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Officially in Print

Posted by Jeff Id on April 16, 2011

Sometimes you never expect it to happen.  I’m just glad to have a small part in correcting the record.


Dear Dr. O’Donnell,

We have completed the editorial process involved with your article, and have included it in the 15 April 2011 issue of Journal of Climate, Vol. 24, No. 8. You may find your article on pages 2099-2115. (Please note that this version may not be final.)

If you have any editorial questions concerning your article, please feel free to contact either Technical Editor Laura Klein via e-mail at xxxxx or Technical editor Linda Peterson at xxxxxxxxxxxx.

If you have questions about page charges or reprints, or other billing matters, please contact Christine Keane at xxxxxxxxxxxx

We thank you for choosing to publish in Journal of Climate and we hope you will continue to consider AMS journals for your future publications.

Julie Fiorilla

14 Responses to “Officially in Print”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I am delighted to see cracks in the wall of consensus dogma.

    May the entire wall crumble soon.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  2. ThomasJ said

    Great! Hopefully, now, the MSM will acknowledge the ‘wall-breaker’… 😉

    Brgds from Sweden

  3. curious said

    Congratulations! 🙂

  4. Don Wagner said

    Congratulations. Will you be on the cover?

  5. Jeff Id said

    If they place the cover on page 2099, we might get it.

  6. mrsean2k said

    This has been discussed. dissected and defended so thoroughly in advance of publication, I’d assumed it was already out there – congratulations anyway/

    Do the numerous rebuttals to objections that have played out across the blogosphere form part of any official supplementary information now?

  7. Beth Cooper said

    Bravo. Well deserved.

  8. dougieh said

    Well done to all involved, it’s been a hard slog for you all(hope you got some nice graphics in).

    ps. what does – (Please note that this version may not be final.) mean?

  9. GregO said

    Great job! Really good to see you guys made it through the gauntlet of peer-review. Congratulations.

  10. Steve Fitzpatrick said

    I think you have received enough (deserved) accolades, so I will add no more. But are Ryan O et al finished? Who will enter the breach to refute the next nonsensical paper? The thing about climate science that appalls so many is the lack of rigor.

    That a technically weak and obviously flawed paper like Steig et al makes it to the cover of Nature remains terribly troubling. Where were the rigorous climate scientist who should have been shouting down Steig et al as soon as it was published? Where were the indignant letters to Nature? (Worse, how the hell did it get past review and published in Nature the first place?)

    You guys did indeed step up to the plate; you talked the talk and you walked the walk. But who else has the time, energy, inclination, and ability to do the same again? I fear defeat of the rational via a thousand small cuts made by the irrational.

  11. Venter said

    Congratulations to you, Ryan and the other authors, Jeff. After all the struggles you went through, this is a good outcome.

  12. Adam Gallon said

    Congratulations, bet it’s too late to be included in the next IPCC beanfeast! (& of course, it’s been debunked by Real Climate & Skeptical Science! 😉 )

  13. TomRude said


  14. Eric Anderson said

    Congratulations! Definitely well deserved!

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