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Global Sea Ice Anomaly Record Approaching

Posted by Jeff Id on August 31, 2011

Global sea ice anomaly is nearing a record low. It is quite possible that we will break it in the coming weeks. The Antarctic seems unremarkable but the Arctic is running close to the lowest levels measured in the past 30 years.  It looks from figure 1 like we may have tied for the minimum total sea ice around January of 2011.  There is barely 20 million sq kilometers left so sea Ice doom is in our future (can’t resist).

All graphs are from the UIUC Cryosphere page and can be clicked for the full size image.

Global Sea Ice Anomaly

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere Sea Ice

10 Responses to “Global Sea Ice Anomaly Record Approaching”

  1. Alive said

    Thanks the info.
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  2. LeeW said

    OT…but of some relevance to some of your past posts…

    No mention of this major news in any outlet other than the local NBC station.

    On a personal note, I managed a lot of the demo work at the former NUMMI plant down the road from Solyndra. That site is currently occupied by Tesla and they are struggling mightily to meet the benchmarks set by the government for their loans. However, in their case, Toyota is standing by licking their chops waiting for them to screw the pooch.

  3. DeWitt Payne said

    Re: LeeW (Sep 1 02:40),

    The Solyndra filing was the subject of the lead editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal.

  4. Eric Anderson said

    Solyndra was also the front page story in the San Jose Mercury News.

  5. page488 said

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………..I’m scared; doom is upon us!

    Seriously, the only thing about “climate change,” and it’s implications, that frightens me is what sorts of disasters are going to befall us if the popes of climate science get to deploy all of their favorite “fixes,” which range from underground sequestration of CO2 (Camaroon, anyone?) to mirrors in space to scrubbing the air of CO2 (with a little luck, they can totally rid the world of this “pollutant” and end all life here forever!).

    It still amazes me that, after having been gone from the discussion for about two years, nothing much has changed in the world of climate.

    Great Labor Day to All!

  6. steveta_uk said

    Global sea ice anomaly is nearing a record low.

    No it isn’t. It’s nearing a record high. The lowest an anomaly can go is 0.

  7. Does this mean I should put my expeditionary down parka and boots back in storage??

  8. GregO said

    The icepocalypse cometh. If all the ice is melting, why isn’t the sea level rising faster? As a matter of fact, it is rising slower…

    Also, if all the arctic ice melts, so what? Yeah, I know, polar bears, indigenous peoples, tipping points, blah, blah, blah; all conjecture – I bet everyone would be just fine with open water in the summer – somehow all the beasties and the people would get on just fine if it were a little bit warmer and wetter.

  9. dp said

    Is there a good scientific reason the sea ice extent should be greater than it is? A 30 year history is not quite a snapshot, yet, and not full of much meaning. Why is this current level controversial?

  10. Jeff Id said


    If you find the answer, let me know. 😉 The stupid Antarctic sea ice won’t play along at all.

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