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Climate Sensitivity – NicL

Posted by Jeff Id on July 8, 2011

Nic Lewis asked me to post a link to Judith Curry’s blog carrying a letter to Gabi Hegerl regarding the significant problems in AR4 working group 1 forcings.   As I understand it, this was the only non-modeled forcing analysis presented in AR4.  In other words, the only truly observed data had a substantial change made to it prior to presentation.  I strongly recommend that readers continue to follow this situation closely as it gets to the heart of what appears to be a significant problem in AR4.  Click the title below for a link to the article at Dr. Curry’s blog.  — Jeff


Climate sensitivity follow-up

by Nicholas Lewis

JC note:  Pursuant to Nic’s post on “The IPCC’s alteration of Forster & Gregory’s model-independent climate sensitivity results,” he has sent a letter to Gabi Hegerl, who was coordinating lead author on chapter 9 of the IPCC AR4.

3 Responses to “Climate Sensitivity – NicL”

  1. Layman Lurker said

    I’ve really not followed Judith’s blog that much until this. Nic is really drilled down on this impressively. There is much discussion and I don’t have the time to properly study and follow up the comments (particularly Pekka Pirila and Jeff Glassman).

  2. stan said


    It seems to me that the details of Nic’s analysis (which I lack the time or training to dig into) are secondary to the most important aspect of what he has done — expose how very weak the scientific foundation is for the IPCC sensitivity conclusions.

    An assumption here, an assumption there, add a little stats magic and presto — the world’s in crisis!

    One would have to be as insane as Mann to try to argue that this represents a “robust” scientific treatment.

  3. Brian H said

    the “robustness” seems to comprise firm mutual CYA agreements between researchers, journals, reviewers, politicians, and the media. It’s held up more or less for 2 or 3 decades so far.

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