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Spectator on O10

Posted by Jeff Id on February 17, 2011

Nic Lewis has co-written an article with the Spectator regarding S09. They used it for the cover story – click the image below for the magazine link. I have a copy, but haven’t read it in the published form myself.

3 Responses to “Spectator on O10”

  1. Brian H said

    “latest round of shaky global warming data”. Well put.

  2. stan said


    OT, but I thought I’d point out a story Tom Nelson posted that will likely drive you as far up the wall as it drives me.

    Feds are giving 60 million bucks to a “rural sociologist” to study farmer attitudes about changing their farming techniques to deal with global warming. This would be an incredible waste of money even if global warming were real. But global warming religion is so strong in certain circles that it trumps everything, even in a time where unemployment is at 10% and rising, underemployment is approaching the 10% level, and millions more discouraged workers are dropping out of the workforce altogether.

    Because of global warming we’re giving 60 million to a rural sociologist. Amazing. BTW, what the hell is a rural sociologist anyway?

  3. P Gosselin said

    Couldn’t stay away from the blogging I see. Welcome back!

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