5 thoughts on “IPCC Chapter 10 ZOD Leaked

  1. Gosh,

    I rushed to see the unbalance between Arctic and Antarctica sea ice. The Artic deserves 117 lines, while the Antartica deserves only 18 lines.

    They call it a paradox!!!


    PS: Is there a way to contribute to this?

  2. Ecotretas, “Is there a way to contribute to this?”
    You can sign up as a reviewer on the IPCC WG1 website.
    You have to declare yourself to be an expert, and you will have to have to agree not to cite, quote or distribute the drafts. They should then send you the FOD on or around 16 December.

  3. On scanning the document, I came across this:

    Chapter-Page 10-42 (lines 18-20): “The IPCC SREX report (Nicholls et al., 2011, in preparation) concluded that there is low confidence for the attribution of any detectable changes in tropical cyclone activity to anthropogenic influences.”

    Is this really the IPCC saying what I think they’re saying? If so, this may be a point of interest to the general population and suitable for a press release.

  4. It’s telling that they are already have a new agreement before the damn report has been fully published, despite all the new science since AR4.

    “Quick, let’s do the fix, then look at the new evidence for it later.”

    I also doubt I can get any takers on a bet that McShane & Wyner, 2010 won’t be anywhere to be found.

    Then again, who’s surprised?

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