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Cracking at the Seams

Posted by Jeff Id on December 10, 2011

freeinfo says:

Chapter 4 ZOD – Assessment report 5

14 Responses to “Cracking at the Seams”

  1. sharlotte said

    You are quick Jeff, I caught this and downloaded it about 90 minutes after it came thru.

  2. Jeff Id said

    Not as quick as some..

  3. Chuck Minning said

    Have these documents been authorized for release by the IPCC?

  4. Jeff Id said

    #3 We paid for it so -yes.

  5. M. Simon said

    I’m not in the mood – to download – could some one kindly explain what all the excitement is about?

    Does it have anything to do with this circuit diagram?

  6. M. Simon said

    This is to sign me up for notifications.

  7. Jeff Id said


    No big deal, it’s just the first version of chapter 4 of the future UN assessment report designed to enslave your children. Nothing to worry about.

  8. M. Simon said

    Funny that. I’m working on a very “green” project. The first mate was amused when I described what I was doing because I’m so anti-“green”. She told me that I’m going to save the planet despite myself. But I was just trying to solve an engineering problem.

  9. ss880 said

    I can see Steig et al is referenced, Jeff, but is the O’Donnell et al rebuttal (that I think you ere involved in or am I getting my Jeff’s mixed up?) referenced?

  10. Jeff Id said


    You are correct, it is me. That non-reference is interesting.

  11. Frank K. said

    “That non-reference is interesting.”

    To “the Cause”(tm) a non-reference means the paper never existed. In computational fluid dynamics literature (with which I am familiar) it means that you can use terms like “novel” and “unique” to describe your work because nothing like it appears in your reference list…

  12. Chris D. said

  13. M. Simon said


    Neil before ZOD? Why is Neil preferable?

  14. kim said

    One small kneel for mankind, one great genuflection before Zod.

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