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Dave Holland on Climategate 2.0

Posted by Jeff Id on November 27, 2011

Dave Holland, who was widely featured in the CRU emails from his blocked FOIA requests,  has a guest post at Andrew Montford’s blog.  He doesn’t think much of the Muir Russel review’s either and specifically addresses the false claims that the emails were out of context.

3 Responses to “Dave Holland on Climategate 2.0”

  1. kim said

    We’re gonna have to invent new words to adequately describe these people.

  2. TedK said

    I thought he did? They’re not climate scientists, they’re cliamate… whatever.

    Jeff, my apologies for the humor at your expense because of your typo in the title.

  3. Jeff Id said

    No problem. My type fast not good.

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