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Scammin the Public

Posted by Jeff Id on June 16, 2011

Bishop Hill has an interesting post on the nature of the Clean Energy Scam.

2 Responses to “Scammin the Public”

  1. kim said

    This CAGW mess is an unholy and toxic mixture of advocacy science, radical environmentalism, discouraged and unimaginative Malthusianism, the love of money and the lust for power. No wonder it reaches all the way up the beanstalk and is so hard to fall.

  2. Beth Cooper said

    Rereading ‘The Great Seesaw’ by Economic Historian, Geoffrey Blainey who also wrote’The Tyranny of Distance.’Looks at events of Western History 1750-2000 and varieties of human attitudes and intellectual movements, the intellectual seesaw of optimism and pessimism, that influenced events from the Enlightenment to the the cult of the noble savage, and in the 1960s the rise of the environmental movement then the prophecies of famine and oil crises in the 1970s. A quote:’One hallmark of the radical movements of the late 1960s was their weak knowledge of history. Likewise some of the conservative movement of the 1980s shunned history and thoughtin the booming share market of 1987 that a repetition of the Wall Street crash was virtually impossible’To have a reasonable knowledge of the past is an anchor that can help us from being swept up in cults of imminent doomsday or business as usual scenarios.

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