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Skeptic Weblogs Sweep Global Award Categories – This one is on the readers.

Posted by Jeff Id on February 27, 2012

This is more than a little telling about the basic state of climate science.  Images below are copied from Anthony Watts site.  In case you are wondering whether the public is buying into the constant attacks on scientific skeptic blogs by the main stream media and overpaid government scientists.

They are not!


Congratulations to everyone below, especially WUWT for the huge achievement.  Also congratulations are due to the large numbers of interested readers who are scientifically able to parse the politicized scatology so prevalent in climate science from the reasonable parts.   It gives me hope that reason will prevail over propaganda.



20 Responses to “Skeptic Weblogs Sweep Global Award Categories – This one is on the readers.”

  1. Thanks, Jeff, and

    Congratulations!! To all for helping restore integrity to science.

    I am more impressed with Air Vent than WUWT, but both contribute to a good cause.

    E.M. Smith (Musings of the Chiefio) verbalized a useful tool to decipher AGW motives:

    “IF there is a New World Order and it is out to control the world by all the nefarious means . . . then what it fears is made visible by what it attacks.”

    That logic, not verbalized earlier, helped me see that Climategate emails and documents released in Nov 2009 were only the latest in a five decade effort to obscure quantitative information on the composition, origin, and source of energy of the Earth-Sun system.

    Click to access Climategate_Roots.pdf

    That logic also helped me understand Dr. Peter Gleick’s attack on the Heartland Institute and his alliance with the American Geophysical Union and the US National Academy of Sciences – institutions that had actively obscured quantitative information on the origin, composition and source of energy of the Earth-Sun system at the AGU National Meetings in Washington, DC in April 1956 and April 1976.


    Thus recent events described in AGW denier’s blogs are following the same pattern of strange events in the past, including the effort to hide xenon isotope data from the 1995 Galileo probe of Jupiter:


    It seems increasingly evident that a NWO (New World Order) is “out to control the world” and will not admit that every atom in the world was formed and life itself is sustained by nuclear forces that NWO failed to grasp and certainly cannot control: Neutron repulsion:

    Click to access 1102.1499.pdf

  2. Matthew W said

    “I am more impressed with Air Vent than WUWT”

    Is that because Anthony won’t let you post there any more?

  3. Jeff Condon said

    I know tAV wasn’t even considered despite having a larger and more technical audience than some. My time for blogging has been too limited to do the kind of work I used to do. I do find myself thinking about fun projects though constantly. My wife, kids and work are winning the time war. I will have some more stuff soon but in the meantime, these guys did a great job and deserve every bit of credit they get.

  4. M. Simon said

    Delusions of control depend on a system operating with regularity – linear systems. The trouble is that large systems are only linear within a range and small perturbations can become amplified due to local positive feedback. Which is to say that noise is always a problem. But noise contains information and if you suppress it you can loose control (significant events happening faster than a system can follow).

    Thus: control can not last.

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  6. RomanM said

    #3 :

    We love you anyway,Jeff! 😉

  7. Jim Pettit said

    For a bunch of nonsensical tools who repeatedly claim consensus means nothing, they sure did spend an awful lot of time stuffing the ballot box. But the “winners” get a nifty little banner for their website, so I guess it paid off. At least for those impressed by such things.

  8. Mark F said

    7. What a great and motivational message! Mr. Smiley at home as well, I imagine.

  9. RomanM said

    #8: Mark F

    I was going to question that myself, but a short foray to his blog seemed like a good explanation for the comment.

    Apart from it being over the top (an understatement), the last (and only) comment there was in April,2011.

    Jim, you seem to take everything a bit too seriously. Loosen up a bit. Learn to recognize light-heartedness for what it is is – a way to put some enjoyment into one’s life when others are trying to screw the world with their anti-science (where did I learn that term?) and heavily motivated political machinations. You need to get a life.

  10. Jeff Condon said


    They should have an award for technical conservative bloggers who can’t deal with stupid. I would get a shot at that one.

  11. Jeff Condon said

    Actually Jim is a good sign.

    Every blog in the world considered and the ones who win are all skeptical climate blogs!

    Nice stuff.

    Not one of the crazy advocate groups considered!!

  12. Brian H said

    Every site I voted for won. Correlation, perfect. Causation, also perfect.

    Geez, I’m good!


  13. Jeff Condon said


    Just don’t use your newfound powers for evil please!

  14. John F. Hultquist said

    Just checking in. So will say Hello. And, in general, Thanks, Jeff.
    Y’all got a couple of chuckles from me tonight.

  15. Brian H said

    No worries. I said “I’m good”, not “I’m God”. That position was, I hear, previously appropriated by Soros (when he realized at age 14 he could get away with anything).

  16. M. Simon said


    My power is greater than you imagine. I voted for no one and blogs that I would favor won.


    In the US 20% are politically left, 40% are politically right, and 40% are in between or not sure. So why does the agenda move left?

    The PTSD Party

    It explains at least part of it.

  17. Brian H said

    Alternate hypothesis: the Group Consensual Mind of Skepticism directed your thoughts and choices, but decided it didn’t need your vote at this time.

    I’m even better than I thought!

  18. M. Simon said

    #4 & #17. Outta my control. Obviously.

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    I need to read more about Skeptic Weblogs Sweep Global Award Categories – This one is on the readers. the Air Vent again 🙂

  20. dmuchańce said


    Skeptic Weblogs Sweep Global Award Categories – This one is on the readers. « the Air Vent

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