23 thoughts on “The Root of All

  1. The amazing thing is, for all the money involved (just count the paid trips), you would think someone would hike back outdoors and fill in the 40 year gap. They keep emailing each other about it. That is talking – not walking.

    After reading John Skookum’s touting philosophy on the Rotten thread, they may very well have every reason not to.

  2. Geez, what a bunch of ingrates.
    The guy suborns the process for them,
    they get the national center award,
    and then they gripe about him getting paid off.

    No honor among thieves?

  3. Jeff,
    I didn’t see anything there about $$$. We knew the Tyndall Centre was set up and funding was involved. That always induces lobbying etc. All this post seems to be about is who didn’t like whom. And there’s a lot of cattiness. Rather juvenile. That’s what you get when you look into private emails.

  4. On the other thread I indicated the meme “out of context” is an insult to Phd’s. The other insult is the claim of private emails. This implies that the Phd can’t read either.

    God who is educating our children.

  5. Nick Stokes, I believe you have a Ph.D and have some amount of reading comprehension. So please note that e-mails sent from UEA servers by employees are not private e-mails. This has been told to you many times before but as usual, you are true to form in acting dishonestly as an apologist for third rate behaviour, which has been entirely true to the character you have exhibited all along. You are a person who lies without any morals, scruples or decency base don evidence as exhibited by your behaviour and posts.

  6. Nick, we love you, but please, in the bowels of Christ, consider that you might be wrong. It is agonizing to watch this prostitution.

  7. It’s just people
    selling out people
    where the coin rolls grow
    in a head high row
    it’s just “Please son
    listen to reason”
    It’s all perfect treason

    -Rhythm Corps


  8. what I find intriguing is that this level of personal cattiness and bitching is carried on in emails, with all sorts of people copied in. Maybe this is how scientists behave. In business, you very quickly learn that if you put something in an email that can be used against you, it will be sooner or later. If you bitch about a colleague, sure as eggs are eggs, that colleague will get to find out and then heaven help you – HR complaints, grievance procedures etc. Is it really so very different in academia?

  9. “So please note that e-mails sent from UEA servers by employees are not private e-mails”

    They were written as private emails, which is what counts here. They were not written for you.

    And UEA treats them as private emails. They will not allow people other than senders and recipients to read them.

    As to whether they are available undur FOIA, well, many of them were written before FOIA was in force. As to whether they would be available under FOI, that remains to be tested. This was a hack.

  10. But Nick, in the emails they forward confidential material to others. It is accepted that when you do this, one cannot then claim confidentiality because you were the one who broke it.

  11. Diogenes – Amen to your comment regarding the nature of the language used in the emails. It is really remarkable given that anyone who has worked for in companies have had it drilled into them from the mid-90s at least that you can’t consider emails from company computers as being private and to not write anything down in an email that you wouldn’t want to come back at you.

    NIck – even though I know the participants may have believed these emails to be “private” conversations, I think it would be better to refer to them as “work-related emails” than private emails.

  12. “It is accepted that when you do this, one cannot then claim confidentiality because you were the one who broke it.”

    Accepted by whom? I think you made that up.

    University email systems are huge. They are used by millions of people. They send job references, draft exam questions, personal employment issues, sensitive management matters, all manner of things. They do so in the expectation of privacy, and the universities respect that. They couldn’t function without it.

    This is of course true for many other organisations, public and private.

  13. Nick,

    I can’t disagree without pegging the BS meter. I really think the guys probably let the emails out because of their anger over the bs which would be whistle blowing as I understand it under UK law. I don’t disagree that someone could see it differently. Also, I am sick to death of reading the damned things and am thoroughly disgusted with the whole mess.

  14. Jeff, #18,

    Yes, they are frustrating, tiresome, and irritating to read. The part that troubles me the most is the pervasive ‘we are 100% right and they are 100% wrong’ attitude that is in most of the messages, along with the ‘let’s get him!’ meme that is found in several email strings.. As I have said many times before, the solution to these kinds of political problems is actually simple: drastically reduced public funding. Nothing focuses people’s minds on what their true priorities should be more are than the prospect of being unemployed. This is a group of people who are very richly deserving of a chance to collect unemployment compensation. Make sure to vote in November so that this might actually happen.

  15. Steve,

    When are you running for office? You’ve got my vote – I always do even though it is as useless as flying by pulling up your ankles in Illinois.

  16. Jeff,
    I am unelectable for a range of reasons, not the least of which is saying what I really think. Besides, I probably not get along with politicians…. I’d hate it.

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