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The Center of CG 2.0

Posted by Jeff Id on December 6, 2011

One of the rare privileges of being a ‘technical’ climate blogger is that I am sometimes aware of what is coming.

There are some good people on the inside of the IPCC and we should all be thankful for those who put the mess in context. My suggestion is – read this post carefully.

2 Responses to “The Center of CG 2.0”

  1. kim said

    At the risk of stating the obvious, (who me?), the reason the Soon and Baliunas story has the legs of a millipede is that they had the correct story of natural factors predominating in climate change, and the havoc wreaked on those two was the havoc wreaked on all of us.

  2. AGW_Skeptic said

    This is a very telling email – 3234.txt

    From Richard Alley to Ed Cook?

    “Unless the “divergence problem” can be confidently ascribed to some cause that
    was not active a millennium ago, then the comparison between tree rings from
    a millennium ago and instrumental records from the last decades does not seem
    to be justified, and the confidence level in the anomalous nature of the recent
    warmth is lowered. This is further complicated by the possible small influence
    of CO2 fertilization.”

    “I was just
    looking at some of the recent Mann et al. papers, and at the
    Osborn and Briffa paper from this year. In that one, as nearly as I can tell,
    there are 14 long records, of which 2 extend to 2000, 8 end in the early to
    mid 1990s, 1 in the early to mid 1980s, 2 in the early to mid 1970s, and one
    in the late 1940s. That looks to be a pretty small data set by the time you
    get into the strongest part of the instrumental warming. If some of the
    records, or some other records such as Rosanne’s new ones, show “divergence”,
    then I believe it casts doubt on the use of joined tree-ring/instrumental
    records, and I don’t believe that I have yet heard why this interpretation is

    “But, I think you
    have a problem coming, that it involves the IPCC and particularly chapter
    6 and paleo generally, that I really should let
    Susan know what is going on (if you’ve seen all the increasingly publicly
    disseminated emails, you know the story).”

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