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More Bad Science Courtesy of Government

Posted by Jeff Id on October 20, 2011

Fox News has an article highlighting an attempt by Republicans to point out the mountains of known-bad science being paid for and misrepresented by people in government.

Several Republican lawmakers are challenging the Obama administration’s science czar over what they claim are repeat incidents of “scientific misconduct” among agencies, questioning whether officials who deal with everything from endangered speciesto nuclear waste are using “sound science.”

The recent Yucca mountain nuclear waste disposal cancellation, is one more example of fake hurdles put in place to prevent the development of  real energy for real industry.   It is dictatorial politics at its worst.  Why do we have a ‘department of energy’ if its sole purpose is promoting the propaganda of the current commander in cheif?

In their letter, the lawmakers focused most on concerns about the 2009 decision to pull the plug on the controversial Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site in Nevada. The project years in the making faced heavy opposition in Nevada.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu in 2009 said the project was simply not a “workable option.” In early 2010, the department withdrew its license application for the site, and moved instead to impanel a commission to look at alternative sites. A department filing at the time noted that scientific knowledge on nuclear waste had “advanced dramatically” in the 20 years since the project started.

But the Government Accountability Office said in an April report the DOE did not cite “technical or safety issues” in its decision.

“Amid uncertainty over whether it had the authority to terminate the Yucca Mountain repository program, DOE terminated the program without formally assessing the risks stemming from the shutdown, including the possibility that it might have to resume the repository effort,” the report said.

A June report from Republicans on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee also said the panel could not find a “single document” to support claims that Yucca Mountain is unsafe for nuclear waste.

The government has strayed far from its original roots.   The left in particular, no longer appears to have any interest in helping people live better lives.  It is as though every single policy coming out is intentionally designed to be bad for industry, bad for our future and bad for our society.  Why people want to live like Cubans is beyond me, but we’re working hard to get there.

14 Responses to “More Bad Science Courtesy of Government”

  1. M. Simon said

    The Republicans really like “Cannabis has no medical value.”

    Despite good evidence to the contrary:

    Both sides play the “science is God” game. Since they already know what God’s answer is: no need to check the “science”.

  2. Jeff Id said

    #1, I’ve never understood why people can’t use pot but can go around all day on valium, oxycontin, zanex etc..

    haha. I had to get my own comment out of the spam filter.

  3. kim said

    i’ve asked Chris Mooney when he is going to write ‘The Democrats’ War on Science’.


  4. Mark T said

    haha. I had to get my own comment out of the spam filter.

    Trolling your own threads… sigh. 😉

    It’s Xanax, btw. Good stuf. Talk about melllowwwwww…

    The Mary Jane argument from the right has always made me wonder. If we were to take the God position: he/she is responsible for its existence, no? Of course, the hard right is at least consistent, they’d much rather we didn’t use alcohol or just about any other drug that carries potential happiness benefits, probably including Xanax.


  5. DeWitt Payne said

    Speaking of alcohol, the CDC report on Excessive drinking looks to be the camel trying to put his nose into the tent. Basically the attitude seems to be: let’s punish everyone who consumes alcohol (or whatever) because some use it to excess. Some are always going to be substance abusers whether the substance is easily and legally obtainable or not.

    Driving a car while on controlled painkillers is DUI, btw.

  6. Kenneth Fritsch said

    It is good to see that posters here have not – at least to this point in thread – taken partisan views on these issues involving individual freedoms of choice and the 2 major US parties’ inconsistent stands on science. As a libertarian I find this situation promising. It should also point to the obvious connection these observations have to AGW and expectations of what the science content of a government program attempting mitigation might be – or better, not be.

  7. Jeff Id said


    I give all of our very special breed of politicians points for helping us along.

  8. stan said

    I think the misrepresentation of the political stands of the parties is always interesting in the comments. A majority of Democratic voters do not support decriminalizing pot. So why blame the GOP? And how does the issue become “anti-science”? And why blast the hard right for being anti-alcohol? MADD is basically a lefty group and the outfit most responsible for pushing legislation.

    I guess some folks are “anti-fact”. 😉

  9. Brian H said

    As for the left that “no longer appears to have any interest in helping people live better lives”, Noble Cause Corruption is particularly thorough and efficient. It is carte blanche for any and every kind of cavalier abuse.

  10. Steve E said

    Jeff Id said:

    “The left in particular, no longer appears to have any interest in helping people live better lives. It is as though every single policy coming out is intentionally designed to be bad for industry, bad for our future and bad for our society.”

    When you take issues like nuclear waste disposal and power generation whether it’s coal, nuclear, gas, hydro, wind, solar, etc… and you bring them down to a local level, left and right don’t seem to matter; what matters is NIMBY (not in my back yard).

    But it seems to me that Federal and State governments exist to override NIMBY and that’s perhaps when left and right come in to play. Unfortunately, politicians of every stripe, seem to have lost the intestinal fortitude to drive these decisions.

  11. Howard said

    The selection of Yucca Mtn, Nevada along with any western state does not make scientific sense due to the geologic instability of the region. Nevada has some of the thinnest crust and highest heat flow in North America. It’s really part of the Pacific Rim of Fire.

    The Precambrian shield (Northern Mn, Mi, etc.) is the best place geologically because it has been stable for hundreds of millions of years. So, it is not an attack on science, it is an attack on politics.

    In any event, we should re-process, not bury hot nuke waste.

  12. DeWitt Payne said

    Re: Howard (Oct 20 18:27),

    In any event, we should re-process, not bury hot nuke waste.

    The really long lived isotopes that would require burial in a geologically stable region are precisely the ones we would be removing and ‘burning up’ in a reactor if Carter hadn’t had such a bee in his bonnet about proliferation. Now that that horse has left the barn, there is no credible argument against reprocessing and breeder reactors. The French have been doing it for decades. The really hot stuff is by definition, short lived. It will be effectively gone in few hundred years and amounts to a tiny fraction of the mass of the spent fuel.

  13. From the get go I supported the decision to halt the Yucca mountain project. It was an expensive boondoggle that trampled on state’s rights.

    I was expecting the second shoe to drop with a plan to burn up the waste as mentioned by DeWitt Payne (@12).

    I am still waiting.

  14. M. Simon said


    Support for pot legalization just passed 50%. I’d venture that there are far more Democrats than Republicans in that cohort.

    And the fact is that despite the “no medical value” LAW pot does have medical value. The current (let alone old) literature on the subject is copious and significant parts peer reviewed (for what that is worth).

    Just follow the link provided above for a start on learning something. Or try this one:

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