathetic. 🙂

  240. Not clear to mw what the “across the border” allusion is, but I have noticed exactly one unpleasant attempt to keep a fight going.

    That is important.

  241. pete m said

    Thanks for many laughs and many more lessons.

    I’m sure Eric will miss you too!

  242. keep the fight going?

    fight with whom?

  243. willard said


    You might have missed Bart V.’s farewell:

  244. Kendra said

    My first day back online, except for the briefest forays, after weeks (also family) to find this! Quite a shock.

    But I’ll look for you in other venues as well as check back here from time to time.

    Until I began traveling to see family in November, your site had been one of the high points of my day, since around October 09, and I’ll never forget checking back a couple of days after your “gone hunting” post, as I was especially interested to find out what response there might be to that very famous comment that will go down in history – and witnessing all hell break loose. One of the best weekends ever.

    Yet, even though I had to hang on with my fingernails with the technical posts, I always read them and did my best to understand. At the very least, I began to learn and, rather amazingly, even what I didn’t understand I both enjoyed and did learn incrementally from.

    This includes the value of the discussions in the comments, which were often excellent (of course, I have no clue what the SOP is all about but it seems this is explained by others linked above if I decide to follow up).

    With heartfelt thanks and appreciation and best wishes for your and your family’s future,


  245. Oh yeah, I missed Bart. That vastly improves ‘the count’. 🙂

    Seriously, one of the blogs that broke Climategate shuts shop and all the consensus bloggers can do is just sit fingers crossed that Jeff doesn’t come back again?

    Neither side is going to ‘win’ this battle, and in the end, the bloggers have to look out for one another even as we try to kill each other. Obviously this does not include paid-up writers like Joe Romm…they can take care of themselves.

  246. Chris in Hervey Bay said

    Thanks Jeff for the great site.
    You’ll be able to tell your grand kids that it happend here, the most famous post of all time, the start of the end.

    10.FOIA said
    November 17, 2009 at 9:57 pm
    We feel that climate science is, in the current situation, too important to be kept under wraps.

    We hereby release a random selection of correspondence, code, and documents.
    Hopefully it will give some insight into the science and the people behind it.

    This is a limited time offer, download now:


  247. cohenite said

    One of the best; keep in touch through comments at Anthony’s, CA etc

  248. twawki said

    All the best. Thanks for your contribution. Look after yourself.

  249. cohenite said

    Another point, if I may; I, and I’m sure many others, use various posts at your site as reference points; the post on the McKitrick et al paper and the THS is a case in point; will they still be available?


  250. Jeff Id said


    Everything will stay here. I miss blogging already but truly have little choice in the matter.

    For others:

    Despite the fact that some selfish idiot got me all wound up, it didn’t cause me to stop, I had to for other reasons. When blogging regularly for a long time, you get tired of the stupid arguments, you get tired of people who think they know stuff but have so obviously spent less than 10% of the time you have.

    It is far too rare because it isn’t easy. It feels like I’ve battled with all sides and that is also tiring. How fun is it to have to write 3 posts in a row explaining the obvious fact that CO2 captures IR? Science of Doom has spent literally days of time working on backradiation. These concepts are too basic to then fight through some idiot who thinks the speed of light helps radiative heat removal go FASTER!

    Sorry, still frustrated, also still humbled by the comments above. Wow.

    I need to break, heal for some time and perhaps give it another run – no promises though. SteveM needs some help from the technical guys. He can’t do everything himself. You can see from his latest posts (12 months), he’s weary. Some others need to step up.

    Anyway, I gave my best for now.

    Thanks again.

  251. chuckr said

    I hope you re-enter the game someday. The burnout factor with you and SM and others has been pretty apparent for some time. Very understandable. I think, I hope , I believe the future of this movement will be a collaboration of some sort between the likes of yourself, SM and a few others. WUWT already does this to some extent. I could see an all star blog site: SM, Jeff ID, Lucia, Mosher and the pool cleaner, Bender. Actually I don’t see the burnout factor in Lucia But she would be a good fit.

    This is no revelation as some of the most successful blog sites have followed this model. Probably won’t happen but I think it’s a natural evolution and the sum would be stronger than the parts.

  252. Dallas said

    With Eric posting a more temperate than I would have expected response to O’Donnell et al 2010, you may need to sneak out of retirement for a moment.


  253. Bill S said

    Just adding to the count of folks who will miss you but admire your family first attitude.
    Learned a lot so have to say thank you.

  254. hswiseman said

    Thanks for the great effort Jeff. I understand completely. I have more or less stopped blogging for the same reason. You can walk away knowing you made a difference. Maybe Tamino and Rabbit will follow your lead.



  255. YARobert said

    Will the north star (polaris) always be the north star?

  256. Mark F said

    Yes, during our lifetimes, but no, in the distant future.

  257. […] demands of work and family life leaving less and less time for blogging and I’ve been tempted to ‘do a Jeff Id’ and shut down.  DITC doesn’t have the readership of Jeff’s tAV, but I know that, like […]

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