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Green or Red

Posted by Jeff Id on February 24, 2012

Extremists in congress have chosen to investigate Heartland institute for discrediting mainstream science.   These powerful people who distribute billions of dollars to promote left-wing environmentalism are quoting hundred thousand dollar figures to Heartland in a letter full of innuendo.

Like the genius coverup of climategate, I suppose we are too stupid to see through this one?

If you have ever looked into funding of climate change, finding the total dollars is nearly impossible.  Crossing several billions of dollars in funding takes only minutes though.  I put a LOW but fake number up for the government side.

Look at that massive Heartland funding in comparison.



14 Responses to “Green or Red”

  1. Anonymous said

    How long will it take a dimwit like Markey to figure out the Gleick broke the law?

  2. Charlie A said

    I wonder if Markey’s involvement will encourage the FBI to expeditiously look into the phishing/identity theft case against Gleick.

    I don’t know which would be scarier — that Markey thinks this is a legitimate line of inquiry, or that he’s shamelessly trying to get some sort of political advantage from the incident.

  3. Frank K. said

    It doesn’t matter what a rep from the minority party in Congress thinks…

    Meanwhile, it’s rehab time!

    Peter Gleick requests leave of absence from Pacific Institute.

    Peter will now go “find himself” at a rehab ranch. Yoga, organic yogurt, and lots of meditation…

  4. M. Simon said


    Unsubstantiated rumor has him visiting an upper colonic clinic.

  5. Climategate emails and documents simply exposed the tip of a cancerous growth on government science following secret agreements Dr. Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon made with leaders of China and the USSR in ~1971-1972:

    Click to access Climategate_Roots.pdf

    To avoid the threat of mutual nuclear annihilation they apparently agreed to:

    1. These Immediate Actions
    a.) End the nuclear arms race,
    b.) End the Apollo Space Program, and
    c.) Unite Nations against “Global Climate Change”

    2. Base Future Government Policies on:
    a.) Manageable computer models of Nature, instead of
    b.) Experimental observations and measurements of Nature

    The current demise of society is the result. Today world leaders are trapped with the rest of us, like rats on a sinking ship. Pompous politicians and scientists are remarkably simple-minded and probably believed the predictions coming out of expensive computer models (When the input data was carefully managed!):

    1. Closing CO2-producing industries here would not hurt our economy.
    2. Transferring the industries to China to produce CO2 would avoid AGW.
    3. Computer models predicted that new Green jobs would replace the lost ones.
    4. Computer models explained the operation of the Sun and other stars in the cosmos.
    5. Computer models predicted we could likewise make H-fusion reactors to meet future energy needs here on Earth.

    Here is a 5-video summary of deceit culminating in Climategate:

    Click to access Summary_of_Career.pdf

    Here are papers documenting experimental data that were ignored:
    1. Solar composition:
    2. Solar structure:
    3. Neutron repulsion:

    Our dilemma today: It is easier to push a camel through the eye of a needle than to force a pompous politician or scientists to admit complete powerlessness over Nature.

  6. Æthelwold of Wessex said

    “The warmists making such a fuss about the few million dollars funding directed at the Heartland institute might do well to recall the pledge made in Copenhagen in 2009 and the Cancun Agreements of December 2010.”

  7. Niels A Nielsen said

    Oliver K. Manuel

    There is no need to keep posting the same off-topic links on each an every thread you come across. Blog denizens have long ago decided to read them – or not. I suspect they contribute nothing of value to anyone reading this or other climate blogs.

    Kind regards,

  8. thojak said

    #7: Oh, what a hi-IQ-comment! Wow! Are you aspiring for a Nobel Prize? Duh!

    Keep it up Oliver! 😀


  9. Thanks Niels for your suggestion..

    The information was not for you, but for others seeking to understand the causes of increasing homelessness, unemployment, financial and insecurity: Pompous world leaders and pliable consensus scientists chose computer predictions of reality over experimental measurements of reality.

  10. Brian H said

    Re: Niels A Nielsen (Feb 25 08:46),
    Now, Oliver. We all (or most of us) know that the main reason you post is to sneak in the links to “neutron repulsion”. All the rest is just cover verbiage.

  11. Brian, you may be right, . . . but only if you know my motives better than I know my own.

    From my own, perhaps delusional point of view, I am motivated by a deep concern that society is crumbling and world leaders are now trapped with the rest of us – like rats on a sinking ship. I am near the end of life and have much less to lose than younger folks.

    Increasing numbers of our population are homelessness, unemployed, getting food with food stamps or from food pantries, living in homeless shelters (Agape homes), receiving funds for unemployment, welfare, social security, disability, or attending college on funds borrowed from the government with no way to select a field of study that will assure employment after graduation.


    1. Fear of mutual nuclear annihilation before ~1971 produced agreements to
    2. Base government policies on “manageable” computer models after ~1971

  12. See “breaking news”: G20 Moves To Line Up Huge Rescue Deal

    “MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – The world’s leading economies worked on Sunday to line up a deal in April on a second global rescue package worth nearly $2 trillion to stop the euro-zone sovereign debt crisis from spreading and putting at risk the tentative recovery.”

  13. dougieh said

    @Oliver K. Manuel

    i know you mean well & try to warn of your concerns on any blog post you comment on, but you have to be aware that over stating your case (repetition) can make readers blank you because they already know what you’re going to say.

    that said, I respect your knowledge & expertise, but would like it applied to the headpost more often.

    as i am about to sent you have done just that, mind reader 🙂

  14. Craig Loehle said

    Great link about the hysteria over the tiny amounts of money Heartland etc have:

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