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Droppin’ in

Posted by Jeff Id on December 7, 2011

I do love a good entrance…

Yup, like always it is from WUWT, but even when repeated, it is still good to see Climategate 2.0″ on the other side of the blue marble.  Think of the carbon footprint!

The emails are far worse than the last time.  Many will see that as some kind of salesmanship, but it really is far worse.




11 Responses to “Droppin’ in”

  1. It’s the season
    Eleven lords a-leaping.

  2. Jeff Id said

    Ok….. that’s funny.

    Six geese a laying.

  3. “Many will see that as some kind of salesmanship”

    Again, it’s good to see that you’re aware of it. It’s actually funny to see you sweat to convince people that the use of the words “money” or “politics” is a sure sign of incrrredible corruption, while the media and the rest of the world are yawning.

    Though of course, on this forum you don’t really need to be convincing at all, it’s more like preaching to the converted. Good for you.

  4. Carrick said

  5. Neil said

    Carrick #4 that was great. #3’s attempt at humour lost me 🙂

  6. PaulM said

    Carrick’s version has “Twelve fiddlers fiddling” which does seem appropriate.

  7. AJStrata said


    You might be really interested in this:

    If the foundations fails, the entire house of cards comes crashing down!

  8. Matthew W said

    # 5
    # 3 was humor?

  9. kim said

    Well, I fell over, anyway.

  10. Neil said

    #8 It was my attempt at humorously ignoring #3 🙂

  11. Ruhroh said

    Hey Jeff;
    The Leapin’ Lord has posted a link to a hot copy of 138 page draft they’ve been ‘beavering’ over in Durban;, over at climatedepot . He has published a draft of his opinions of the contents, apparently the desired outcome of the big party in Durban would be to approve this thing, which has lots more goodies than the ’12 Days’ song.

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