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Saving The World, One Progressive at a Time

Posted by Jeff Id on March 11, 2011

Josh had this awesome depiction of Romm right where I see him.  At least at the elevation of its nesting habitat, it is safe from the 5 feet of sea level rise.
Although, there’s good news, the emerging species may now be able to nest a little lower.  Hopefully we’ll know soon what this little peeper becomes when it reaches maturity.

For some perspective on that sea level rise, here’s a couple of articles, sans the sounds of emergence:

Putting the Brakes on Acceleration – Willis Eschenbach

Freaking out about NYC sea level rise is easy to do when you don’t pay attention to history– Anthony Watts


In every period of earths history people have claimed to know the future.  Often the claim is destruction and doom and nearly as often it has been destruction and doom if you don’t do X.   One would think the generally poor record of accuracy and surprising lack of doom caused by anything except governments would slow them down.  Perhaps it might place a tweak of sheepish moderation in the claims? Not Joe Romm, that’s for sure.

If the progressively more extreme exaggerator of doom’s crystal ball is accurate and sea levels suddenly begin to rise 1 foot every 20 years it is important to have an internationally recognized plan of action.  Fortunately, at tAV there isn’t  a lot of bureaucracy or personally vested interests as some climate scientists, the IPCC, UN and paid bloggers have repeatedly demonstrated, so we can keep such plans short, accurate, and effective.  This ‘nearly’ fool proof plan will save billions of progressives from a horrible drowning fate.  After all, public education often leaves them a little short in the logic department.  My internationally recognized emergency global warming sea level rise plan of action is….

Walk away. — Jeff Id

Note of warning to the progressively educated—–If your feet get wet, walk the other way.

Josh can’t tell either. What will it turn into?

At least at the elevation of its nesting habitat, it is safe from the 5 feet of sea level rise.

8 Responses to “Saving The World, One Progressive at a Time”

  1. WhyNot said

    Or if you think you are walking in the right direction, walk a bit faster!

  2. Note of warning to the progressively educated—–If your feet get wet, walk the other way.

    Unfortunately most of us are educated that way. But the smarter ones figure out how to use the brain for more than repeating talking points and quickly see the folly of the indoctrination.

  3. Keith W. said

    I love this quote from the Romm piece. “… five feet of sea level rise would submerge some 22,000 square miles of U.S. land just on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts….” Of course, the total area of the United States is 3,794,083 square miles. The “lost” area comprises 0.58% of the total. And of course, the idea that humans could live in areas more than five feet below sea level is impossible, right? Ironic that that is what the inhabitants of the Netherlands and Louisiana have been doing for centuries, so what makes Joe believe that we cannot continue to do so. True, that piece was written in 2007, but we haven’t seen Joe write a retraction yet. Can’t let a good scare story go to waste, even if it is all a question of scale and perspective, not of a real threat.

  4. kim said

    Farcically, regressive. As if tragedy weren’t enough.

  5. juakola said

    At least he looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  6. Bruce said

    Considering the data from the Univerity of Colorado going back 4 years from the last data point they have put on their website (2010.7415):

    Date Sea Level
    2006.7236 26.640
    2007.7280 25.493
    2008.7054 23.759
    2009.7370 31.748
    2010.7415 28.119

    A 4 year net of 1.5mm

    How do we get to 5 feet – wishful thinking?

  7. Mark T said

    Juakola… replace duck with idiot.


  8. cce said

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