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Gaggle of Giggles

Posted by Jeff Id on March 3, 2012

The Guardian is stooping to new lows – if that is possible.  With recent news that Mann’s emails won’t be released from the University of Virginia , you know the ones they claimed originally didn’t exist, the Guardian has taken this time to produce an article.  About Mann’s honesty ………..

Ironically, but not surprisingly, the article itself is less than, shall we say, straightforward, on multiple matters. Be careful reading the title, don’t blow your coffee on the screen.

Death threats, intimidation and abuse: climate change scientist Michael E. Mann counts the cost of honesty.

It was enough that I laughed out loud. His new book, which I haven’t read, is lovingly described –

The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars is a startling depiction of a scientist persecuted for trying to tell the truth.

It is worthwhile to note that Michael Mann “trying to tell the truth” is not the same as Michael Mann succeeding. One small step for most… whell, you get the point.

The Guardian author Robin McKie seems to suffer from the same problems as Mike.

in 2009, of emails he had exchanged with climate scientist Professor Phil Jones of East Anglia University. Selected, distorted versions of these emails were then published on the Internet in order to undermine UN climate talks due to begin in Copenhagen a few weeks later.

All true!! Except that what Emails were published were actual versions, actually copied from the actual CRU mail system, with correct interpretations around them.  And that little fact that Michael Mann and Phil Jones were caught red handed messing around with data presentations for the illicit purpose of making the results look consistent with Mann’s original work.  They literally teamed up and “hid” data they did not like by deletion and replacement.

The Guardian doesn’t seem mind things like distortion of known facts though.  Especially when it conflicts with the green agenda.   They also continue having difficulty in identifying the cause of their own decline.  I would help them out but it would cost them two kinds of green.

Mann became a target of climate deniers’ hate because his research revealed there has been a recent increase of almost 1°C across the globe, a rise that was unprecedented “during at least the last 1,000 years” and which has been linked to rising emissions of carbon dioxide from cars, factories and power plants. Many other studies have since supported this finding although climate change deniers still reject his conclusions.

Mann became a target of THIS non-denier blog because of what appeared at the time to be deliberate mannipulation of data to fake a hockey stick from noise.   Now that we have the full history, it would take a lot of fast talking to convince me that it wasn’t done with intent.  The guardian isn’t quite as discerning with facts as blogs are though.

There is a smidgen of truth in the article, though it appears to have been accidental.

But as the 46-year-old scientist told the Observer, he only entered this research field by accident. “I was interested in variations in temperatures of the oceans over the past millennium. But there are no records of these changes so I had to find proxy measures: coral growth, ice cores and tree rings.”

By studying these he could trace temperature fluctuations over the past 1,000 years, he realised. The result was a graph that showed small oscillations in temperature over that period until, about 150 years ago, there was a sudden jump, a clear indication that human activities were likely to be involved.

I am 110% certain of the accuracy of that last sentence and equally certain that Robin, doesn’t have a clue why he is right.  No variation of history in the Mannian history of variance meme I suppose. 😉

A barrage of intimidation was generated by “a Potemkin village” of policy foundations, as Mann puts it. These groups were set up by privately-funded groups that included Koch Industries and Scaife Foundations and bore names such as the Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity and the Heartland Institute. These groups bombarded Mann with freedom of information requests while the scientist was served with a subpoena by Republican congressman Joe Barton to provide access to his correspondence. The purported aim was to clarify issues. The real aim was to intimidate Mann.

The ‘real aim’ couldn’t have been the exposure of proof that Mann actually did something nefarious right?  After all, he’s the one on the green side.  Watermelon green.  You know, green shell, red center.  One of the good guys!  Ain’t like there’s any history of his activist malfeasance after all. 🙂

This one got another giggle:

Yet all that Mann had done was publish to a study suggesting, in cautious terms, that Earth had started to heat up unexpectedly in the past few decades.


That’s all, just a cautious suggestion.  I really did laugh out loud at that.   Good stuff. Robin!  You apparently read as well as you research.  Birds of a feather I guess.

12 Responses to “Gaggle of Giggles”

  1. Gary said

    This quote from an LA Times loving review of Mann’s book, “You handle the science, professor Mann; we’ll handle the punditry.” In other words, leave propaganda to professionals, Mikey. I guess yellow journalism is like lottery tickets, there always will be somebody to buy it even though it’s mostly a lie.

  2. stan said

    Mann has clearly lost his mind completely.

    The claim that his e-mails to Jones were ‘distorted’ is a new one (at least to me). This article contains more lies and slander per paragraph than anything I’ve read in a good while.

  3. Thank, Jeff, for this report.

    Birds of a feather have been tightly glued together – with funds collected from the public – for 4-6 decades.

    1. We learned of the destructive power of nuclear energy when Hiroshima was vaporized in 1945.
    2. The Cuban missile crisis confirmed that everyone, even politicians, are vulnerable in 1962.
    3. International actions to obscure information on nuclear energy began in the 1960s.
    4. The Bilderberg model of the Sun (Earth’s heat source) was molded in 1967.
    5. Richard Nixon established EPA to manufacture alliance glue in 1970.
    6. Richard Nixon announced the end of the Apollo program in 1972.
    7. Time announced the birth of the global climate scare in 1974.
    8. The rest of the story, culminating in Climategate is below:

    A comment here shows some of the information hidden, and misinformation promoted:
    Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth - Blue Marble 2012

    Or reverse chronological order:
    a.) Peter Gleick’s actions, Feb 2012
    b.) Climategate emails in late Nov 2009
    c.) The war on Islamic terrorism, Sept 2001
    d.) Release of 1995 data from Jupiter, Jan 1998
    e.) Ignore evidence of solar mass fractionation, 1983
    f.) Ignore evidence of Sun’s supernova birth, Apr 1976
    g.) Ignore evidence of natural fission reactors, Apr 1956

  4. The link of 9/11 events to Climategate are not yet established. Musings from the Chiefio, in response to comments from others, suggested on 27 Feb 2012 that the “War on Islamic Terrorism” might be part of the same great social engineering experiment adopted during the Cold War to:

    1. Avoid the threat of mutual nuclear destruction;
    2. Unite Nations against an imaginary common enemy, Global Climate Change; and
    3. Convert the world population into one single peace-loving, community, guided by post-modern science and politically-correct attitudes.

  5. Yep, that’s one small step for Mann, one giant leap for #$%%[edit] kind!

    If anyone needed a proof that The Guardian is nothing but hot steaming offal, that is it.

  6. Tony O'Neill said

    Steve Short – it’s hot and steaming – but it ain’t offal. Just don’t step in it.

  7. Great comedy. As Mosher stated, the emails are worse in context. Jeff, great, but you left out the part where the investigations din’t investigate the contentions and questions that were formulated here in skeptic blogland.

  8. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Like Gleick, Mann is not the real problem as they are individual scientists and their influence as scientists is rather limited. The problem in this case is what passes for legitimate journalism these days when those doing the reporting are probably more like true believers than even the people they write about. All this reporting on Mann and Gleick to those who are sufficiently informed to judge how well the reporters are reporting speaks volumes on the importance of becoming informed and not hesitating to discuss the facts of the matter. That takes a conduit like the blogs and a very skeptical view of the MSM and the current intellectual elite.

  9. John Bills said

  10. dhogaza said

    So you laugh out loud about death threats to climate scientists while welcoming Iron Son and [snip – way off topic] Oliver Manuel into your realm.


  11. dhogaza said

    Oops, Iron Sun, not Son 🙂

    Same level of incoherent [edit].

  12. G. Combs said

    “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars is a startling depiction of a scientist persecuted for trying to tell the truth.”

    They are talking about poor Steve M. aren’t they??? /sarc

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