Another brick in the Wahl

Still no time for climate blogging.  In fact if anything, time is shorter.

If you have any interest in climate science and why the skeptics are winning the war of reason over ‘scientists’, read this post by Steve Mosher and Charles the moderator at WUWT.

The recent CA article is also worth your time, I haven’t read the other link at WUWT yet.


5 thoughts on “Another brick in the Wahl

  1. I posted at WUWT:

    Andrew Bolt this morning on the radio in Melbourne this morning:

    “We chat to Jill Duggan, from the directorate-general for climate action at the European Commission, who says the opposition here to a carbon dioxide tax is ”slightly bizarre” when Europe has no problem with its own price on carbon dioxide. Really, I ask, with European unemployment at 10 per cent and growth at just 1.6 per cent? So I ask this salesman of the EU emissions trading scheme the two basic questions everyone should ask of anyone selling anything: how much does it cost, and what will it do? How many billions will Europe spend on this scheme to cut its emissions by 20 per cent by 2020, and by how much will that cut the world’s temperatures by 2100? The interview suddenly goes very pear-shaped for one of us – and is a stunning indictment of the EU’s foolishness. The question about job losses caused by Europe’s green schemes goes no better. ”

    Please listen to this show. It will inform and greatly amuse. The link to the recording is under the picture of Jill Duggan. Make it viral.

  2. Truth will out! Thanks,Jeff,for the important part YOU played in the Co2 Mann made Warming debate. Now it’s certainly getting hotter for the Team:-)

  3. Michael Mann’s brain has been captured by big oil and their minions are manipulating his mouth to make him look stupid. The evidence is overwhelming.

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