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D minus — below average.

Posted by Jeff Id on February 3, 2012

Accelerating warming failed again. I’ve been waiting for this post because we knew the sat channels had plunged. On reading his post, I learned that Dr. Roy Spencer’s daughter was involved in a serious car accident.  I hope everyone will send their regards.


H/T Doug Cotton.


5 Responses to “D minus — below average.”

  1. kim said

    Pray the Golden Hour lasts forever.

  2. Brian H said

    That rolling 3-month average is going to go thru some weird gyrations shortly …

  3. stan said


    OT, but you might have some fun with the outrage of alarmists like Revkin and Kloor over some specks in eyes (Marc Morano and those protesting Mann speaking at Penn St) while being oblivious (at best) to the large logs causing blindness. Andy and Keith reveal themselves to be fools or knaves. After years of lies, slander, lawbreaking, obstruction, and bullying by alarmist scientists and their paymasters, these guys get their panties in a bunch over the tactics of Morano and a protest of Mann.

    There are none so blind. Furious over jaywalking while ignoring assault and battery. They remind me of the thug who complains that the victim’s nose got blood on his fist and shirt sleeve.

  4. Matthew W said

    I had to think for a few moments before I figured out your post title.
    First glance made me think that you didn’t agree with Dr. Spencer.
    But I got it !

    I’m amazed by the “huge” change between 1998 and 2000 until I start imaging the x axis being full degrees, not 10ths.

  5. page488 said

    This is particularly ironic news in light of the fact that the MSM has been screeching, since the beginning of the year:

    Where is the Winter of 2012? Jan., 2012, unusually warm! – EVERYWHERE!!!.

    What a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!

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