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Ostracize and Conquer

Posted by Jeff Id on February 15, 2012

An important story has broken in the mainstream media.  Anthony Watts received a 44,000USD pledge to put temperature data on line in an easy to access format.  His intent is apparently to make the data easily available to the public.   The media reports are centered on the Heartland institute’s donor which pledged the funding of a skeptic.

As usual, the leftist media ignores the massive funding on the advocacy side of AGW, instead chosing that this is a real ‘news story’.   Even more amazing is that the media, in their wisdom, has failed completely to notice that the project is NOT in any way a “skeptical” one.

Anthony Watts is being criticized for his name ONLY in what is an obvious attempt to discredit his efforts and ANY efforts by the Heartland institute to influence the climate debate in any way.

Anthony Watts covers his side of the story here.

Again, the left biased media unwittingly made themselves the story.  You wonder why they have no readership.

Lucia at the Blackboard has a similar reaction.

Bishop Hill also covered the story.

One Response to “Ostracize and Conquer”

  1. dfbaskwill said

    Only the lawyers will smile about this in the end (as always). Many billable hours are ahead in unravelling a ball of yarn that will only have more yarn at its center. Meanwhile, the Earth’s temperature might rise .00000000000000000000000000000001 of a degree, for which we should all pay handsomely.

    Don’t get me started, and get off of my lawn!

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