Mime data

Reader Buffy Minton has done some cool work to extract file attachments with the emails.   This was never done for the original climategate files to my knowledge.


Buffy Minton said

November 24, 2011 at 12:35 pm e

Don’t know if this has already been done before:

Here’s the freshly decoded Mime attachments to the Climategate 2011 emails



15 thoughts on “Mime data

  1. re: EditorGRL (in the zipped MIME files)

    In my field we leave it up to the journal editor to know about ‘possible referees’ – this way we don’t get to influence who gets to adjudicate on their acceptability. Is Climate “Science” unique again?

  2. A real treasuretrove with detailed in-side information, about most of it I was unaware. The PDF’s from the IPCC task force are really revealing how predetermined these guys were.

    There is so much to read, it will be early tomorrow morning that I will hit the sack!

    Thanks for this effort, Buffy!

  3. I am blushing with pride at getting a prominent mention at such an esteemed blog!
    All I did (in Linux) was navigate to the emails directory and type ” munpack *.* ”
    Sorry that I didn’t take the time to edit out some of the extraneous files generated by munpack before uploading. The .desc files contain the email bit of the message (sans attachment).

  4. I was hoping there’d be some more attachments. I am curious if the attachment for 2175 is different from what was seen later.

    Also, not an attachment, but there are e-mails between Hantemirov and Briffa with subject McIntyre, that are not about him, but the original e-mail that they kept replying to is not there.

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